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    Marty Jennetty

    I am admin for this swedish wrestling forum and one of the poster there had a link to a announcment that said that he was hired to work with the youngsters: It came from http://www.twnpnews.com/messages2/12886.shtml Im not familiar with that site so I dont know how reliable they are.
  2. TheInsane

    Marty Jennetty

    From what I heard Janetty got a contract to work backstage and train new talent. I.e. that he wasnt going to come back as a on screen wrestler or personality. That its a backstage job he signed to do.
  3. TheInsane

    Learn me some Briscoes

    I actually voted Mark vs Jay at ROH Invades Boston as match of the year (cant remember what year it was though). Awesome match. Jay vs Samoa Joe in the cage was also great as well as their series as a tag team against Red and AJ.
  4. I am in search for some good and deep information about what really happened when the WWE bought the WCW and ECW (or the rights to the names etc). What did happen with the contracts of the WCW wrestlers etc. I remember Slam Wrestling to have a good section of their website about it but I cant find it. Does anyone here have a good link that explains most things that happened during that period of early 2001?
  5. TheInsane

    Advice On Meeting Wrestlers

    I have met pretty much the whole Smackdown roster duringt their 2003 trip to Europe as well as some from RAW on the 2004 trip. The wrestlers did indeed call each other by their stage names for the most part. I dont think I said anything but "Hey man" to those I talked to and then told them that I had enjoyed their match earlier during the show and such. We were many people who went to the hotel after a RAW show though and some were cool with it (like Flair) but others were upset because of our pressence (Molly and Rhyno). Mostly because we were to many people and some really acted "markish". And Earl Hebner even went off on one of the guys and started shouting at him that he was an asshole (granted he was a asshole cause he had whispered "you screwed Bret" when he was close to Hebner).
  6. TheInsane

    The Giant smoking

    I met Paul Wight during the tour of Europe in 2003. Me an some friend found their hotel and sat down for a drink and almost all of SD'd roster on that tour was there as well. Big Show did smoke alot during those hours we were there. He also had so big lungs that a cigarette didnt last long at all which led to him smoking more cigarettes than a normal person just because of that.
  7. TheInsane


    I also saw that. And the NJPW stuff isnt on there. But then again nWo was a WCW angle so they might not care about what heppened with the same angle in other organizations.
  8. TheInsane

    NOAH 3/5 Results - Kobashi vs Rikio

    It might be that its late into the night over here but I cant seem to find the "Matches, Matches, Everywhere" forum on the DVD site. Where is it? You have to register in order to see it. I did register and I did log in. I havent recieved a confirmation e-mail yet to the registration though. Maybe thats where the problem lies. I'll wait and see what happens.
  9. TheInsane

    NOAH 3/5 Results - Kobashi vs Rikio

    It might be that its late into the night over here but I cant seem to find the "Matches, Matches, Everywhere" forum on the DVD site. Where is it? My first thought on Rikio winning the title was one of shock. I haven't seen much recent NOAH but I can even remember seeing him in aciton. I knew I had but I couldnt put a face to the name. I was expecting a bigger name to take the GHC title from Kobashi. I hope they book this good though and that Rikio will be able to run with the ball.