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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    A post from Metal Maniac in the "Things that annoy the shit out of you...." thread. I'm going to use this post to pimp off an excellent essay about the genres of Heavy Metal and what they mean/meant and what some of the thoughts behind them were. I'm also going to point to some important albums that best represent the respective genres. http://anus.com/metal/about/philosophy/ Heavy Metal: 'With heavy metal, the style of Black Sabbath was solidified, but deeply hybridized with the progressive rock, Celtic folk and electric blues fusion of Led Zeppelin, having influences also from aggro-prog bands like King Crimson and Jade Warrior. The late 1960s culminated in rock being bored with itself, and after the Beatles went progressive and British and American blues-rock guitarists aimed for more lengthy, complex works, rock essentially turning progressive in nature. "Progressive" is perhaps a misnomer, as there's no "progress" in re-incorporating influences from classical music, but for rock it was progress from the simplistic pop of the 1950s to incorporate new styles and vastly adulterate the blues framework of rock (the blues is a syncopated version of Celtic and German folk-pop, formed in America of the mixture of cultures; like most popular music on all continents, it features easily transposed chord progressions and a basic song structure which allows easy melodic improvisation).....(click above for the rest)" RHTITE recommendations for this genre: Early years of Black Sabbath with Ozzy at the helm. Iron Maiden Y'all should know about these guys, even as an observer who hasn't commited fully to the genre yet. Speed Metal and Thrash: Arguably the first genre to emerge was speed metal, which followed expanded heavy metal structures but used muffled strumming to turn ringing chords into short explosive bursts of bass-intensive sound. This made the music more aesthetically menacing, and for a long time, guaranteed it zero airplay. On the other end of the spectrum, thrash music made less frequent use of muffled chords but took on two forms: metal riffs in punk song structures (Corrosion Of Conformity, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) and punk riffs in metal song structures (Cryptic Slaughter, dead horse). Speed metal tended to use metal riffs in metal song structures but show the influence of hardcore music in riff texturing, which evoked the sounds of one-chord rhythm riffing, and in general uptempo songwriting and abrupt changes in melodic line within each song. Perhaps the best examples of speed metal were Metallica, Exodus and Slayer; the first two were based around muffled-chord player, while the latter focused on playing quick fluid phrases known for their complexity, and using introductory sequences of riffs like a progressive band in simple, aggressive form.....click above for more I don't recommend nothin from this genre, due to general lack of knowledge Grincore and Death Metal: It is probably a mistake to view grindcore as anything but an extremist extension of thrash, but much as Venom contributed aesthetics in the form of primitive punkish riffing and over-the-top Satanic and occult lyrics, grindcore contributed the biologically distorted vocals which would also be a trait of death metal and black metal. These are achieved by, much as one overdrives an amplifier to distort sound, pitching one's vocal chords in a position too low or too high for the sound produced, and then forcing it through violently (it will become clear around 2020, when these musicians hit their fifties, whether or not this causes a dramatic increase in throat cancer). Hardcore musicians used an approximation of this, much like the growling surly cadences of Wattie with the Exploited, but grindcore took it to a new extreme, in songs which were punkish and abruptly short like those of thrash, but even more inclined toward chromatic and harmonically-nullifying chord progressions. This was a music beyond protest; it destroyed music itself in order to create a wall of sound which was unnacceptable in any social listening, would never get radio airplay and annoyed and disturbed anyone not acquainted with the genre...See above for the article recommendations from this genre: Suffocation - Pierced From Within. Like a band rising out of the sewers, with nyhc middle fingers and accents in full effect, Suffocation created slabs of death metal that took cbgb hard core into it's furthest realm of musical possibility, and turned it into flowing and liquid like extreme music that spawned a million clones(mostly from New York and Florida). Most 'big' death metal bands owe suffocation their utmost gratitude for leading the way. At The Gates - The Red In The Sky Is Ours Swedish death from a time before sweden became a popular jumping off point for the genre. Thus the band was free to roam within the genre, at times taking ideas from thrash or even prototypical black metal (speed picked guitar runs abound on this album), all the while coming across as a newborn in the world, coming up with ideas and beliefs born out of pure musical innocence. Far superior to their much more heralded "Slaughter Of The Soul" outing. Possibly the first and best Death/Black crossover artist, many bands from each genre owe gratitude to At The Gates. Massacra - Final Holocaust French death dealers who decided to use the pure frantic speed and technicality of Reign In Blood and mix it with the rhythm and melody of Arise, and take the style of Slayer and Sepultura to their next logical extension within death metal. A look at what could have been had both of those bands not run out of ideas after their respective runs of high creativity. Gorguts - 2 albums: Obscura and From Wisdom To Hate Where many technical grind bands strived to create a maddening cacophony of noise and seemingly random technicality, Gorguts moved to stretch the boundaries of music itself, let alone death metal. Everything has a place, but the 'place' is so packed with musical data, it can be hard to decipher at first glance. Musicians with ability bordering on the absurd and a consciousness that gives the ability to create discernable music out of pure chaos. Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes Highly rhythmic Death Metal from the northest of the north countryside of Finland, Amorphis seem to strive to invent a new type of folk incorporating elements from their Swedish neighbours slowed down to provide a view of the gripping music from a storyteller point, instead of the destruction that is prevalent in most other Death styles. Cryptopsy - do a board search and you'll likely find what you need to get started on them Doom and Grunge: During the early 1990s, an offshoot movement of death metal merged with the older style of heavy droning rock that Black Sabbath had pioneered, and formed doom metal, a genre fragment that immediately offered enough possiblity that it rapidly mutated and then died under its own weight. ... Influenced in part by Celtic Frost and other classic metal and punk bands, Nirvana burst onto the mainstream radio with a new style called "grunge" that was part metal and punk, but mostly mournful, out-of-the-closet angsty rock which featured droning vocals and simple punklike riffs. Other interesting acts were Mudhoney and Alice in Chains; both enjoyed popularity with metalheads, with the most crossover being with doom audiences. This is in part because musically, these two genres were the most similar, and aesthetically, they both addressed a fatalism which some overcame and others (Goodbye Mr. Cobain) did not....click above for more recommended bands: Early albums Cathedral, before they began their parody of the genre and final evolution into the realm of stoner metal. Nirvana - we all know about them by now Alice In Chains - ditto Black Metal: Unlike death metal , black metal was explicitly melodic in composition, although there were multiple interpretations of how to compose it. Immortal started out resembling later Bathory, but evolved into fast melodies of power chords over incomprehensibly fast, muddled drumming, which demoted the influence of drums to secondary and let guitars function as the primary composition instrument, with vocals (!) being the predominant rhythm instrument. Darkthrone began not far from a hybrid between Swedish death metal and doom metal, but quickly began a tribute to the more extreme aspects of older Bathory, with songs staged dramatically such that a story unfolded and was presented as one might in a theatre, with percussion and pacing to match the scene. Burzum resembled the best of death metal in its smoothly chained collection of riffs and narrative, mimetic composition, but over time moved closer to ambient music. Emperor and Gorgoroth were neoclassical music over traditional drums at a higher pace, with less focus on fills than on counterbalancing internal rhythms within songs. Between these techniques and the range of melody - with varied emotions, moods and developing phrases based on previous motifs - modern black metal represents the highest evolution of metal as a technical and artistic musical genre. Black Metal highest recommendations: Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi Immortal - All Burzum - All Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse and Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Darkthrone - Transylvanian Hunger and A Blaze In The Northern Sky See http://anus.com/metal/about/blackmetal.html for comprehensive reviews of the above Black Metal bands, and many more. Go forth. Oh and Metal Maniac is a horrible horrible person if he thinks anyone should check out Cannible Corpse, even as an example of something.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Just meant that you listen to a pretty bad band. Ain't no big thing. We all do. What happened though, dude? You used to be so chill about my cute little barbs. Mutual masterbation. Doesn't really mean much in the end, but there's not much cleanup involved, and both parties get what they want
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Also, Absu have the best track names out of any English speaking North American band, period. This is the listing for their new album. 01. Between The Absu Of Eridu & Erech 02. Night Fire Canonization 03. Amy 04. Nunbarshegunu 05. 13 Globes 06. …Of The Dead Who Never Rest In Their Tombs Are The Attendance Of Familiar Spirits…Including: A.) Diversified Signs Inscribed B.) Our Earth Of Black C.) Voor 07. Magic(k) Square Cipher 08. In The Name Of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee 09. Girra's Temple 10. Those Of The Void Will Re-Enter 11. Sceptre Command 12. Ye Uttuku Spells 13. Twix Yesterday, The Day & The Morrow
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Agalloch ain't Black Metal. Never been, never will be. They have some stuff that's nice to listen to though. Click for the next logical step after Slayer, mixed with well measured usage of European styled Metal theatrics. MOTHERFUCKING ABSU Pillars Of Mercy Stone Of Destiny
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    You listen to Paradise Lost by choice.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    There have not even been 20 great albums released in the 00's so far, how can there be a top 20 list? Or a top 10 list? Anyway... Behold and rejoice. Fuck Metal.
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    So, you want to share files with your friends?

    Of course, I don't recommend using these programs/sites as a means to share copyrighted material. Some of these I haven't personally tried, so feel free to chime in with opinions big and small about all things in this thread. Ares Network - FileCroc - Totally clean version of Ares. "A 100% ad free, 3rd party software free client that runs on the Ares network. Has all the features of Ares, and Warez. Its my favorite out of the three." Ares Lite edition. Aimed primarily at windows 9x and ME users. BitTorrent and Clients - Official BT Site Experimental BitTorrent download client Experimental BitTorrent client Advanced BT client BitTornado - experimental BT client Client uses BT, eDonkey, and Gnutella networks Personally, I use Shareaza for BT, but it does seem to run bulky on slower machines. I can get retarded speeds on it, even through ADSL eDonkey and Clients- Shareaza is the only one I use. Seems to me that it's about the best program for eDonkey. If you are super anal about security, you might want to steer clear if you don't mask your IP Super big list of eDonkey verified downloads sites. This site might be somewhat outdated, but I'm sure it'll be of some use. Filetopia - Filetopia for this program I hear that it's quite good, small community and not terribly secure. Again, if you are anal about being super secure (as with most programs in this thread), it's best to just not use them Gnutella and Clients - Deepnet Explorer http://www.deepnetexplorer.com/ Shareaza also uses this network IRC - mIrc I don't know dick about mIrc so I'm sure someone will boost some info into this. Soulseek - Soulseek
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    Rip the sacred flesh Sodomize the holy asshole Drink the red blood of the mother of earth Masturbation on the dead body of christ The king of Jews is dead and so are the lies Vomit on the host of Heaven Masturbate on the throne of God Break the seals of angels Drink the sweet blood of Christ Taste the flesh of the priest Sodomize holy nuns The king of Jews is a liar The Heavens will burn Dethrone the son of God God is dead Holyness is gone Purity is gone Prayers are burned Covered in black shit Rape the holy ghost Unclean birth of Jesus Christ Heaven will fall Fuck the church Fuck Christ Fuck the Virgin Fuck the gods of Heaven Fuck the name of Jesus
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    What do you know about Cock and Ball Torture?

    Having one of those bands going on without their bass player is a phenomenally abrasive experience. For some reason your story struck me as more appropriate for a country band. Don't know if I told this story here or not, but at our local Deathfest thing a few years ago, a band called Tard played. They were entertaining because they all wore old style hockey helmets and the lead singer wore a diaper and those metal crutches that wrap around your arms. I was sitting at the top of a stairway yacking with someone when he comes hobbling along on these crutches (either acting like a tard or just drunk). He taps me with his crutch once or twice and then proceeds to slam into my back and throw us both down the stairs. I can't confirm this, but I think his diaper was full. Never turn your back to a tard.
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    What do you know about Cock and Ball Torture?

    Milky's band is better.
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    What do you know about Cock and Ball Torture?

    But after Anal Cunt, there's no point to it since the gibberish noise thing has been done. Plus the shock album and song titles thing has a very, very short shelf life as a humour device. Then again, since I've been in a scene with people who think such things are the greatest gift to music and comedy, I shouldn't be suprised.
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    Tell this college student why I

    Yes, Stormfront would be a good example of a site inhabited by broken people who wish to be popular, without thinking about the consequences. Thanks for the help bro! I always knew you were on my side.
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    The Matter of Leena

    You can't stop message boarding habits, people.
  14. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Tell this college student why I

    Just ask people why they need their chosen political party to be a clique/cult/security blanket instead of a true ideal worth following if they give you shit. They can always go to myspace or youtube or something if they need a popularity fix from people on their level.
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    Re-Reading old posts you've made on this here forum.

    I started off pretty poorly, but not terrible. Then I became mega established based on my work in NHB and my wrestling server thing. Then I hated everything and most people misunderstood that. Speaking of established posters, how many posters have lost their status as untouchable here without going through a mega freak out or a banme burnout?
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    What do you know about Cock and Ball Torture?

    Tardgrind is a pretty bad Metal genre.
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    American Pride and Nationalism

    Name dropped in a nationalism thread.
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    First, about being a BUTT Wipee — read anything by Harriett McBryde Johnson. We all come into this world as BUTT wipees, and many of us leave it that way, too. And, some of us are among the enwiped in the middle of our lives, too. We also can’t live without air, or food, or water, or gravity. Being and BUTT wiper/wipee is just one of those things human beings do.
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    Fat acceptance is pretty cool, actually. This woman has two butts. one on her BUTT and one on her belly.
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    Wikipedia is garbage

    Encouraging signs from the Wikipedia project, where co-founder and uberpedian Jimmy Wales has acknowledged that there are real quality problems with their online work "This is garbage, in incoherent hodge-podge of dubious factoids that adds up to something far less than the sum of it's parts," he wrote. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/18/wi...uality_problem/ (Maybe now the undermen can be persuaded to stop using this lousy web "service" in their silly little net arguements? Maybe school teachers can stop accepting work with information based on entries to this web site also? ah...one can dream)
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    WWE Folder sucks dick

    This is actually a really good thread. I've missed proper cross-forum call outs.
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    Jena school case

    No, you can teach other people to be better about how they go about things in their lives ie: racial issues. They in turn can teach more people etc. Only works if someone smart starts the ball rolling though. Lot of effort. Fuck it, let's go ride bikes instead. Anyway, racism is shit, but this whole problem is not shocking at all to me, especially in such a small community. A lot of times cultures mix about as well as oil and water, and since it looks like the white people of that community are very set in some...traditional value systems, it's going to be hard to coexist with a black population. What makes it harder for the black people there is that they are a vast minority. I feel terrible for these kids because they've really had no hand in causing any of this hatred between the two cultures in their little school. Was I the only one that found the noose "prank" to be both a cruel, and hilarious joke?
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    This is why I don't like Religion

    You're not reading my posts well enough. I'm gonna go ahead and troll you for the rest of this thread, ok?
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    This is why I don't like Religion

    oh god you put ftw in your domain name.