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    Guy the the YJ Stinger Commercial

    All the guys in that commercial are from UPW. Here's their article [with pics] of the video shoot.
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    Friday Nightmare booking

  3. Slickster

    Friday Nightmare booking

    So far: -Orion makes a big announcement Anybody have anything planned for an 8/15 show? Interviews, squash matches, feuds to be advanced? Remember, on Nightmare you can do anything you want to do.
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    HD's Nightmare booking

    Just post what your character(s) will do/say on this Friday night's show. Remember, you can submit ANYTHING (an interview, a 1-minute squash match) and it will be added to the show and be much appreciated.
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    OAOAST Friday Nightmare - 8/8/03

    Fade in again on the two men behind the desk. SCOTT Well, Larry, we can't talk about Nightmare without mentioning our boss, the General Manager of Nightmare, Orion. LARRY Our leader is certainly an interesting man, isn't he, Scott? This past week all he's done is try and show up the other two brands of the OAOAST to prove that HE knows how to run a wrestling company so that he can get respect! SCOTT That respect is what Orion lives for, what Orion craves. He needs it and he'll do anything to get it. But has he gone too far? Is he a genius or a lunatic? Will Orion's dream promotion he calls Friday Nightmare sink or swim? Next Friday, August 15th we will find out all the answers live from Farmington, Missouri. But to close out this week's show, at the request of the GM here's one of Orion's greatest moments. From April's Living Angleously, here's Orion taking on the former Big Poppa Popick. CUE: "Trapt by Headstrong" The ever cocky Orion comes out as the strobe lights cue after the thundering intro. He pounds his head and chest, psyching himself up for this one on one matchup he's been after since day one of coming to work at the OaOasT. Orion reachs the ropes, pulls down on them and turns around to face an attractive fan. ORION Who's the Man?! GIRL BPP! ORION He's not a man, he's a cripple! Come here and look at a real... The main lights in the arena shut-off. JR You know what this means. JESSE The man more hated than the United States of America is on his way to the ring. On the AngleTron, a single crucifix appears, melting down into a pool of blood. Blackness. CUE: "His Time Is Now" The white pyro spiraling up hung strings as Puff Daddy's "Come with Me" blares. The crowd standing, cheering, at the sight before them. Big Poppa Popick is walking to the ring with his steel crutches. He has a microphone, and calls for the music to be cut. Orion stands in the middle of the ring, punching his chest and getting ready...never staying still. BPP pulls the microphone slowly up to his lips, the crowd cheering frantically and then, as his hand motions for silence, all is still. BPP Orion. That's a bright and shining star isn't it? What I see in the ring isn't a shining star, it's a pathetic excuse of a wrestler. Who trained you anyways, the Planet Uranus! Crowd laughs. BPP Now seriously, you've run around for the past month making my life a complete hell. Buddy, you're lucky you even have this match. What is this, your first PPV? And you're good enough to step into the ring with the Most Valuable Player of the OaOasT? You're not good enough to wipe the shit off my ass...I've got way bigger fish to fry than you, little punkass bitch. These crutches? You see these? Guess what...you're in trouble. BPP drops the crutches and runs into the ring, Orion wild-eyed... JR He was faking his injury, he lured Orion into a trap! JESSE I told you something was up. JR It's brilliant! The referee for this contest, Senior Official for IntenseZone, is Jack Doan. GUY IN 3RD ROW Get some glasses! * DING DING DING * Popick and Orion start off by staring into each other, closing the gap until they stand nose to nose. The partisan crowd chants for the commissioner, drawing Orion to scowl at them, turning away from Popick so that he may yell at the fans "I'm the Man!". Orion turns back, sneers, and spits on BPP's shoe. BPP looks down, then up, and spits in Orion's face. Dripple coming down off his right cheek, Orion turns and squares back to look at BPP straight in the eye. The tension is mounting. Popick steps back, and draws am imaginary line across the ring, daring Orion to step over it. Orion looks, sneers, and spits. He then lunges into Popick...pressing him back into the mat, taking him down with flurries of rights and unrelenting lefts...Popick tries to get his hands up in vain, but that only exposes his kidneys. Orion pulls BPP up, and gets a swift kick in the junk...the great equalizer. Jack Doan admonishes BPP, but Popicks shoves the ref away...kicking at the back of Orion's neck. JR The sound technician, Popick got the advantage and immediately concentrates on the neck. JESSE Well, he should worry about his own. Orion rolls around the ring trying to avoid Popick, and he finally decides to bail outside. Popick pursues, hitting a running baseball slide to kick Orion into the ringside barrier. Wasting little time, Popick throws Orion back into the ring, and into the first cover as well...Orion gets the shoulder up after 1. Kick, Wham, Stunner! and Popick just glares at a fallen Orion. He picks him up again. Kick, Wham, Stunner! No! Countered into a reverse DDT by Orion. Quick cover and it gets a two count. JESSE Give Orion credit...That was a great counter! BPP writhes on his neck...allowing Orion to catch his breath. Both men resume standing, but its Orion who gets the first blow, clotheslining BPP down...Orion looks around...and yells out "WHO DA MAN~!?" Popick catches him with a small package! 1... 2... 3...No! Orion kicks out and pounds BPP's head into the ground...lifting him up... and delivering his own Stunner. Orion pounds on himself as a way of saying "That was good" Popick is rolling to the corner, but Orion stops him...and whips him to the far side...Orion charges, and Popick gets a boot up...Quick Spinning...FINALITY on Orion!... 1... 2... 3...NO! Foot on the ropes. Popick launches into a tirade against Doan, and the crowd boos. Orion's crooked ref appears on stage, grabbing a steel crutch and running into the ring...sliding it into the ring. Popick runs over and grabs the referee, pulling him in...and then he's admonished by Jack Doan...Paying no attention to Orion, Popick back both referees into a corner...The evil ref pulls Doan down...and Popick is Avalanched by Orion... Orion has the steel crutch, and plants a baseball swing shot right on Popick's noggin...He bleeds... Orion disposes of the weapon and picks up the evil ref...and tells him to go get his belt...Doan sees Popick a bloody mess and asks what happened? ORION It Doesn't Matter what happen, just watch this... A near unconscious Popick is picked up, pulled up..and Rock Bottomed...but Orion holds on to BPP's left leg...It's the FADE TO BLACK.... Popick struggles towards the ropes, blood bleeding down onto the wrestling mat...He makes...no! Orion pulls him back...and locks in the CLOVERLEAF again!...The Commish's face hits the mat soaked in blood, and never comes up...Doan checks on BPP three times...and that's all it took. Doan signals for the bell. * DING DING DING DING * RING ANNOUNCER The winner: Orion! -The camera fades to the OAOAST logo, then to black.
  6. OAOAST trademark intro fades into one still image as 'I'm Your Boogie Man' by White Zombie plays: The shot fades to Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyszko behind a plain desk in front of a black background. SCOTT Hello everyone, and welcome to the first episode of Friday Nightmare! I'm Scott Hudson, alongside the 'Living Legend' Larry Zbyszko! Larry does his traditional 'finger wave' thing at the mention of his name. SCOTT As you can see, tonight's episode of Friday Nightmare is not going according to plan. This past week on IntenseZone and HeldDown!, our boss, our General Manager Orion promised a spectacular show. However, since this show came on such short notice, many of the OAOST superstars who were going to show up wouldn't be able to make it. So, in his infinite wisdom, Orion has decided to shorten this week's show and postpone the first live episode of Friday Nightmare to next Friday, August 15! LARRY What a significant date August 15 will be! The first live edition of Nightmare, and the first day of the new movie "Freddy vs Jason." We all know how much Orion loves Jason... SCOTT Indeed, it will be an epic card next Friday night live from Farmington, Missouri! But tonight, we'll show you some of the best matches from some superstars who WILL be here next week! We'll start with a certain 'daring' individual right after these commercials!
  7. Slickster

    OAOAST Friday Nightmare - 8/8/03

    Fade in to Scott and Larry behind the desk. SCOTT 'Shooter' Jay Darring has had quite a successful career so far in the OAOAST. He's a former OAOAST North American Champion, a fan favorite, and one of IntenseZone's most valued talents. And even though there won't be any live wrestling on this week's show, Jay is here and we'll interview him in just a few moments ! LARRY It's a testament to how respected Nightmare has already become to have a man of Jay Darring's caliber already agree to be on the show. Hopefully, more superstars like him will be here on August 15th as well. SCOTT Here's one of Jay's best matches in recent memory. From the Great Angle Bash in June, here's some clips of Jay Darring's epic ladder match against Puerto Rican Lightning. And right after this, we'll talk to Jay in an EXCLUSIVE interview! -The camera fades to white, then to: *DING DING DING* JR: And here we go, folks! The Ladder Match for the North American and Puerto Rican Championships is on! LADDER MATCH FOR THE OAOAST NORTH AMERICAN & PUERTO RICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: “SHOOTER” JAY DARRING (North American Champion) vs. PUERTO RICAN LIGHTNING (Puerto Rican Champion w/ Vitamin X, Mr. Boricua, & Ms. Lindsay Gonzalez) Puerto Rican Lightning and “Shooter” Jay Darring circle each other. The crowd is pumped up for the Ladder Match chanting “P.R. Sucks! P.R. Sucks! P.R. Sucks! P.R. Sucks! P.R. Sucks!” during the course of the match. Vitamin X, Mr. Boricua, and Ms. Lindsay Gonzalez are all surrounding the ring, giving PRL a 4-on-1 advantage in the match. JR: This ain’t fair. The Lightning Crew is surrounding the ring while Featured Attraction isn’t. Jesse: Hey, anything goes in a Ladder Match, Jim Ross. PRL and Jay circle each other and lock up. They start the match by doing some amateur wrestling moves. They each try to get a hold on the other but they keep blocking. PRL with a fireman's takedown, but Jay comes back with a Belly-To-Back Suplex. Jay holds on but PRL gets up. Jay goes for a Full Nelson, but Lightning reverses and grabs Darring’s legs, sending him to the mat. He goes for a cover, but Shooter Jay gets up and the two separate. The crowd cheers and gives each man a standing ovation. Some of the crowd is chanting “Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!” JR: Two gifted men are giving their all. Jesse: Wait a minute. Did you actually say something NICE about Puerto Rican Lightning? JR: I am not denying PRL’s abilities. He is definitely a talented young man. But his attitude and flat-out arrogance is what annoys me. PRL and SJD trash talk. They lock-up once again, and this time, Puerto Rican Lightning gets a headlock on Darring. He clenches it on but Jay Darring elbows P.R. Lightning in the stomach several times. Darring whips PRL into the ropes, but PRL comes back with his signature leapfrogs. The crowd pops for the leapfrog and pop again when Puerto Rican Lightning does the reverse leapfrog. He goes for a dropkick but Jay holds on to the ropes, and PRL lands back-first on the mat. JR: Smart thinking by the North American Champion! Shooter Jay grabs PRL and whips him into the ropes…roaring elbow. He picks up Puerto Rican again, and whips him into the ropes again, he bends down, but Lightning flips over his back and hits a spinning heel kick. He picks up “Shooter” Jay Darring and whips him into the turnbuckle. He follows up with a Stinger Splash. He then hits a Russian Leg sweep and heads to the ropes to drop several fists into Jay’s chest. JR: Puerto Rican Lightning, with control early on in the match. Jesse: That’s right, P.R.! Isn’t PRL a legend in this business! He is a great P.R. Champion! JR: He may be the P.R. Champion, but he’s also a P.R. Menace! Jesse: Bull! JR: Puerto Rican Lightning with a neck breaker on Jay. Lightning—whipping Jay into the turnbuckle—wait, Jay reverses! PRL hits the Flair Flip that lands him right on the ring apron. The crowd boos the fact that PRL actually landed fine and boo more as PRL signals to the crowd how smart he is. However, PRL doesn’t notice Jay running to the ropes and intentionally bumping into PRL sending the P.R. Menace into the barricades. JR: Whoa! What a move by “Shooter” Jay Darring! Incredible! Jesse: That sneak! Why couldn’t he have waited for Puerto Rican Lightning to get back into the ring! Puerto Rican Lightning sits on the barricade for a few seconds while the Lightning Crew go over to take care of their leader. This allows Jay the perfect oppturnity to hit the ropes…Reckless Endangerment onto the Lightning Crew. JR: RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT! RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT ON THE LIGHTNING CREW!!! JAY HAS ELIMINATED THE LIGHTNING CREW FROM THIS MATCH! *The crowd cheers wildly. Some are chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”* The Lightning Crew are out on the floor. Jay gets up, a little dazed, and grabs P.R. Lightning. [CLIP] “Shooter” Jay Darring whips PRL into the ropes and hits a Yakuza kick. He then does the double-arm ddt and heads to the top rope. The crowd cheers as he waits for Puerto Rican Lightning. Jay hits the Missile Dropkick. Jay then heads to the second-rope. Second rope tumbleweed. Jay once again waits for PRL to get up. PRL does…but then Flair Flops back onto the mat making the crowd laugh. [CLIP] Puerto Rican Lightning grabs the ladder and places it in the center of the ring. The crowd begins booing loudly as the P.R. Menace begins climbing to the top. The booing gets louder as PRL is almost to the top. JR: PRL now close. Jesse: He has it! He has it! He has it! Suddenly, “Shooter” Jay Darring is able to get up. Before Lightning can get the belts, Jay punches PRL in his back. The crowd cheers as Jay continues punching P.R. Lightning. Finally, Jay grabs PRL’s back and brings PRL down to the mat with a back body drop. The ladder shakes but still stands as both men lie on the mat. JR: Incredible speed from Jay Darring! He has stopped PRL from gaining the North American Championship! Jesse: For now, Jim Ross. For now. Both men lie on the mat. The crowd cheers waiting for one of the men to get up. By now, half the face paint on PRL’s face has disappeared. JR: This match has already taken a toll on both men. You can see the paint on Puerto Rican Lightning’s face has disappeared. Jesse: Both men are probably aching right now. JR: Hopefully there aren’t any injuries in this match. PRL, the first to get up. Lightning is now grabbing the ladder. Jay Darring is on the mat trying to get up. Puerto Rican Lightning grabs the ladder…and smashes it across the back of Jay Darring. The crowd groans as Puerto Rican once again slams the ladder across Shooter Jay’s back. He does it again and again and again. He laughs evilly as he smashes it across Jay’s back and waits for Jay to get up. JR: BAH GAWD~! I am amazed at how Jay is not crippled from those brutal shots from the ladder by Puerto Rican Lightning! And what kind of man is PRL? Jesse: A man who wants to win! He WANTS to become North American Champion. He WANTS to be a double champion. JR: Puerto Rican—WHOA!!! PRL just sent the top of the ladder into Shooter Jay’s face! Jesse: Jay may have been flattened by it. [CLIP] The crowd boos again. The Lightning Crew cheer their fearless leader as Puerto Rican Lightning heads into the ring with a chair in tow. He uses the chair and smashes it into the ladder hurting Jay Darring even more, who is still underneath the ladder. The crowd boos and groans at every chair shot as PRL throws the chair away and heads to the top rope. JR: MOONSAULT! Jesse: Puerto Rican Lightning with a moonsault on Jay hurting Jay even more with the ladder in front of him. JR: And probably hurting Lightning himself! Lightning looks to be in pain following that moonsault onto the ladder! The ladder has become a weapon in this Ladder Match! PRL now placing the Ladder in a turnbuckle. Jesse: I wonder what’s next in this match? Puerto Rican Lightning grabs “Shooter” Jay Darring and whips him into the turnbuckle. He begins stomping a mudhole in him then whips him into another turnbuckle where the ladder is placed. However, Jay reverses and PRL backflips out of the ring hitting the ladder on the way out! The sound of the ladder hitting PRL is loud enough to be heard throughout the arena. The crowd groans as PRL lies down on the floor in pain and dizzy. The Lightning Crew go to take care of him. The crowd cheers and a chant of “Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!” blares throughout the arena. JR: WHAT A MOVE BY JAY DARRING! WHAT A MOVE!!! THE MATCH IS NOW ANYBODY’S! Jesse: Jay better not get cocky! [CLIP] PRL brawls with Jay for a bit and then heads back into the ring. He waits for Jay to get up, and when he does, PRL runs from the ropes and goes for another tope Sucicida. However, Jay is ready for this one by smashing a chair directly into Lightning’s face the moment he comes out of the ring! The crowd cheers again. JR: WOAH!!! UNBELIEVEABLE! THESE TWO MEN CONTINUE TO AMAZE ME! Let's see the replay! *Replay is shown of the chairshot* Jesse: Me too, Jim Ross. These two are giving their all for a chance at the Puerto Rican and North American Championships! JR: The ladder is on the outside the ring once again. Puerto Rican Lightning now getting up. Puerto Rican goes to hit Jay with the ladder again, but, Jay hits PRL in the stomach with a chair. He goes for another chair shot. VAN DAMINATOR!!! PRL HIT THE VAN DAMINATOR ON SHOOTER JAY DARRING!!! [CLIP] JR: What’s PRL going to do now? Jesse: I think I know what Puerto Rican is going to do now. One of PRL’s favorite wrestlers is “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and he told me that one of his favorite matches is the WrestleMania X ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. JR: Oh no. You don’t think. Jesse: I think so Jim Ross! We’re about to see what PRL says is a “WrestleMania X Flashback”. JR: PRL is now at the top of the ladder. The crowd is buzzing. Puerto Rican Lightning is at the very top of the ladder. PRL jumps off the top of the ladder…and does a splash right onto “Shooter” Jay Darring just like HBK did at WrestleMania X. Jesse: Splash from the top of the ladder just like his hero, Shawn Michaels did! JR: What another incredible move! The will to fight. The chance to become a double champion! This is what it is all about folks! These two are battered and beaten but not out. This can end any time soon. Both men are out. Now some fans are beginning to chant “P.R.! P.R.! P.R.! P.R.!” obviously respecting P.R.’s resilience in this match. Both men are still out but both are trying to get up. Puerto Rican Lightning, face completely gone of face-paint, is up first. He finds the ladder, with the crowd buzzing the entire time. He grabs the ladder and begins to climb. JR: This could be it! The match could be over! PRL now, slowly climbing the ladder. The ladder to the championships. The crowd is going crazy with PRL getting closer and closer to the belts. Jesse: He can do it! Oh no! Jay is up, damnit! Damnit! JR: Shooter Jay is up! He’s up once again with a chair to the back of PRL! He hits him again with the chair. PRL is up to the top of the ladder but Jay has PRL right where he wants him. Darring grabs Lightning from the back. He hits a Razor Edge from the ladder. The crowd cheers again. They begin chanting “Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay!” Both men are now weakened from this long and brutal match. They both begin to get up. Jay is first and grabs the ladder again. He places the ladder on a ring rope then grabs PRL. PRL pokes him in the eye then whips Jay into a turnbuckle. He slams Jay’s face into the ladder and rests him there. PRL then heads to the top rope. He jumps from the top rope and into a different part of the ladder that makes the part of the ladder Jay’s head is on smash into his face hurting him even more. The crowd boos Lightning’s actions, but Lightning smiles not caring about the fans. JR: UNBELIVEABLE! I HAVE PROBALBY SAID THAT MORE THAN ONCE DURING THIS MATCH BUT I DESERVE TO! THESE TWO HAVE GIVEN THEIR ALL TO WIN! UNBELIEVEABLE! Jesse: Now all PRL has to do is climb the ladder! That’s it! JR: PRL is back up with the ladder. PRL places the ladder on a turnbuckle. [CLIP] Jesse: Shooter Jay is finished! Why is PRL wasting his time? CLIMB THE LADDER AND GET THE BELTS! JR: PRL is doing all he can to win this match and win the North American Title! But more importantly keep the Puerto Rican Championship! Puerto Rican grabs Jay Darring. JR: PRL has used the ladder mostly as a weapon in this match. PRL whips Jay into the ladder, no wait a minute! Jay reverses with a Spinebuster! AFTERTHOUGHT ON PRL! AFTERTHOUGHT!!! Jesse: NO! NO! NO! [CLIP] Puerto Rican Lightning has just hit a Belly-To-Belly Suplex from the top of the ladder! The crowd boos and begins chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” Both men are knocked out again. They try to get up. JR: I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EYES! Jesse: It’s got to be over now! It has to be! It has to! JR: PRL is now getting up again. He grabs Jay…but JAY COMES BACK WITH A SAITO SUPLEX!!! And the crowd is going crazy! Jesse: NO IT CAN’T BE! GET UP LIGHTNING! GET UP! The crowd goes crazy as Jay is up again. PRL is down on the mat as he trash talks him and heads to the ladder. JR: What is Jay going to do now? What is he going to do? Jesse: I don’t know but I don’t like where this is going! JR: Jay is up. He continues climbing up and up! He’s up top! He looks to be going for the Diving Headbutt! Can he do it? YES! NO!!!! The crowd groans and boos as “Shooter” Jay Darring missed the Diving Headbutt from the top of the ladder. Both men are down and out again. Jay is partly bruised and PRL is sweating from head to toe. His hair is wet and his facepaint is absolutely gone. Both men are out but a 10 count cannot begin because it’s a Ladder Match. Both guys try to get up one more time. PRL is first to get up. He whips Shooter Jay into the ropes and comes back with the Flying Forearm. The crowd boos because they know what it means. JR: Oh no! PRL is setting up for the P.R. Nightmare. He waits for Jay to get up…another Flying Forearm. Jesse: YES! HAHA! PRL hits another one. Puerto Rican Lightning grabs Shooter Jay and whips him into the ropes for the other Flying Forearm. And the kip-up. The crowd boos again as PRL sneers at the crowd. He yells at them and then heads to a turnbuckle. Jesse: PRL with his 17th wind. JR: PRL “calling up the band”. Lightning heads to a turnbuckle and begins stomping his foot a’la Shawn Michaels. 1,2,3. 1,2,3. 1,2,3. He waits patiently for Jay to get up. Jesse: Here it comes! The Sweet Chin Music! Here it comes! Puerto Rican goes for the Sweet Chin Music and it hits. Darring goes down hard. PRL is up and proud and picks up Jay one more time. He goes for the P.R. Nightmare, but Jay reverses into the Foreshadow! The Foreshadow sends PRL down and the crowd up. The crowd is going crazy as Jay hops up and down more and more ready to finish the match. JR: Shooter Jay with his 2nd wind! Jesse: STOP HIM PR! STOP HIM! JR: Jay waiting for PRL to get up. He attacks. Whip into the ropes…Stiff Superkick~! STIFF SUPERKICK~! Lightning is down! Jay is up again! He grabs the ladder and places it in the center of the ring. But first, he’s signaling for the Harsh Reality! The Harsh Reality could end this match once and for all! The crowd is going crazy as Darring picks up Puerto Rican Lightning. PRL tries to fight out, but Jay hits the Harsh Reality. The crowd pops HUGE. JR: HARSH REALITY! HARSH REALITY! HARSH REALITY! Jesse: Say it a few more times. JR: HARSH REALITY! HARSH REALITY! HARSH REALITY! [CLIP] The three hot girls get into a catfight on the outside. Jay turns around, places the ladder in the center of the ring, and begins climbing the ladder, relaxed knowing that he has nothg to worry about since Sonic Youth has Vitamin X in the Twilight and the catfight continues. JR: CHAOS! THIS IS CHAOS JES! Jesse: But Jay is climbing the ladder! He’s almost got the belts! Jay continues climbing and finally is at the top. Several referees have come out to break up the catfight and the Sonic Youth/Vitamin X fight. But, Puerto Rican Lightning has finally gotten up and grabs the ladder from underneath Jay, leaving him dangling from the hook with the belts. The crowd is screaming and going crazy. JR: BAWD GAWD~! JAY IS HANGING 10 FEET IN THE AIR~! JAY ALMOST HAS THE BELTS! Jesse: Not if PRL has anything to say about it. He’s grabbing at Shooter’s legs. PRL continues to grab at Shooter’s legs hoping to bring him down. However, Sonic Youth comes into the ring and spears PRL down and locks him in the Twilight. Another referee tries to break that up. The referee for the match watches as Jay Darring hangs on the hook with the belts hanging from it. The crowd continues to go crazy as Jay grabs the North American Championship belt from the hook. He places the belt between his legs, and then grabs the Puerto Rican Championship belt. He now has both belts then falls 10 feet to the mat. The referee rings the bell and the crowd cheers while Sonic lets go of the Twilight submission on PRL. *DING DING DING* JR: WE GOT A NEW PUERTO RICAN CHAMPION! WE GOT A NEW PUERTO RICAN CHAMPION! JAY HAS DONE IT! JAY HAS FINALLY DONE IT! BAWD GAWD KID~! WAY TO GO!!! Jesse: NO!!!! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! IT CAN’T BE! NO FAIR! SONIC YOUTH INTERFERED! JR: Anything happens in a ladder match right! The crowd goes wild and crazy as “Cloud Connected” by In Flames starts up. Jay Darring lies on the mat holding both belts and crying. His theme song continues to play as The Lightning Crew helps PRL out of the ring. Ring Announcer: The winner of this match and STILL OaOasT North American Champion and NEW Puerto Rican Champion, “SHOOTER” JAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY DARRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! The camera flashes back to Scott and Larry. SCOTT Truly an epic contest, Larry. LARRY Amen to that, Scott, and I can't believe that we've got the winnrer of that match, Jay Darring right here this week on Nightmare. The camera pans over to 'Shooter' Jay Darring, standing off to the side. SCOTT It's great to have you on the show this week, Jay. It'll be ven better to have you on the show next week, in front of a sold-out gymnasium full of fans chanting your name. Thank you- you know, being at a gym like that will bring back a lot of memories for me. Driving around the country in my crappy little Dodge Dart that had 100,000 miles on it, getting paid twenty dollars to put over the promoter's kid in a ring that was covered in electrical tape, getting dressed in a run-down and freezing locker room, peeping at the local girls' volleyball team through holes the kids drilled- wait, did I say that out loud? *Scott and Larry laugh out loud* JAY (smiling): Most of all, wrestling in gyms like that reminds me of what a privilege it is to be an OAOAST Superstar, and what a privilege it is to be performing in front of such devoted fans. There is one OAOAST Star who seems to have forgotten that fact. I'm talking about Ragdoll. The one thing I wanted most when I joined OAOAST was to compete against K-Money. We had very different attitudes inside the ring, but deep down we shared a bond. A common desire to be the best, make the most money, grab for the most fame, fortune, glory and gold. Become the SHOWSTOPPER and THE PRIME TIME PLAYER. But he's gone now, thanks to Ragdoll. Like Hogan vs. Hart, that dream match will never happen. Dolly, we're also a lot alike- we've tasted gold around our waist, we've got hot women on our arm- but you're twisted, deviant. You crossed a line at License to Pin, you forgot what being a performer is all about. You used this ring of honor to mutilate your own brother. It's a decision you'll eventually regret for the rest of your life...but I want you to regret it now. I'm letting it be known, that no matter what it takes, no matter when the time or where the place- I want Ragdoll in the ring! He's is going to learn the hard way what being a PROFESSIONAL wrestler is all about, and he's going to have to deal with the Harsh Reality that his best is never good enough against Jay Darring! As Jay walks off camera, the camera turns back toward Scott and Larry. SCOTT A bombshell has been dropped tonight on Friday Nightmare! The former North American champion Jay Darring has laid out a challenge to the current X champion and NWA/UPW/Zero-One champion on HeldDown? Will he accept? LARRY The first move has been played in a game of human chess between Jay Darring and Ragdoll. You can guarantee that the next one will happen on Friday Nightmare! SCOTT We'll be back with a feature on our GM in just a moment.
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    the NWA's worst gimmicks of the 80's!

    That was WCW, so it doesn't count.
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    Book me up Scotty

    Orion, GM of Nightmare, will be making a special appearance.
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    GET 2 FREE XPW VIDEOS OR DVDS JUST FOR ORDERING THE XPW PPV! Simply mail a copy of your cable or satellite bill to the address below and specify whether you would like to receive 2 videos or 2 DVDs. All receipts must be received by December 31st, 2003. It doesn't appear that you will be able to choose which DVDs you get.
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    A special invitation from Orion

    I wrote something, then answered my own question.