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  1. The one ep I remember of Undeclared had one of the characters (I think it might be the same actor as the bearded guy in Knocked Up, but he really reminds me of the dude who played Shaggy during Jay's trip in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) get a Japanese girlfriend who didn't speak any English, so they had these translator devices that the girl's father built and got rich off of. It was hilarious.

    No, that was Marshall, who was a regular. I believe it was the second to last episode.


    Martin Starr (the bearded guy in KU) was in one episode. He was Steven's friend from home who visited him at school.

  2. I fuckin love POA the book but also love POA the movie. POA the movie is the worst HP movie, but the best movie of the four. If that makes sense.


    Ever since I started reading the books, I am very disappointed with the movies. Bob, you are in the minority when it comes to the book/movie stuff.

  3. 1 N Gridiron Gang Sony $15,000,000 - 3,504 - $4,280 $15,000,000 $30 1

    2 N The Black Dahlia Uni. $10,362,000 - 2,226 - $4,654 $10,362,000 $50 1

    3 N Everyone's Hero Fox $6,150,000 - 2,896 - $2,123 $6,150,000 - 1

    4 N The Last Kiss P/DW $4,702,000 - 1,357 - $3,464 $4,702,000 $20 1

    5 1 The Covenant SGem $4,700,000 -46.9% 2,681 - $1,753 $15,714,000 - 2

    6 3 Invincible BV $3,904,000 -30.7% 2,830 -157 $1,379 $50,911,000 - 4

    7 6 The Illusionist YFG $3,751,000 -16.9% 1,438 +76 $2,608 $23,254,000 $16.50 5

    8 7 Little Miss Sunshine FoxS $3,350,000 -21.6% 1,436 -124 $2,332 $46,390,000 $8 8

    9 2 Hollywoodland Focus $2,736,000 -53.8% 1,551 +3 $1,764 $10,536,000 - 2

    10 5 Crank LGF $2,700,000 -44.9% 2,177 -338 $1,240 $24,414,000 $12 3

    11 4 The Protector W/DD $2,461,000 -51.1% 1,541 - $1,597 $9,044,000 - 2

    12 8 The Wicker Man WB $2,115,000 -47.9% 2,407 -377 $878 $20,744,000 $40 3

  4. Wow, that is a riot.


    In fact, the actual peer-reviewed evidence tends to point the other direction. In a recent study by Brown University, one hundred students were shown a clip of the movie "Big Momma's House" on VHS and then were shown the same clip on DVD. The students were not told which clip was which format. They were then asked which of the two clips had better video quality, or if they were about the same. Nearly two-thirds of the students (63%) thought that there was no difference. Of the remaining students, 19% thought that the VHS tape looked better! In other words, the students with a preference (narrowly) favored the image quality of the "inferior" VHS clip!

    Yeah, I don't believe that. Were they showing 5 year olds or something?

  5. From WO.com


    WWE on Monday fired Greg Gagne from his job as trainer and booker at OVW and Deep South. The feeling was Gagne's knowledge of the old AWA system was out of touch with modern wrestling.


    No official replacement was named but the person most likely to take over his job and add to his talent relations duties is Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci.

  6. After watching the bonus disc for season 2, I've come to the conclusion that the writers are just making things up as they go. They have no idea what is going to happen, which will be the down fall of the series.


    I'll still watch every week.

  7. I am watching Raw now and Cena's crowd reaction isn't coming off well at all. The crowd was MUCH louder than this. (Yes, I know it will be louder there, but I've been to other events and this is the hottest crowd I've been to.)


    Wait until you get to after the 6 man tag. You can hear a pin drop for the whole rest of the show. BTW, why do you guys hate Trish?

    Got me.


    I might order the PPV just for the crowd. Toronto crowds have always been amazing, especially SummerSlam 04.