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    It's time to lol wut at WWE Kids magazine!

    Well, if you want to get anal about it the World Title (November 19, 2001-December 9, 2001) was indeed the first WWE-sanctioned title to have a nameplate.
  2. Slickster

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    He should fly to the stadium in the Space Shuttle. Also, I think it's pretty crazy that WWE spent $250,000 to build a custom video scoreboard just for WrestleMania. That cost more than the entire gross of some TNA PPVs.
  3. Slickster

    2009 Hall of Fame

    Live reports indicate that introductions had a 3-minute time limit, while the inductees themselves had a 5-minute time limit. This was enforced by a countdown clock visible to the speakers.
  4. Slickster

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Maury Povich: Edge, you are NOT the father! Edge:
  5. Slickster

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Did you ever listen to his raps he would do during that gimmick? They had profanity in them a good bit... It was usually ass, dick, etc...but profanities none the less But he never actually said them, of course.
  6. Slickster

    Favorite Twitter Pages

  7. Slickster

    Obama Sides with RIAA

    That's kind of like the 'they were askin' for it' defense, which doesn't work well in rape or assault cases.
  8. Slickster

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    It's a joke given the timing of the announcement after all the go-home shows have been taped.
  9. Slickster

    AWA Backstage Gossip

    Wally Karbo the GREAT wrestling promoter calls me on the phone and he says 'Naitch, Slick Ric, I'm gonna make the price right.'
  10. Slickster

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Regarding the Vickie story... Remember the date today.
  11. Slickster

    Tazz has left WWE?

    Well, I don't know if Coach or Tazz fit here since their contracts were up and they chose not to come back.
  12. Slickster

    Tazz has left WWE?

    To do what? The only thing he could do would be to make appearances, sign autographs, etc. He isn't going to wrestle. By that logic, ROH shouldn't have brought in Rick Steamboat, Bruno Sammartino, or Ric Flair either.
  13. Slickster

    SmackDown! Spoilers - 4/3/09 Including tonights ECW.

    This week's SmackDown will include live look-ins at the Axxess event in Houston. They have live matches there during the fanfest and that will presumably fill in the blanks on TV.
  14. Slickster

    Tazz has left WWE?

    Well, what more could he accomplish in WWE? He gets to spend time with his wife and kids now and he will make a TON on the indy circuit. I bet every promoter is trying to contact him for various ECW revival events. I'd expect ROH to give him a call too.
  15. Slickster

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    Michael Bay is producing the latest chapter in the Friday the 13th saga, set somewhere between parts 2 and 3. It drops Friday, Feb 13, 2009 and stars Derek Mears as the masked killing machine. The series' back-to-basics approach can be seen in the promo posters: Classic logo poster Leaked pics of the new Jason. The trailer (taped at Comic-Con).
  16. Slickster

    Kurt Angle is a psychopathic killer

    Wow. Just wow. Kurt Angle as a psychopathic killer is the greatest thing ever.
  17. Slickster

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    I'd assume the 3way title match will go on in the middle since it's received less hype than the Orton-HHH match. To me, that indicates Big Show will win the title since either an Edge or Cena win would get the crowd too excited. No one really feels one way or the other about Big Show right now, so I think it would make more sense for him to win and get no reaction instead of draining the crowd for the rest of the show. You can establish his face/heel status starting the next night.
  18. Slickster

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    Oh OK, I'll go back to staring at the sun again.
  19. Slickster

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    What are we talking about again? I saw something shiny.
  20. Slickster

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    I personally expect Big Show to leave Mania with the belt because that's the best option (as opposed to Edge being an opportunistic heel or Cena getting the feel-good win less than 6 months from his last title win). I really really hope they do a double-turn for HHH/Orton with Priceless double-crossing Orton and joining HHH. That's the only way this makes any sense.
  21. Slickster

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    I think this is another symptom of Vince's current indecisive nature regarding booking. It really didn't make much sense to do a meaningless gimmick show when ECW has zero storylines going into WrestleMania (aside from Money in the Bank). Also, ECW may not be long for this world.
  22. Slickster

    ECW - March 3, 2009

    He doesn't need to climb the ladder at all. Use him for 'power' spots like pushing over/lifting ladders. Plus, he can be the World's Strongest Crash Pad and take all the lighter guys' highspots.