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  1. We've all seen Vince and Shane as heel authority figures way too many times over the years, in addition to Vince making out with WWE divas on-camera. Vince really doesn't know how to evolve. Totally, and Booker vs Benoit also comes to mind. They met 5 times in their best of 7. I believe they met numerous times before that as well as after that. No matter how good a angle might be it will become boring if its done to death. I too am sick of the general manager charachters in general not just RAW. Teddy Long doesnt do anything special either. Usually he makes tag-matches when there is a wild brawl due to interference in a singels match or he messes with the heels that mess with him.
  2. I really dont understand some of the bookings of the main event players. How many matches did we get between Henry and Taker for an instance? I think 4. And after their blowoff match at WM we got another match between the two on tv the next week. We also got Rey vs Henry like 3 times this year already without them really feuding over anything. And then they have booked the same ending to two shows. Henry splashing Taker on the announcers table. And then a couple of weeks ago the same thing but Angle taking the splash. I dont quite understand why they do the same thing so many times.
  3. As people have said before the draft lottery could fix the problems of SmackDown if its done right. And there are several people which WWE dont use to their full potential: Main eventers right now: Rey (even though not a good heavyweight champ I would still consider him at good ME). Batista - injured Angle - injured Undertaker (part time only) People WWE could do alot more with than they are right now: Benoit Booker T Finlay People with potential to be built to ME status: Ken Kennedy (alot of people seem high on this guy, me not included, but I guess he could be good since he does seem to win over quite a fanbase) Lashley And then if they have a draft this year (which they pretty much have to have) one or several of the following would be good fits for SD: HBK - I hate his staleness on RAW and his boring face persona. Turn him heel and put him on SD and scrap the DX stuff (which will only work as nostalgia) Kane - I have disliked him since he lost his mask but he would be fresh for SD thats for sure and the change would benefit both SD and Kane himself. Those two are the obvious ones. I'd like to see Cena on SD since he did fit better there but maybe he wont now after a year on RAW and all of what that has meant to his development. Carlito also was a good SD fit but a move now might slow him down a bit too much. Also let Foley do a program on SD. He shouldnt be RAW bould since he's just in there for one shot deals.
  4. TheInsane

    How far is too far?

    No physical things should be happening between audience and wrestler that are of a "heel nature". No spitting water on people to piss them off. Not taking their stuff. In the same way stupid fans shouldnt take the initiative to go into the ring to beat the wrestlers up. If that happens I think its quite alright for the wrestlers if they give the fan a real beating.
  5. TheInsane

    whats wrong with this picture?

    I wonder how people actually ahve forgotten how you dont need alot of talk to get angles over. Alot of what I like is when companys build angles while they still focus on the wrestling. Of course just putting two guys in a match isnt enough, you need to tell a good story and do things to advance that story. But I firmly believe that the amount of in-ring action doesnt have to be shortened to give storylines more importance. Companies can, if they only want, create storylines from an in-ring perspective. I kind of miss that in todays wrestling (with the exception of the godly NOAH promotion of course ).
  6. TheInsane

    TNA spoiler

    So the product is hurting because the intros doesnt take alot of time? What bullshit is that? Paul London is a bad wrestler because he sprints to the ring every time he wrestles. Im not a big TNA fan but see if one person thinks that the amount of time wrestlers spend on the way to the ring its really their problem. I cant imagine anyone else caring a whole lot. What makes TNA look minor is the smaller pyra and stuff like that. However I never understood this approach either. People were perfectly happy with WWF and its just really the last 8 years or so that they had huge pyro stuff going on. A good or bad product isnt depending on pyro or how fast a wrestler walks/runs to the ring.
  7. Maybe it's because I was there at MSG for this, but I thought I was about to pass out or something from jumping and screaming at the top of my lungs for Triple H to tap out. Truly the most mark-out moment I've experienced, surpassing my live experience at WMX-7 (we all knew Austin was winning at the Main) because, even though most signs pointed to Benoit winning, you weren't really sure they'd pull the trigger until it did happen. This is my choice. Thats how I felt about it as well except for the part that I wasnt there live. Everything pointed to a Benoit would win but I almost didnt wanna hope to much since he was in there with both HBK and HHH.
  8. I agree on those five minutes. However everything was done so that Benoit would win. I would say I expected him to win in a way but I was still doubting it. KInd of like Rey Mysterio this year. everything was done so that the only logical thing to do would be to let him win at WM but I still wasnt sure he would.
  9. wtf is happening in that photo?? It was taken in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. This was just weeks after Eddies death and Benoit took a sign from the crowd which had some kind of tribute for Eddie on it. On the other side it said "marry me Batista" which made for som unintentinal and in some ways misplaced comedy. I believe that very photo was taken by one of my friends which is usually going with me (and the other Swedish fans) to Finland every year for the WWE house show.
  10. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    You'd be wrong. The match was supposed to finish with Mickie using the Stratusfaction. They fucked it up, OBVIOUSLY, fucking OBVIOUSLY fucked it up, and improvised the "Mick Kick" finish. If you don't see that, you're a mongoloid. To me, had they have gone back to the bulldog spot, then I'd say it was horribly botched. But, they quickly improvised to a finish that made plenty of sense before the crowd even had a chance to crap on it. So, while a spot may have been botched, due to Trish's quick-witted selling and the quickness of Mickie's kick to finish Trish off, I still wouldn't consider the finish botched since it all flowed in its own way. Make up your mind dude. You write that the finish "may have been botched" and then "[you] still wouldnt consider it botched". It WAS botched but they did as good of a job as anyone to cover it up. They saved it from being horrible but it was still botched.
  11. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    I 100% co-sign this post. But the fued as a whole has problay been the best of this year so far. I agree that this is probably feud of the year so far. Im worrying that they wont find a good climax to it though. But thats in the future and for now it stands as a great feud.
  12. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    People keep mentioning Mickie/Trish and I understand its subjective of what you like and not like but can you seriously see this at a MOTY? To me it was enjoyable and even more so because of the awesome reactions from the fans in attendance. However Mickie/Trish couldnt hold a candle to Taker vs Angle for example or Rey vs Finlay or alike. I mean when it comes down to execution in the ring. I think people tend to overrate it because it was a good womens match. People who just watch WWE arent spoiled with that. But as good as Mickie/Trish was on a WWE womens level isnt near MOTY caliber. And we who have seen more joshi stuff (japanese womens wrestling) know that Mickie/Trish wasnt really all that special even for a womens match. I would say its a good match but nowhere near MOTY.
  13. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    Well I actually fell asleep after UT vs Angle II. It wasnt because of the match though just a rough day. What I saw (which was most of it except a small part in the middle) was good but according to me a bit below what they did on NWO. I am one of those Internet people. However I loved both matches but thought the NHB one was slightly worse.
  14. TheInsane

    Thoughts on the new WWE talent

    I think you're right. Im not sure if it will be a draw but it will be a cool thing for the marks. I was a mark in 1993 when Giant Gonzalz did his angle with Taker. Despite knowing he was pretty bad and that the painted muscles was silly (which the swedish announcers said all the time - they did alot of shoot commentary) it was still really cool to see such a huge man. Even back then I didnt like Taker vs Gonzales on WM IX but it was still a pretty coolt hing to just see him because of his size. That way Yokozuna worked for me back in the early 90'ies for me as well.
  15. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    I listed Foley vs Edge as well. But maybe Foley is free to go from brand to brand. I dunno. Besides, Mickey vs Trish was good and once of the better US women matches I've seen in a long time. However that doesnt mean its anywhere near MOTY status. It was fun. MOTYC? Not a chance in my book.
  16. TheInsane

    WWE match of the year so far?

    Angle vs Undertaker was my personal faorite. I got a small NOAH feeling fromt his one which was good. They allowed a slow build and everything was done really well. Probably will hold up as one of the top 3 WWE matches of this year. I liked the Benoit vs Orton match from the best of 7. The non-gimmick one was better according to me. Just hard hitting good stuff. Finlay vs Rey was also good. They really clicked despite so different styles. I would also like to add Foley vs Edge from mania which I thought was excellent. Good execution and great build to the finish.
  17. Looks awesome. Hope the magazine specialists here in Sweden orders some as well (they do import Power Slam).
  18. That the pressure is ultimately on Vince is a given and therefore he is responsible for everything about the WWE product. Aside from him I would say Steph though. I dont think she would have had a long stay in the company if she wasn't related to Vince. I think Vince is going WAY to easy on her just because she's family. Lets hope HHH becomes the man in charge when Vince steps down and that he isnt an active wrestler by that time. Everything so that Steph doesnt get the job. And I do think Trips actually has a pretty good idea about wrestling, its history, what works and what doesnt work (especially when he doesnt have to protect himself as an active wrestler).
  19. TheInsane

    WON notes on TNA

    In a way I understand TNA in this. If they had to take away one team they'd have to take away the one with the least amount of star-power and I believe Team TNA (USA + Dutt), Canada, Mexico and Japan is ahead of England when it comes to that. However with that being said I was mostly looking forward to seeing team England. I absolutely love Nigel McGuiness for instance and Doug Williams is great as well. Its a shame they wont bring those two in.
  20. TheInsane

    Ross to Call Raw Matches at Mania

    I was glad that they removed Ross last year. I was tired of eharing him and he seemed tired as well. The change was welcomned by me. I also welcomed his return at SNME. He seemed more fresh and was doing a good job out there. He works well with Lawler and with Tazz as well. He wasnt RAW or SD but he was both. The announcer for co-brand events which I thought was a great idea. Tazz - JR - Lawler was good and I wish they would do the same for wrestlemania. To be honest mostly because I dont wanna hear anything from either The Coach or Michael "No not this way" Cole on WrestleMania. I dont mind Styles but I think he was alot better when it was just Lawler and Styles. With Coach in there as well he seemed to get lost.
  21. Fit Finlay -- Is everyone a believer now? Believer? I KNOW he still rules that ring. Finlay is "WWE rookie of the year" easily. Or maybe he'll fit better as "comeback of the year". Anyway he's my favorite wrestler bar none right now. He's been impressive every week. But I always thought he would do well even though I didnt predict him doing this good.
  22. If its true its disastrous. Ahley is horrible. No charachter at all and she's just plain bad in the ring. At least Christy tried to develop and she had a unique persona to her. Oh well.....
  23. TheInsane

    WWE Releases Rosey

    Jamal was fired after a few month of doing the 3 minute warning thing. But he was signed again a few months ago from what I know. I actually looked forward to 3 minute warning again. I liked that team.
  24. TheInsane

    Don't believe the hype

    I might expand the topic a bit to much with this but I dont get the absolute crazy love some people share for ROH. Even TNA has these fans as well. They almost cant see the bad things about either company and they are often anti-WWE. I dont love WWE and I find some PPV's from TNA entertaining. I have a hard time for alot of ROH. For me the announcing was just to bad + all the spotmonkeys who cant sell which used to be on the undercard. When it comes to wrestlers: Roderick Strong - I have only seen his TNA PPV work but Im not really impressed. Shane McMahon - He's ok for what he does (i.e. comes in for a match every couple of years or so). Some seem to think he's an awesome wrestler though and coult put on **** matches every time. He works because he isnt doing his stuff all the time. That way they have done well in hiding his weakness. Some people list Sonjay Dutt, Jack Evans etc and I agree with them. However I never found that people actually liked them. Most people I have met dont like them. I found a fun thing that I liked Chris Sabins match he did when he was injured against AMW more than most of his other stuff. It actually looked like a combat and he "sold" his knee all the way through (of course since it was injured). LEARN HOW TO SELL DAMMIT!!!! So alot of the x-division guys fall into this category. Williams, Sabin, Dutt etc.
  25. I just needed to say how much I hate the Vince McMahon persona on RAW and how much HBK has fallen. I have zero interest in the feud and most things in it has been poorly done (like the ridiculous drug segment) or boring (all promos delivered by both men). I just dont feel it on any level.