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  1. sluggo

    ECW - November 18, 2008

    nice finisher but fuck the dancing shit Krush Groove!!
  2. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - November 21, 2008

    What's with putting Chavo and Vickie in coffins so close the anniversary of Eddy's death which is tomorrow! I hope Jeff doesn't win the title. I kind of like his loose cannon attitude now.
  3. sluggo

    WWE Raw - November 10, 2008

    we know who's been smoking weed now
  4. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - November 7, 2008

    probably not Hardy is going to Vickie for approval of all his actions. Anyway, the ladder match had drama because it was for the title and you had the whole build up of the ladder match being Jeff's favorite match. Next week will be a plunder match of Hardy getting murdered by chairs and tables and end with Jeff cheating.
  5. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - November 7, 2008

    is Taker reversing back to Big Evil Biketaker? (His tights)
  6. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - November 7, 2008

    wtf is wrong with Hardy
  7. in a guantlet match............................in a guantlet match He was fine...well before Jericho became champ. It was kind of strange to have a GM that was dead in the middle of the heel/face scale. He should've expanded his reasoning of putting Cole in that tag team match the night he became GM. Monday, it seemed like he forgot his lines so he did a shoot and quit on air.
  8. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - October 31, 2008

    ha ha @ Tazz
  9. sluggo

    Cyber Sunday - October 26 2008

    I really, REALLY like that WWE went back to using unique PPV sets.
  10. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    You're discounting entrances and such. and commercials too! but still... usually Raw main events start at like 10:55
  11. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    30 minute main event? Raw hasn't had one of those in months
  12. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    this show is slowly becoming like an 80s WWF tv show.
  13. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    *marks out*
  14. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    jesus she's HUGE
  15. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown! - October 24, 2008

    yeah...what did happen to MVP's tunnel?
  16. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - October 10, 2008

    i'm dying @ Kizarny
  17. sluggo

    WWE General Discussion - October 2008

    MyTV reaches 96% of the country which is equal to the CW. Right but a lot of MNT stations are sub-channels of other stations. In my town, MNT is a sub-channel of Fox and it's not even offered on cable unless you get the entire HD package. I'm sure the numbers will grow when the analog cutoff nears.
  18. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - October 3, 2008

    I think their line of reasoning was that the people that watched SD didn't stick around to watch anything else on the network, or something to that effect. There were a few CW/UPN/WB shows I actually watched and they all got canned. Not for poor ratings, but because it wasn't the type of audience the network wanted to attract. This was pre and post merger. If Chris Rock wasn't so involved with With Everybody Hates Chris, that would be gone too. I've deleted the channel off my tv permanently.
  19. sluggo

    WWE Raw - October 6, 2008

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking the same
  20. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown - October 3, 2008

    HD I miss it already CW kicked WWE off.
  21. sluggo

    WWE No Mercy 2008

    Actually HHH did in 2003
  22. sluggo

    WWE No Mercy 2008

    Slaughter showing up was so random
  23. sluggo

    WWE No Mercy 2008

    JBL is so awesome