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  1. Jingus

    Mutoh vs Flair

    When and where did Mutoh/Flair '93 take place? I've seen matches between the two in WCW in '89 and in New Japan in '95, but never heard of any in '93.
  2. Jingus

    Teddy Hart is great

    Believe me, Teddy is much more than just a spotfest guy. I've seen a match on tape where he sold his arm like it was dead for twenty minutes straight, never using it once, keeping it clutched to his chest the entire time, except for when his opponent got ahold of it. The guy can go, believe me. And if TNA's matches are spotty, from what I've heard, don't blame the wrestlers for the most part. I've seen many good, capable wrestlers go to TNA and suddenly seem to lose their ability to do anything but spotfests. Why? Well, from what I've heard, the office encourages tham to. And at least with the local crowd, they do have a point: "smart" wrestling would likely go right over the heads of most of my fellow Nashvillians. And their main PPV goal right now is just to try and get new fans hooked on the show, which a good eye-popping spotfest can do. Problem is, the spotfest style doesn't have legs to grow a good long-term promotion out of, so if it keeps going this way, they could be in trouble down the line.
  3. Jingus

    Diatribe is now up...EARLY!

    Hey Dames, Teddy said to thank you for the kind words about his matches. Jingus: Name Dropper El Grande.
  4. Jingus

    New arena vs Old arena

    That's the main problem: they don't even fill up the little building they're in now, despite giving out zillions of free tickets. If they went back to the larger venues, they'd have about a thousand people in a 10,000 seat arena. And anyone who's ever been to the Asylum (aka the Nashville Fairgrounds) can tell you that TNA worked a true miracle in actually getting that old dump to look so good on camera.
  5. Jingus

    Castration Keith's Summerslam Rant

    Are you out of your mind? This is Scott fucking Keith we're talking about here, the guy who is quite possibly the #1 HHHater in the world. Of course he'll probably bash him.
  6. Jingus

    Low Ki: Capable worker or liability?

    As for smaller men knocking out a big man with kicks to the head, hell, watch the very first match of the very first UFC pay-per-view. I forget the French kickboxer's name, but he put down fatass sumo wrestler Telia Tuli with two crushing kicks to the head, despite weighing less than half of what his opponent did.
  7. Jingus

    Celebrating a decade

    Personally, I am and have always been one of those shotokan bitches. Ken, Ryu, and Akuma are to me the most well-balanced characters in the game. They've got the best overall fireball, the dragon punch can counter almost any aerial attack, and the hurricane kick is the perfect ending to just about any combo. They've also got surprisingly long reach for such small guys, and don't have many weaknesses, i.e., moves that are waaaay too slow and set them up for counter attacks (Guile's double foot sweep comes to mind). The only time that I really have any trouble is when I'm in there with some bastard who's really fast and has a long reach, like Vega. My personal attack strategy has always been the same: stay on them, keep them cornered, keep jumping in to attack, hit them high & low without giving them a chance to tell where you're coming from, and use as wide a variety of different moves as you can.
  8. Jingus

    Low Ki: Capable worker or liability?

    Guys, did anyone ever tell you it's all a work? In real life, half of the shit that happens in a pro match is impossible to do. Why are you arguing about what damage his kicks could do (probably a lot), when the guy does completely worked moves like knife-edge chops to the chest and Phoenix splashes?
  9. Jingus

    Serious In-ring Injuries?

    Then a whole bunch of the top wrestlers from the past and present = bad ? Yes, being stiff is bad, at least by the real workers' definition of "stiff", which is generally "hitting someone as hard as you can with no protection". Now, blasting the hell out of someone in a safe manner (directing the blow to a safe place, pulling it just enough, etc) is acceptable, and the term for that is being "snug". Of course, the best alternative possible are guys who look like they're killing you when they're barely even touching you. See the Midnight Express for some good examples.
  10. Jingus

    What Has Everyone Got Against Nash

    Welcome to my world, Zack. I live with these people, and work indy shows whose audience members can make TNA's crowd look like classical music fans by comparison.
  11. Jingus

    Freddy vs. Jason

    The "just what the hell is Jason, anyway?" debate has been done to death a billion times, but here's my take on it, and why said drugging might work: Spoiler (Highlight to Read): I don't think Jason is so much a walking corpse, as a partly-dead body which keeps trying to regenerate itself, but is falling apart at the same time. Jason X dropped a couple of references about Jason's body healing from any damage, no matter what the cause. So I don't think he's a zombie; more like an undead guy whose body keeps trying to heal itself, but is rotting away at the same time. That's why he can be "killed", but can always come back: the damage becomes too strong for his body to handle, and he goes into a coma, until some outside catalyst wakes him back up. Ergo, if he was dosed with massive amounts of a really strong tranquilizer (and remember, they kept shooting him up with more and more of it while they had him tied up in the van) would put him to sleep until his healing factor could kick in and expel the toxin from his system.
  12. Jingus

    Dummies, Troublemakers and Egos

    I work as an announcer and manager at various local indy shows around the Nashville area, and have met a bunch of the TNA guys that way. So far, I've been superkicked by James Storm (and got advice on taking said superkick from Jerry Lynn), H-bombed by the Harris brothers, have been through a Brian Lee training session, made jokes to Athena about her wetting a pussy (she reads this board, she'll get it), have had everyone from Mortimer Plumbtree to Don West watch me work, and might get to manage Abyss next week. So, yeah, it ain't too bad. I was even on TNA a couple of weeks ago, sorta kinda not really. I was the guy in the crowd making faces while Chris Daniels tried to "save" that first vacant-eyed kid.
  13. Jingus

    What WWE superstar are you?

    It's okay guys, I got Nash also. Of course, I am kinda fat and lazy, so...
  14. Jingus

    Has anyone heard about this?

    I have read some sick, sick things in my time, but this is possibly the worst I have ever come across. I want to Dissect the fucker, but am too goddamned angry to think right now. Can anyone get any info on this Jay Kay guy who owns the thing? Like, where he lives, etc? Because I so badly want to collect a "Send Jingus (and his friends) to beat the living fuck out of this detriment to humanity" charity fund here.
  15. Jingus

    Dummies, Troublemakers and Egos

    Kash has always been a fairly nice guy to me, I was over at his house a week ago, but then again I've never been his employer either, so who knows.