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    BCS Championship Game Thread

    This part simply isn't true, and it's a big reason why USC has no business being in the discussion for #1. Sure, they "beat everyone in their path" if by that you mean they won all their remaining games, but it was not "just like Florida" because there were multiple games where they really didn't look all that impressive, against largely weaker competition than what Florida faced (Oregon being a notable exception). The wins over Arizona and Cal were not especially impressive, largely due to their inconsistent offense, and the Stanford game was close for a lot longer than it should have been (although to be fair they won comfortably). Florida put up consistently better results against stronger opponents. Does a team have to score 50 points a game to "look impressive" to you? Just because their offense wasn't as consistently good as it has been in previous years doesn't mean that USC wasn't as impressive as anyone in the country. They were, because they had the best defense in the college football and one that will go down historically as one of the all-time best. Florida won their games by scoring a lot of points which looks better to people who don't really pay attention to the games and just look at the score in the newspaper the next day, USC won their games by suffocating the opposing offenses. There's no right or wrong way to win. Looking at that final AP ranking, USC blew out (in what I think you would consider impressive fashion) three teams that finished in the top 10. Something no other team in this discussion can claim.
  2. UZI Suicide

    BCS Championship Game Thread

    Depends on the winds that day..and no one said anything about nuclear bombs..just simple bunker busters or a few Tomahawk's would be fine. Re: USC #1.. What case? Utah..the only thing you have is "undefeated"..but you could poke holes in that with the whole "well..they don't play in a power conference" and the other arguments as to why other teams shouldn't be jumped so high. USC..I just don't see how you jump them to #1 over Florida or even ahead of Texas. "Undefeated" is a pretty big reason considering that they're the only team to actually go undefeated this year in the FBS. In addition to that, they beat four ranked teams including an ass raping of Alabama from the big bad SEC. They did what every team sets out to do at the beginning of the season - won every game. They deserve to be crowned the champions for that. As far as USC "jumping" Texas or Florida.. well, it sounds worse when you say jump them because it is hard to argue for why a team should leapfrog over another who won, but I really don't believe that USC should have been behind those teams in the first place. The fact that USC won the Rose Bowl so decisively and that the Pac-10 went 5-0 in bowl games this year just strengthens their argument.
  3. UZI Suicide

    BCS Championship Game Thread

    What?! 3rd?! I can see being 2nd to Florida..that's fine...but...behind USC? You've got to be fucking kidding me! Edit: ...then you have the fucking nerve to vote USC higher than Florida? Someone needs to just do us all a favor and turn Corso into a bottle of fucking glue if he's actually being honest in this. I think you can make an argument for USC at #1. Should really be Utah, though.
  4. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - The Bowls

    Thanks. Classic Bored Bowl that came right down to the wire.
  5. UZI Suicide

    College Basketball: January '09

    Damn, Arkansas might be a problem this year. They just beat Texas, giving them their second win over a top 10 team in a week (beat Oklahoma a few days ago).
  6. UZI Suicide

    Wild Card Weekend

    Defensive holding call was kind of bullshit, but the facemask was just pure idiocy on the Colts player.
  7. UZI Suicide

    Wild Card Weekend

    That's an interesting call.
  8. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/31 - 1/6

    HUGE drive by Utah right there.
  9. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/31 - 1/6

    Utah scores too quickly. They're up by 21 but there's a lot of time for Alabama.
  10. UZI Suicide


    Well, there goes any chance of the 7 Word Bandit making a comeback. Actually, I think it's been banned. If it hasn't, I don't even remember the password and if I wanted the password, I don't even remember what e-mail I registered it with. What's the Dan Maff Clique? (who is it, what is it, why they're called that, etc.)
  11. UZI Suicide

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    Goodnight, sweet princess.
  12. UZI Suicide

    KKK Bowl VI: Week 17

    Atlanta (13.5) Jacksonville (6.5) New England Kansas City Green Bay (9.5) Houston (2.5) Indianapolis Minnesota (6.5) (3.5) Carolina N.Y. Jets (2.5) Dallas Pittsburgh (10.5) Tampa (12.5) Arizona (6.5) Denver Washington Seattle - 21
  13. Does the belt even spin anymore?
  14. Is that recent? She actually looks fuckable there. Very fuckable.
  15. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/20 - 12/30

    That injury is gruesome. I doubt he'll ever be quite the same again even if he is able to come back. Crazy how it happened too. The guy was just running. If I was a football player, seeing shit like that would always be in the back of my mind when I was sprinting down the field.
  16. UZI Suicide

    KKK Bowl: Week 16

    Cincinnati New Orleans (4.5) Miami Minnesota (3.5) New England (7.5) Carolina (5.5) San Francisco Tennessee (4.5) Philadelphia Denver (7.5) (7.5) Houston (4.5) N.Y. Jets San Diego Chicago (4.5) Seattle - 17
  17. UZI Suicide

    KKK Bowl: Week 16

  18. UZI Suicide

    KKK Bowl: Week 16

  19. UZI Suicide

    NFL Week 15

    T.O. calling out Werder was pretty hilarious.
  20. UZI Suicide

    WWE General Discussion - December 2008

    Having them lose the Tag Titles so Punk could win the IC title makes no sense. As if a guy has never held two belts before? They could have just as easily lost the tag titles on TV next week.
  21. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/3 - 12/6

    Well that was easy. BTW.....a dumbass theory concocted in my head? Like I just made the Heisman Curse up and somehow retroactively got it talked about in all media outlets over the past few years? Yeah........ok......... Don't know why I just typed that. I won't be able to read your flammatory response. So some guy in the media comes up with a hairbrained theory that there is a "Heisman Curse" and you latch onto it and that means it's proven? The key word here is PROVEN. If you can prove that winning the Heisman has a negative effect, then great. If some guy said, "Say, the last couple of Heisman winners lost their bowl game.. this must be a curse!" then it is not proven. I don't care if you're ignoring me (and I don't believe you are), this needed to be said.
  22. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/3 - 12/6

    That's one of the most retarded things I've ever heard. "It's been proven..." Really? That's news to me. Who proved it? Bowl games typically match up two even teams. Therefore, the Heisman winner's team only has about a 50% chance of winning their bowl game. That's why recent Heisman winners have lost their last game. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they received some stupid trophy one month before. Not news to me. I believe in the Heisman curse. Just like I believe in all the others curses or jinxes. I'm superstitious when it comes to sports. Sorry if you don't like that or something. But you say it's "proven" like it has been scientifically proven that it effects the Heisman winner. Like we have cold hard evidence to show that such a thing exists. It being "proven" and it being some dumbass theory concocted in your head are two different things.
  23. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl: Week 15

    Atlanta Baltimore Carolina Washington Tennessee Indianapolis Green Bay San Diego Miami N.Y. Jets Seattle Arizona New England Dallas Philadelphia Seattle - 24
  24. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl: Week 15

    New Orleans