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  1. Raw was weird. Big Show was suppose to be this monster that crushes anyone smaller than him then he busted out the comedy act. Jericho running from Mark Henry? I know people bitch about the brand split and I'm the first to defend it but why the hell was Jericho on Raw in the first place? I know the tag champs can float between shows but it wasn't a title defense last night.

  2. Killed Eddie

    Hurt Cena

    Fucked up and got hurt before his shot at the title

    Fucked up a chance to be Vince Jr.

    Made a movie and didn't wrestle a lick while promoting it

    Had a huge push upon his return and got fired less than a week later


    yep...he had a great run!



    With that said....


    He'll be back next year

  3. The only good thing that came out of the main event was the shockingly well-executed spinning kick from Mr. Kennedy. Honestly didn't know he was that limber. Aside from that, this show was horrible. I had no qualms with the girlfriend's suggestion to watch the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC for the majority of the first hour of the show. I see Cena has been put in a match with Big Show with a stipulation that he can't possibly succeed with. I don't know about everyone else, but I have no idea how Cena is going to win a submission match.....


    it's a submission match...i assume it's no DQ. So he can beat Show the same way he beat Umaga a couple of years ago. He couldn't apply the STFU correctly on Umaga so he got a rope and wrapped it around Umaga's neck while doing the STFU. Umaga passed out after a minute. Cena wins and Show never taps.


    I can't see their story ending at the ppv. Cena isn't near the title picture at the moment and I don't know who he would work with since NoC coming up in a few weeks.


    Orton has Batista, Triple H, Kennedy, and Flair already in the picture. I'm guessing they're trying to save Batsta/Cena 2 for Mania.

  4. I really dug the Austin "nervous breakdown" heel turn - it was a shame they dropped it in a hotshot angle.





    his Whats were awesome in moderation. Him snapping on JR and his interactions with McMahon was great stuff.


    Still don't know why he did it.



    I'm still riding the Cena wave from 02. I dislike how his character went from one of the best gimmicks and mic skills in recent memory to some former marine. As long as he still comes out to his own theme, I'll hang with liking him. If he gets some Creed/emo rock band theme music, i'm jumping ship.


    Plus this is still awesome

  5. Here's a change of subject question:


    Going by the past 3 WrestleManias, what type of entrance do you think that John Cena will have this year around?



    He said in the chat that he had a special enterance but didn't give a clue as to what it was. Since they're in Texas, I'm going with he's coming out riding on a horse or something.


    Personally, I was hoping he would come out in a car with a rapper from Houston, but I don't think WWE would say ok to that.