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    TSM List of Fallen Posters

    http://lbn.threat.tv/mrhands.mpg Mr. Hands
  2. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Wikipedia is garbage

  3. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    TSM List of Fallen Posters

    You guys changed hd while I was gone. I was disoriented for a minute. Hail Mr Hands.
  4. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    One of the few game series that can offer more than another excuse to feed couch addiction and stare blankly at another generic game. Free form and fantasy inducing in healthy ways. They deserve your money, in my opinion. Relevant info before the launch. Specs: * PC System Requirements o Minimum: + Windows XP + 512MB System RAM + 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor + 128MB Direct3D compatable video card + DirectX 9.0 compatable driver + 8x DVD-ROM drive + 4.6 GB free hard drive space + DirectX 9.0c (included) + DirectX 8.1 compatable sound card + Keyboard, Mouse o Recommended: + 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor + 1 GB System RAM + ATI X800 series, Nvidia GeForce 6800 series, or higher video card o Supported Video Card Chipsets: + ATI X1900 series + ATI X1800 series + ATI X1600 series + ATI X1300 series + ATI X850 series + ATI X800 series + ATI X700 series + ATI X600 series + ATI Radeon 9800 series + ATI Radeon 9700 series + ATI Radeon 9600 series + ATI Radeon 9500 series + ATI Radeon 9000 series + NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series + NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series + NVIDIA GeForce 6600 series + NVIDIA GeForce 6200 series + NVIDIA GeForce FX series hit this link up to see if your system will run it properly http://www.srtest.com/referrer/srtest Traillers http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=1688 The gates open monday.
  5. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse

    Just finished my first listen of the new goatwhore album. Bad news guys...it's not looking good for this one. First impressions are that they've removed most of the influence from the proto bands of the Black and Death Metal genres(Bathory, Celtic Frost, etc) in favour of moving towards a more middle era Swedish style of booty moving groove(think The Abyss or Marduk). Basically it's a whole lot of nothing new, and no advancement on old ideals either. And they've stopped having fun with their influences, which to me really takes a lot of appeal away from this band. Ben Falgoust's voice has gone to absolute shit aswell. This is quite dissapointing.
  6. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse

    Acid Bath is to Metal what Goatwhore is to Black Metal
  7. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Me Vs. WP

    My mind is really blown that *that* was picked up that fast.
  8. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Me Vs. WP

  9. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Me Vs. WP

    I changed my mind about getting you laid.
  10. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Me Vs. WP

    .... And then he spoke of his victim - "gimmicky faggot" Wildpegasus. "On the 3rd of November, 2006, I wanted to clear up the 'WP problem' - and I did, albeit rather gruesomely. ... I can say I unconsciously imitated an archaic sacrificial rite: first Wildpegasus was cut with a knife, then strangled, and after that buried in the earth." Did Thumbtack have any regrets? "[E]very passing second a human dies, so there's no need to make a big fuss of this one kill." "I always had the idea to break the 'taboo' of 'Thou Shalt Not Kill, Wildpegasus was an utterly irritating guy who became a pain in the ass after a while. He has making stupid posts and aggravating everyone, something I couldn't stand any longer. ... "I say, it simply was a beneficial act for mankind."
  11. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Me Vs. WP

    WP, you might be moving to Alberta? If you end up in Lethbridge, i'll totally take you out on the town and I guarantee you that you'd break your eternal sexual dry spell. I'm in both and Death Metal and Black Metal band, and that means a pass to free pussy whenever I want from either gothy Hot Topic Cradle Of Filth fans or coked out waste away chicks who fuck for confirmation of their self worth.
  12. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    The Game is off Aftermath Records

    Seyss-Inquart and Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye are in the same thread. And black people have posted in it. THE SUSPENCE IS KILLING ME!
  13. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye


    Rip the sacred flesh. Sodomize the holy asshole. Drink the red blood of the mother of earth. Masturbation on the dead body of christ. The king of Jews is dead. and so are the lies. Vomit on the host of Heaven. Masturbate on the throne of God. Break the seals of angels. Drink the sweet blood of Christ. Taste the flesh of the priest. Sodomize holy nuns. The king of Jews is a liar. The Heavens will burn. Dethrone the son of God. God is dead. Holyness is gone. Purity is gone. Prayers are burned. Covered in black shit. Rape the holy ghost. Unclean birth of Jesus Christ. Heaven will fall. fuck the church. fuck Christ. fuck the Virgin. fuck the gods of Heaven. fuck the name of Jesus
  14. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    A MikeSC

    I was really mean when I used to go into those AIM chats with the lower board all stars.
  15. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Enjoyable Softer Songs in Metal...

    Ballad style songs by Heavy Metal bands, even if they are done to create the impression of atmospherics or mood, are almost exclusively there to help give the band higher commercial appeal. Very few bands and albums I've ever heard have been able to cross the gap logically and effectively. That said: Burzum - Dunkelheit For purposes of this thread and what gets me off as far as the topic goes, I'd actually say that Metallica's "Orion" gets the nod in this case. Let's not degenerate further into the muck of suggesting bands that simply have done a softer song in a gimmicky way, or to have a goofy single that will be popular.
  16. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    On wildpegasus

    God I can't believe that I walked right into that one! Good call on taking me to task for it, I really should have known better. How come your hair is up, anyway? I know that my hair becomes completely unruly when it's very dry around here. Quite the bother.
  17. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    On wildpegasus

    So what's up, Wildpegasus? Are you just rejecting me like it ain't no thang?
  18. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    On wildpegasus

    ........OK guys, I'll take the hit. Wildpegasus, you better be taking me somewhere nice.
  19. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    On wildpegasus

    fite me nigger. someone talked you, of all people, out of leaving.
  20. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    On wildpegasus

    Thread delivers.
  21. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Your Paragon of Virtue

    Into the oven with you, Your Paragon of Virtue.
  22. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye


    You know which internet celebrity I like? Mr. Hands.
  23. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Is Anyone Else Here a Straight Edger?

    Eh, it's really not that bad. Most people just choke on their saliva a bit and ham fist keyboard replies until they're blue in the face. DO I REALLY HATE DARKIES! MIJOKINGLOL! And jobber is really funny in this thread. He exposed himself as someone who lives a lifestyle almost exclusively because of the image and the delusion of superiority, then when he got called on it he rambled off a half baked denial. A few posts later he basically exposed his pursuit of higher education as pure image and ego drama also. These things cannot be denied.
  24. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Windham Hell's South Facing Epitaph is the most fucked up thing I've listened to in a long while. I'm not even sure I could describe it other than the fact that it fills me to the core with a sense of on coming doom and unease. It's also the only time that proggy guitar scale noodling has been even remotely interesting to me beyond a superficial appreciation.
  25. Red Hot Thumbtack In The Eye

    Summer 06 Concerts

    Hey slayer, share with me your knowledge of Possessed. I've recently decided that I must investigate them further.