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  1. And "by choice"? What exactly does that mean, anyway... as if I could listen to a band not by choice? Okay, maybe I can understand involuntary subjugation to music, like when your mom used to drive you around wherever in Canada you lived in the late 80's and subjugated you to her "Best of MTV Metal Vol 2" cassette tape, complete with Winger, Trixter and Stryper all in one set, giving rise to the elitist fuckhead that we know today, but otherwise it doesn't really strengthen your already tenuous argument there


    Just meant that you listen to a pretty bad band. Ain't no big thing. We all do. What happened though, dude? You used to be so chill about my cute little barbs.


    Remember when I ripped on Burzum, and Tack got upset? Him going on about Jewish Propaganda" was amazingly predictable.


    Also, I was fucking horrible back then.


    Mutual masterbation. Doesn't really mean much in the end, but there's not much cleanup involved, and both parties get what they want :)

  2. Also, Absu have the best track names out of any English speaking North American band, period. This is the listing for their new album.


    01. Between The Absu Of Eridu & Erech

    02. Night Fire Canonization

    03. Amy

    04. Nunbarshegunu

    05. 13 Globes

    06. …Of The Dead Who Never Rest In Their Tombs Are The Attendance Of Familiar Spirits…Including:

    A.) Diversified Signs Inscribed

    B.) Our Earth Of Black

    C.) Voor

    07. Magic(k) Square Cipher

    08. In The Name Of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee

    09. Girra's Temple

    10. Those Of The Void Will Re-Enter

    11. Sceptre Command

    12. Ye Uttuku Spells

    13. Twix Yesterday, The Day & The Morrow

  3. Agalloch's LP's are awesome, though the EP's tend to be hit and miss. They're pretty much my favorite Black Metal band.


    Agalloch ain't Black Metal. Never been, never will be. They have some stuff that's nice to listen to though.


    Click for the next logical step after Slayer, mixed with well measured usage of European styled Metal theatrics.




    Pillars Of Mercy



    Stone Of Destiny





  4. Rip the sacred flesh

    Sodomize the holy asshole

    Drink the red blood of the mother of earth

    Masturbation on the dead body of christ

    The king of Jews is dead

    and so are the lies

    Vomit on the host of Heaven

    Masturbate on the throne of God

    Break the seals of angels

    Drink the sweet blood of Christ

    Taste the flesh of the priest

    Sodomize holy nuns

    The king of Jews is a liar

    The Heavens will burn

    Dethrone the son of God

    God is dead

    Holyness is gone

    Purity is gone

    Prayers are burned

    Covered in black shit

    Rape the holy ghost

    Unclean birth of Jesus Christ

    Heaven will fall

    Fuck the church

    Fuck Christ

    Fuck the Virgin

    Fuck the gods of Heaven

    Fuck the name of Jesus

  5. Having one of those bands going on without their bass player is a phenomenally abrasive experience. For some reason your story struck me as more appropriate for a country band.


    Don't know if I told this story here or not, but at our local Deathfest thing a few years ago, a band called Tard played. They were entertaining because they all wore old style hockey helmets and the lead singer wore a diaper and those metal crutches that wrap around your arms. I was sitting at the top of a stairway yacking with someone when he comes hobbling along on these crutches (either acting like a tard or just drunk). He taps me with his crutch once or twice and then proceeds to slam into my back and throw us both down the stairs. I can't confirm this, but I think his diaper was full.


    Never turn your back to a tard.

  6. But after Anal Cunt, there's no point to it since the gibberish noise thing has been done. Plus the shock album and song titles thing has a very, very short shelf life as a humour device. Then again, since I've been in a scene with people who think such things are the greatest gift to music and comedy, I shouldn't be suprised.

  7. First, about being a BUTT Wipee — read anything by Harriett McBryde Johnson. We all come into this world as BUTT wipees, and many of us leave it that way, too. And, some of us are among the enwiped in the middle of our lives, too. We also can’t live without air, or food, or water, or gravity. Being and BUTT wiper/wipee is just one of those things human beings do.

  8. That'd be like me being indifferent or okay with cancer. Nothing I can do about it outside myself, it's a fact of life that ain't going away.


    No, you can teach other people to be better about how they go about things in their lives ie: racial issues. They in turn can teach more people etc. Only works if someone smart starts the ball rolling though. Lot of effort. Fuck it, let's go ride bikes instead.


    Anyway, racism is shit, but this whole problem is not shocking at all to me, especially in such a small community. A lot of times cultures mix about as well as oil and water, and since it looks like the white people of that community are very set in some...traditional value systems, it's going to be hard to coexist with a black population. What makes it harder for the black people there is that they are a vast minority. I feel terrible for these kids because they've really had no hand in causing any of this hatred between the two cultures in their little school.


    Was I the only one that found the noose "prank" to be both a cruel, and hilarious joke?

  9. Yeah.. I stopped caring about this thread like 2-3 weeks ago.


    But I've got an argument better than yours.. try this one on for size;


    YOU are wrong, YOU are a moron, YOU are going to die.


    Once again, someone saying I'm wrong, without pointing out anything good humans have done for earth.


    Your self loathing and need for positive feedback(no matter what form it takes) prompted you to post this thread, and then follow it. You didn't get the feedback you wanted, but are content with any attention anyway. You won't allow yourself to stop caring about it until everyone else does, and you can't get what you crave. It would be sad if it wasn't so sickening. Let's go play some Halo and forget about our worries instead, ok? It's cool, we can leave other people to care about things.


    Also, I demand that you answer my points, instead of grabbing the grouchy shit and trying to divert us away from our topic of discussion.


    The interests of humans supercede the interests of lower lifeforms. We are more important than them.


    How so?

  10. I imagine you'd be better served by doing your own thing, but taking time regularly to organize things like road side trash cleanup, or get togethers to discuss pressing (and truly important) issues that you see coming up around you, and what to do about them. Even just having people over and sharing in great musical works. Pretty simple stuff really. I would be willing to bet that you'll get a more fulfilling social life as an added benefit aswell. You get to be your own person without any kind of pressure to fit in to a totally new social group, which can help someone who already may have a lot of stress from being in school.