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    Man tortured and killed on video

  2. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    The anticipation behind the 15 year wait for the album was better promotion than some radio interviews and a music video could ever hope to be.
  3. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Epic fail. Well, I guess we can officially say Slash is more successful without Axl than Axl is without Slash.
  4. UZI Suicide

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Metallica's video for "All Nightmare Long" is fucking amazing. http://www.metallica.com/index.asp?item=601688
  5. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/3 - 12/6

    ARGH! Why is nobody reading what I'm writing!?!? I never said they were being disrespected! .... Anyway.. i can't believe the fucking GMAC Bowl or whatever the hell it's called is on January 6. That is a joke. Although, it might end up being one of the more exciting bowl games if it is just offense, offense, offense like I think it will be.
  6. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl Week 14

    Baltimore (5.5) Jacksonville (8.5) Minnesota Green Bay (6.5) Indianapolis (13.5) New Orleans (2.5) N.Y. Giants (7.5) Tennessee (13.5) Buffalo (0.5) Denver (9.5) (3.5) N.Y. Jets Arizona (14.5) Dallas (4.5) New England Carolina (2.5) Seattle: 14
  7. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 14

    That would have sucked if the real Arizona caused my Arizona to lose.
  8. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    I just can't believe that. Even if it is from a fairly reputable source. That is such a ridiculous dollar amount. Even if the album was a success, there was no way they were going to make even half of that back.
  9. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    BACK TO THIS AGAIN, reportedly Best Buy paid $14 million for 1.6 million copies of the album. As Best Buy have been the ones handling all the promotion for the album, apparently it already is profitable. WHAT? Where did you read that? I have a hard time believing Best Buy would pay $14 million for it.
  10. UZI Suicide

    The College Football Thread 12/3 - 12/6

    I can't until justice is served! Namely ESPN admitting they have an agenda to get Texas ahead. I read a chat with Mark Schaljfahaljhgbab, on ESPN.com where he basically defied logic the entire time and stuck straight forward with his burnt orange blinders on. He insinuated that OU would win the national title, then insinuated that Texas would still be better and more deserving. WTF!? Ok back to the Ohio State thing. Why are they going to the BCS again!? Why can't Boise go ahead of them? I'd much rather see Boise in the BCS than Ohio State. BSU is way more entertaining than Ohio State. These games are designed for entertainment right? I mean what justification is there to put OSU in over Boise? BSU is ranked higher, will probably draw better ratings (the Fiesta Bowl is still fresh in everyone's minds), and who knows the crowd may be better from them? Wait, I thought ESPN had an agenda to get USC ahead? Or is it just an agenda to get everyone but Oklahoma ahead? You are clearly, as usual, seeing things that aren't there and then basing your arguments off of these fictitious "agendas" against your team.
  11. UZI Suicide

    WWE Raw - December 1, 2008

    Michael Cole has the most obvious "fake laugh" ever.
  12. UZI Suicide

    The Time Is Now... to Change Cena's Theme

  13. UZI Suicide

    NFL Week 13

    Guns and alcohol don't mix, people. Accidentally shooting yourself in the leg? That's some Pac-Man Jones shit. Well, no. I take that back. Jones would have shot someone else.
  14. UZI Suicide

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Italians who act like they're "connected" when they really aren't.
  15. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 13

    Seattle: 13 (11.5) Tennessee Dallas (12.5) Arizona Buffalo (7.5) (7.5) Baltimore (4.5) Indianapolis Carolina N.Y. Jets (7.5) (8.5) Miami Tampa Bay (3.5) (3.5) N.Y. Giants San Diego (5.5) Pittsburgh Kansas City Minnesota (3.5) Jacksonville
  16. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    The Guns N' Roses on that strip on the right side of the album cover was not needed. Frankly, I don't even think "Chinese Democracy" was needed. I mean, everyone knows what it is. I would have liked just a picture of the bike with "Guns N' Roses" on the wall, and then maybe the logo somewhere.
  17. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    And gayer than a bag of dicks.
  18. If this is a work, it doesn't really jive with their new "kid friendly" direction to post something like this the night before a big event. I mean, this IS Jeff Hardy we're talking about. It's not that out of the realm of possibility that he would be found knocked out somewhere hopped up on all sorts of drugs (pure speculation here, folks!)
  19. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 13

    THURSDAY Miami SATURDAY Purdue Clemson Arkansas Penn State Wake Forest California Northwestern Utah Arizona Iowa Cincinnati Florida State Oklahoma Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Texas Tech/Oklahoma game? 74 Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Oregon State's Jacquizz Rodgers have against Arizona? 130
  20. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl: Week 12

    Seattle - 14 Pittsburgh Carolina Baltimore Cleveland Dallas Tampa Bay Minnesota Buffalo Miami Chicago N.Y. Jets Denver N.Y. Giants Washington San Diego Green Bay
  21. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    IRS got a lot better since I last heard it. Prostitute is really good. This I Love is embarrassing.
  22. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 12

    THURSDAY Virginia Tech FRIDAY Cincinnati SATURDAY Notre Dame Northwestern Florida Wisconsin North Carolina Oregon State BYU Texas A&M Oregon Florida State Kentucky Tulsa Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the South Carolina/Florida game? 35 Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will Tulsa's David Johnson have against Houston? 380
  23. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 11

    Thursday N.Y. Jets Sunday And Beyond Denver Carolina Philadelphia Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee New Orleans Miami N.Y. Giants Tampa Bay St. Louis Arizona Pittsburgh Dallas Cleveland Seattle - 17
  24. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 10

    Seattle - 17 Atlanta Tennessee Jacksonville Baltimore Miami Green Bay Buffalo NY Jets Carolina Indianapolis San Diego NY Giants Arizona
  25. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 11

    Wow, so I just barely win my tiebreak. If two more points had been scored in the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game, I'd have lost. But will the narrow win be enough for Arizona to remain #1?!?!?!?!?? Stay tuned!