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  1. Yeah... you sure got me there.



    Here let me fix everything. You suck cock. Poorly. The second part is an assumption I'm making based on the fact that you suck at everything else I've seen you do.


    Better now?


    how can you make such an assumption? for all i know you've never met me and wouldn't be able to do any research. you were just asking what my name was, for goodness sake. i just don't understand what you're getting at at all.

  2. I'm sorry, I thought Powder ascended to the heavens at the end of that movie? He moved to calgary and decided to become a shitty poster here? That kind of ruins the story for me.


    What is your surely irrelevant name though, just so I can make a point of saying it as much as possible?



    I said you suck cock, poorly.


    uh, no you didn't. i quoted both posts and that's not what it says.

  3. http://exitmundi.nl/volcano.htm


    So, we'd run away, right? Hmm. If only it was that easy. An even bigger problem than the lava itself is the ash. 64,000 Years ago, a supervolcano made a mess of what is now the US. Of the current 50 states, 21 were covered with a layer of ash, at some places was over twenty meters thick!


    Well, who cares, you might think - we'd just dust it away. But it isn't that simple. Volcanic ash is not like the ash you find on the barbecue: it is made of tiny pieces of rock. If it falls on your roof, your house can collapse under it's weight. If it gets into contact with cars or airplanes, they will break down or crash. Even worse, if you inhale it, the ash will mix with the liquids in your lungs and form a cement-like substance. You'll literally drown in conrete!


    So you'd take a boat to another continent, right? Wrong. Apart from lava, volcanoes spew out a deadly brew of toxic chemicals. There are sulphurous gases that turn all rainfall into a blistering downpour of pure sulphuric acid for years to come. There are all kinds of chlorine-bearing compounds, that break down enough of the ozone layer to turn the Sun into a real killer. There's carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that not only nibbles at the ozone layer, but also causes long-term global warming. And last but not least, there's soot. A super eruption will darken the Sun, and gradually push the Earth into nuclear winter. For many years, or even centuries, we will have to survive in darkness and cold.

    Ok, we may be smart enough to escape from the lava and the ash, dodge the acid rains, survive the nuclear winter and protect ourselves against the killer solar radiation afterwards. But plants and animals definitely are not. We'd find ourselves in an increasingly empty world, as one species after another goes extinct. In the end, even the toughest survivalist would starve to death.

    In fact, 74,000 years ago, humanity almost did. In those days, a supervolcano erupted in Toba, Sumatra. Quite a lot of scientists believe this is what pushed humanity to the brink of extinction: it is a well-established fact that in those days, humanity suddenly was reduced to a slim total of some ten thousands of men.

    Alright -- but that was a long time ago, you might argue. Well, here's some bad news. Geologists agree that another supervolcano will definitely show up sometime somewhere in the future. It's a bit inconvenient no one knows where it will happen -- or when.

    But that's not even the worst part. If you still want to have a good night's sleep tonight, better stop reading here. For actually, the next Magmageddon is due to arrive any day now.

    At this very moment, a well-known supervolcano broods its ugly plans right under beautiful Yellowstone Park. On average, the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts once every 600,000 years - but the last time it erupted was 640,000 years ago. Oh, and by the way: in parts of Yellowstone Park, the ground has gone up seventy centimeters during the last century.

  4. I only had three beer at an after-hours party at work, unaware that such a party was illegal. One kid in his early twenties got after it too too much and got alcohol poisoning and I was unaware. Since I was technically a supervisor, I didn't know until after 911 was called. Lost my job. Ruined my life. Filled me with blind misanthropic hate. That was five years ago and I'll still be a wreckage five years from now probably.

  5. You have been granted the trio powers of intangibility, invisibility, and teleportation. You are instantly able to travel anywhere on Earth at any time, from the birth of all life on earth to the Tunguska Explosion to the communal shower of the girls' dorm. The catch is that you only have fifteen minutes to use it before these powers are stripped from you.


    How do you spend your fifteen minutes?