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  1. The worst part is that he gave me darvocet for the pain, which is like getting O'Douls at a bar. The funny part was that when he was telling me what painkiller he gave me, he winks at me, like he is doing me a favor. Of course I get two refills for crap. And when I called up to ask if he can give me something stronger, he told me just to take two. I'm going to call again tomorrow and tell him it isn't working at all and I slept like 2 hours.


    But I don't think it is going to work.


    These guys seem to have a system down. Give an antibiotic, a mouth wash thing and darvocet. I heard him give the same thing to four different people. This poor lady had all of her front teeth taken out and they gave her darvocet. Who are these guys kidding? You need to have jaw surgery to get anything good there. If I knew this, I would have gone to a different oral surgeon.

  2. I was thinking that. Could Madden just be like "Umm, I don't want to be with EA anymore."?


    But I traded Tiki and Strahan to the Saints for Bush and some RE, which I cut, then signed Brady Smith since he was a free agent and stuck him at LE. I am just about to play a game, so hopefully Bush works out, which I am sure he will.