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  1. http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/basebal...ticleid=1158028


    Jonathan Papelbon minced few words about the dark, final days of Manny Ramirez’ tenure with the Red Sox in an interview in the April issue of Esquire magazine.


    Papelbon described Ramirez as a “cancer.”


    “It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening,” Papelbon told Esquire. “Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It (stunk), but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us.”



  2. What, exactly, are you looking for in sports coverage? I hear a lot of complaining, but not a lot of solutions. Should they merely stand in front of the TV and report the box score, ignoring the actual star players in the process?


    You can hype the star players, just don't do it every chance you get when covering the league. Don't throw their accomplishments at me everytime you mention the NBA.


    I prefer that the games be on and then the games reported on. You can report on the players, just don't act like 2 or 3 are the greatest thing ever and everyone else is just playing second fiddle to them in the league.


    That's what a lot of the hype feels like to me. "Well anything Kobe and Lebron does is infinitely more important than anything the rest of these bums do."


    Also stupid nicknames like "Bron Bron" really drive me over the edge when I'm already tired of hearing about how Lebron James is the best player ever, despite the fact the Cavs aren't playing on that night.


    That's what I want. Not to have them shoved in my face anytime anything relating to the NBA is mentioned. The lead story for any NBA telecast or game night is whatever these two did. Even if someone else scores 50 and looks amazing it's "OMG~! Lebron lost and scored 23 points. Story at 11!"


    This is all ridiculous hyperbole. Not one single media member has ever actually said any of this. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  3. Rey Mysterio was not at TV this past week and will not be appearing on the WWE Northeast house shows this weekend either.


    PWInsider.com has no confirmation as to why Mysterio has been pulled from the appearances at this time, but the belief among those I spoke to is it was likely a personal situation he needed to address in San Diego (where he resides), not a suspension or injury.


    A planned Mysterio signing in Massapequa, NY will instead feature Chris Jericho.


    Uh oh. I hope he isn't at home "taking care" of his sick wife and children.


    EDIT: Damn, didn't realize someone already made a Benoit joke. I should read the entire page of posts next time.

  4. The much-hyped Walt appearance was a dud. Jesus, why are they not doing anything with this kid? They have a perfect explanation for him looking so old now. Get his ass back on there and explain all the shit he did in the first season.

  5. Walt is in some random snack commercial now. It creeps me out. All these teenage kids running around and one of them is friggin' Walt.


    He's definitely on tonight, he's listed in the credits.


    So that is him? I saw the commercial the other day and I could have SWORN it was him. I tried to rewind it on my TV but I accidently changed the channel, so when I changed it back I couldn't rewind anymore. He looks a lot different, but you can still tell it's him.

  6. He might be able to enjoy modest success if he gets a hit single out, but he's never going to be as popular as he already was/was going to be. There's just no way the mainstream media will accept him after this.





    So angry right now.


    I think that Locke will not rise from the dead (at least not next week). They never give that much away and it looked way to obvious, so I think this is swerve city. No rising from the dead for Locke.


    I would believe that if it wasn't for the fact that they showed him apparently on the island, talking to the air marshall and saying how he remembered dying. If they can show THAT and have it somehow end up being a swerve where he is still dead, I'll be impressed.


    We could potentially have a whole new group of Tailies now also.


    I think so too. Air Marshall, arabian guy and a few others. Maybe they all end up with Locke somewhere else on the island he becomes the de facto leader of the group. Would explain the scene in the preview that shows him talking to the air marshall.



  8. The more I think on it the more it occurs to me how lazy the writing was in this. Whether they have an end-game (and I sure as fuck hope they do) remains to be seen but for me, the two things in this episode that demanded some serious attention to detail were written off without another thought.


    1) How they find the island. "Oh, well this is a pocket of energy and it tells us where they are."


    2) How they get back. "Oh shit, another flash of light."


    I'd be willing to bet that Three Kings (Arab dude sitting in Business Class) is a Widmore agent who's there to spy on them.


    I was thinking that too. That whole scene, really. "They came up with a series of equations that tell us where the island will be at a given time". Oh really? That's it? Just some random equations? No explanation about what they are, how they came up with them, etc.


    If it's true that this episode and next week's were considered "interchangeable" and Carlton Cuse decided he wanted '316' to air first, I think it was a mistake. Given all the unexplained shit that happened here, it would make sense that first we see how Locke got off the island, and then we see how the rest got back. Of course, if it ends up that he isn't really dead, then maybe it does make more sense this way.

  9. Mickey Rourke was just on Larry King and they had Chris Jericho on in the last segment. It was actually kind of weird because it seemed like only one of them was hyping up a possible Wrestlemania confrontation. Jericho was playing up the heel role and talking a lot of shit and Rourke said he put his foot in his mouth on the red carpet and didn't really want to step into that world because he was a boxer, not a wrestler. He said he respects Jericho, etc.

  10. The comments people are leaving on Matt Hardy's Myspace page are fucking HILARIOUS.


    Hey Matt!!!!!,


    Unlike some people, I know that what happened tonight was all a storyline, but what I don't get is why the writers had to take this angle with it, so I'm not going to say that I hate you because truth be known, I don't hate you, in fact, I love both you & Jeff wholeheartedly, and nothing is ever going to change that.


    Though I was shocked at first (like everyone was) when we all first saw that you cost Jeff the WWE title, I know that you didn't really want to do it, but yet you didn't have a choice really.


    & though it's all a storyline, even if (for whatever reason) it was real (though i doubt that it was), I'm sure you had your own personal reasons for doing what you did, so I'm not mad at you at all. I just look at is as, you did what you felt you had to do.


    storyline or not though, because what happened happened, I'm still predicting a one-on-one brother vs. brother "match" tonight once you guys get home...hee hee j/k :-p


    i love you both :-D


    -- posted by some fat girl

  11. With Circuit City going out of business I think I'm going to head over there this weekend and finally make the leap to HDTV. Unfortunately their website is down so I can't get a look at what they have. I'm looking for something for gaming and sports, basically. But I'm not looking to spend over $1,000. Any tips/hints/words of advice?

  12. The problem this season is all four of these teams have a claim. Utah went undefeated and hammered the second best team in the crowned best conference. USC lost to an Oregon State team that was no slouch and then beat everyone in their path much like Florida. Florida just slapped Oklahoma in the mouth for an entire half and walked out with the BCS title. Texas, well they defeated Oklahoma and their only defeat was to a top 10 team on a final drive.


    This part simply isn't true, and it's a big reason why USC has no business being in the discussion for #1. Sure, they "beat everyone in their path" if by that you mean they won all their remaining games, but it was not "just like Florida" because there were multiple games where they really didn't look all that impressive, against largely weaker competition than what Florida faced (Oregon being a notable exception). The wins over Arizona and Cal were not especially impressive, largely due to their inconsistent offense, and the Stanford game was close for a lot longer than it should have been (although to be fair they won comfortably). Florida put up consistently better results against stronger opponents.


    Does a team have to score 50 points a game to "look impressive" to you? Just because their offense wasn't as consistently good as it has been in previous years doesn't mean that USC wasn't as impressive as anyone in the country.


    They were, because they had the best defense in the college football and one that will go down historically as one of the all-time best. Florida won their games by scoring a lot of points which looks better to people who don't really pay attention to the games and just look at the score in the newspaper the next day, USC won their games by suffocating the opposing offenses. There's no right or wrong way to win.


    Looking at that final AP ranking, USC blew out (in what I think you would consider impressive fashion) three teams that finished in the top 10. Something no other team in this discussion can claim.