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    Kurt Angle released!

    AWM, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams all say hello. How many of those mentioned are really stars though (as in people whoa ctually draw the crowds/buyrates)? I dont think they have many self-created stars at all. But this is a topic not suitable for this thread.
  2. TheInsane

    Ultimate Put Over.....

    Yeah, he put him in a Bear Hug, started slingin' him around, and took him down, all with the bear hug applied, then kept it on until Hogan 'passed out'. I think Hogan was busted open, and maybe bleeding from the mouth. Everybody I know that still watched at the time were talking about that. Michael Cole started calling it the Brock Lock. The way things turned out with Hogan leaving WWE after that match it was a major victory for a still fresh Brock Lesnar. A guy who was just building himself a name.
  3. TheInsane

    Ultimate Put Over.....

    One of the more shocking moments for me was Brock Lesnar destroying Hulk Hogan in their SD match. He won with a bear hug if I remember correctly. Sure it was meant to build to a rematch but it never happened and it was all positive for Brock I think.
  4. TheInsane

    Willie the Worker

    Actually I think most people in the end thought it was a fake letter written by someone who didnt like the WWE booking. Thats what I remember. Before that most people thought it was RVD though. I tend to think that he would have been fired instantly for that kind of behaviour though (as would almost anyone).
  5. TheInsane

    2 Diva's to RETIRE from wwe....

    To be honest I never understood why people thought she used to be a good wrestler during any time of her wrestling carreer. She has never been a good wrestler, just bad and worse. People seem to get fooled because she did a hurricanrana and a moonsault but she never got that basic stuff right, she was always a danger for herself and her opponents. She does however have a good aura which makes her "superstar like". I actually feel she's quite attractive because of that even though she looks manly at times and is a horrible in-ring performer. I usually despise WWE diva type girls. They do nothing for me. So as a silent girlfriend of Edge Im sad to see Lita. However if there was plans for her to return to the ring or that she was going to have a role where she speaks Im glad to see her go. Trish has been one of the most talented women i WWE the past few years (some are above her like Molly Holly) but as people have said, she has done everything she could in WWE. Everything else and she would just rehash what has already happened.
  6. Angle/Michaels - WrestleMania. Awesome match but I disliked the finish. I didnt recognize that Angle used the "wrong ankle" but I thought HBK took to long to tap out. Half would have been enough. They lost me in the last few seconds of the match. I also agree on the Heenan comments before the Hogan turn at the Bash. It ruined what could have been perfect (but was executed very well anyway).
  7. And you know what? The ones who want to improve and who does show signs of getting better gets fired. Think Christy Hemme and even Gail Kim (who was a disaster as the "femaley rey mysterio" wrestler she was trying to be in the beginning).
  8. TheInsane

    Spirit Squad has a new cheer

    Oh no, does this mean that we wont see any more versions of DX vs SS? Does it mean that we wont have male cheerleaders all over RAW and in the main event? Im so sad.... They shouldnt have put these guys in a gimmick like this in the first place. Im glad they are done with that stupid shit.
  9. TheInsane

    Mark Henry injured at SNME

    Can anyone add all the months Mark henry has been injured while under contract so we can see how much time he has been getting paid for sitting at home?
  10. TheInsane

    ECW Shirt Poll

    I like them all. I didnt get the 4th one at first but its cool how the bug sucks the blood. I could probably wear them alle xcept for number 3. I think it looks good but its not my style really.
  11. I agree that Go Shiosaki is one to watch in the future as well.
  12. Katsuhiko Nakajima - This guy is amazing. Not only is he great alreaady but he's so you (has he turned 18 now?). His work is so mature and this guy will and needs to become a draw in Japan. The guy is amazing.
  13. TheInsane

    New Kurt Angle T-Shirt Poll

    I like both the 2nd and the 3rd. The 1st is pretty bad though.
  14. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    I was looking through the You Tube thread on this page and found the infamous Bagwell vs Booker T match from RAW. I was getting ready for a stinker but what do I get? I get a perfectly acceptable match. Its just about 5 minutes long (there seems to be an abrubt clip on you tube though, was it a comercial break?). The crowd shits on the match but what happens in the ring isnt all that bad. Especially considering the negative responses this match got everywhere. I fail to see how it was as bad as everyone sayd. What do you thinK? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP2f8F-rKAE&search=WCW%20
  15. TheInsane

    Best WCW Logo

    What I dont like about the last WCW logo is the "C". IF they had done the design of it differently somehow the logo would be much cooler. I would still choose their classic logo but the latest one would have looked so much better.
  16. TheInsane

    Best WCW Logo

    Easily the 1988-1999 one. Its simple and really effective. I kind of like the 1999-March 2001 logo but its not as simple and its just abit to much according to me. The WWE/WCW logo is really bad.
  17. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    Thanks for this. It put things into perspective on a deeper level.
  18. I remember reading that HHH was mad about WWE.com announcing him as the father of Stephs baby. ON tv no one has said anything about who the father is though.
  19. TheInsane

    The Old School questions thread

    According to Obsessed with wrestling Kurt Angle wasnt even on that show: http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/resul...own/010419.html
  20. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    I mentioned it was clipped in one of my previous posts in the topic. I wondered if it was an abrupt comercial break but no one answered. Is the clip that is on you tube what people saw on tv when it aired? If so what people saw on tv wasnt as bad as people say it was - in my opinion.
  21. TheInsane

    Weird Former ECW Alumni

    I believe Snuka was the first ever ECW champ.
  22. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    A. No that wouldnt be my choice to put on as a match representing WCW. He shouldnt have been cheap in the firt place and should have signed the really big names WCW had at the time. If not for anything more than at least for a year. A 5 minute match is almost never gonna atchieve a higher rating than ** or ** 1/2 from me anyway. This match was a standard, short match. Nothing really botched and I saw nothing reallyw rong in ring wise. That makes it far from a DUD in my eyes. However as you said it wasnt good either (good as in ***) but it was in between those two for me. Maybe a ** even.
  23. Its pretty sad because I was hyped from the comment that he challenged anyone from a "four, six or eight sided ring". That would possibly mean someone from TNA or UFC. But the good thing is that Orton actually has a reason to attack Angle so its not something they just threw in there.
  24. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    You really think so? A DUD to me is pretty worthless. What Booker and Buff did was a standard matchup with nothing badly blown. An ok match in my book. You're watching on YouTube, and the quality doesn't reflect that the crowd completely shit on the match. Well, I heard how the crowd shit on the match but in my opinion it wasnt the wrestlers or the matchs fault at all. Maybe it was the choice Vince made to put these two guys on par with the WWF main eventers. Im just saying that I dont think the match itself is as bad as I have heard people call it. What they do in the ring is quite acceptable and it didnt bore me at all. That it was put in the wrong spot on the card and that WWF fans rejected it because of it as well as because these were wrestlers from a non-WWF promotion isnt that strange.
  25. TheInsane

    Booker T vs Buff Bagwell

    You really think so? A DUD to me is pretty worthless. What Booker and Buff did was a standard matchup with nothing badly blown. An ok match in my book. Personally I dont think the in ring work level has declined. It has developed from the more risky style but it hasnt declined. I think its good that they slow down a bit. High tempo doesnt automatically make a match good (even though some x-division fans might argue that point). I mean look at Finlay, nothing fast but he really interesting and is producing great matches all over the place. Im sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but the match did take place on WWF television and this is the forum for discussion on that company.