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  1. IF it's true...then Cena is getting the belt back
  2. sluggo

    OAO NY Revolution Thread 8/1/2006

    or watch the tape of Nitro where Bret had a steel plate under his shirt. It was some Cena chants during right after Carlito entered the match. It's was 3 chants going on at once at one point but it was loud that you couldn't hear them well.
  3. sluggo

    OAO NY Revolution Thread 8/1/2006

    WWE title was on someone NOT HHH for almost 10 months. It's what the people wanted! Then they boo the guy facing more odds than HHH ever did to remain champ. You'll regret this when HHH is champ for 2 years again...
  4. sluggo

    OAO NY Revolution Thread 8/1/2006

    If you're not too bright on wrestling, you could see this happening all the way back after Edge's match. He and Lita went to the WWE.com table for that answer crap and Edge brushed them off saying he had bigger plans than Flair and ran off. That told me he's using the MitB shot tonight. What i'm shocked about is how they made Cena look like a jobber. I know he just did the EC match but damn, outside the spear kick out, it was poo. Damn fuckin fans.
  5. sluggo

    OAO NY Revolution Thread 8/1/2006

    this is a dark day for the WWE...........
  6. sluggo

    Sorting out the World Title picture

    I would say HHH/Cena at Mania but with Edge's title shot still in the air, I doubt a heel is going to win between now and Mania. I could see Edge using his shot at RR since it's the last Raw ppv before Mania but then again, he has a fued with Flair now. If Edge loses to Flair, all his heat is done and if he wins, I doubt he's going to have enough heat for a world title shot. I like Cena as champ and he's good for business as far as generating money. His movie is due out soon so a heel turn isn't in the works. We might see him hold the title til at least Summerslam. I still think the only reason he got the title at Mania last year was to help his music cd.
  7. Whaaaaaaaa???????? Wouldn't that mean it would be 2 different champions at the same time when WCW and WWF existed?
  8. I still don't get why Raw is still fueding with SD. Survivor Series is over. Save it for next year. Kane going to SD would be fresh since he was never on their roster. Who's going to Raw if this is a trade? Rey perhaps? and about the match itself, I saw some OVW tapes that had a younger Batista vs. Kane. It was a really good big man match.
  9. sluggo

    Seriously, I have got to know

    I watch Raw and SD every week. I don't get why everyone is so uptight. It's not that serious. I brush off or laugh at the stupid stuff now.
  10. sluggo

    OAO Tuesday Smackdown Special Thread

    Smackdown is being taped right now. I expect alot of it being highlights, if you will, of the ending of tonight's BLOCKBUSTER show. It's also a tag team battle royal on Friday. So that'll eat 45 minutes to a hour. I expect Randy to cut a promo..maybe a match. Batista starting a fued with someone. Tonight's show was great in terms of storyline. I haven't seen a ending like that since the Russo era.If you can blind yourself to the Eddie stuff, then you had to like it. BTW, I know this was special was in place before Eddie died, but do you think tonight's show would've been the night Eddie turned heel on Batista?
  11. sluggo

    Tweeners runnin' wild on RAW

    Cena got a huge pop when his music hit. Those dummys that boo are just doing that monkey see monkey doo crap from the previous week. They want to cheer the champ but don't want to look uncool to the previous week's crowd.
  12. sluggo

    John Cena

    I think the only reason he'll stay face til the summer is that his movie is coming out in the Spring. Same reason he won the belt @ Mania and he's still a face today is because Vince wanted to push his album. I mean look at this Cena http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...30318021&q=cena then look at todays
  13. sluggo

    John Cena

    It's not Cena's fault WWE handcuffed his gimmick. Cena was over doing freestyles during his promos and being a cocky SOB. I'm a huge Cena fan so I don't see the hate. I think he and Batista have been champs for over 6 months and neiter one have dropped the belt. The fans that boo Cena were probably fans that were drawn in during the attitude era and use to seeing the title switch hands every 6 weeks.
  14. sluggo

    The OAO Taboo Tuesday Thread

    shit hell of a PPV...well the last 3 matches were great. Cena >* The ending to the match was fast and great. Those fans are just trying to continue the trend from last night. If this was on a Sunday, the Cena boos wouldn't be as loud. The cage match has to rank up with the best match of the year. The storytelling with Styles calling it was just awesome. The womens match was entertaining as hell. Great PPV if you start watching it from the tag title match. Speaking of which. WTF is up with Kane. He's all happy go lucky.
  15. sluggo

    Joey Styles is at Taboo Tuesday

    It's better than that PPV where JR and King wrestled ????? and there was no one on the mic.
  16. sluggo

    Joey Styles is at Taboo Tuesday

    perhaps it's to discuss ONS 2 or even doing some ECW dvd. WWE threw it to us like he's coming in to take over Raw. Look at the Lesner and Jarrett stories they put up. Nothing ever materialize out of things.
  17. sluggo

    Christian Quits the WWE

    Torrie Wilson has been removed from The Divas Raw Segment tonight. She has also been removed the the Taboo Tuesday Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal graphic on WWE.com. what a strange day...
  18. sluggo

    Spoilers for RAW tonight

    That was during his fued with Kane back in 1998 Kane hit Vader in the face with a wrench @ No Way Out 98 to put over Kane as this monster before he wrestled Taker. Vader made a comeback and faced Kane at Over The Edge 98 where Kane beat him again. Then they tried to talk to Vader as he was going to the back. That's where that line came from. Edit: yep that's it
  19. sluggo

    Christian Quits the WWE

    After looking at the Smackdown spoilers, I wouldn't blame him
  20. sluggo

    Teh Ratingz~!

    a.k.a. Bottom Line?
  21. sluggo

    Teh Ratingz~!

    AM Raw?!
  22. sluggo

    Vince and Hogan on CNBC

    Hogan was on Sirius Shade45 this morning. Did a quick plug for Raw. He also mentioned that on Monday he was going to get in the faces of McMahon, Michaels, and.....Austin.
  23. sluggo

    Is Bischoff winning the title in two weeks?

    Vince's speech about Eric being ruthless gave me the impression that Eric will bring out the nWo or something to help him win. I like Cena character but this would be harsh. Usually I can see a setup miles away (like Triple H's heel turn on Ric coming up) but this world title match is still hard to call.
  24. So RAW's going head to head with Smackdown? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> SD's deal with UPN should be up around that time I hate the move back to USA due to the dog show crap and tennis. No way NBC is showing the US Open due to the fact that CBS has the national contract for it and USA has the cable contract.