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  1. Sunday- AFV, Extreme Makeover: home edition...maybe. Mostly just dvr and movies

    Monday- Deal or no Deal...that's it. Might check out Vanished, but it looks like it's going to be bad. 24 when it starts in January.

    Tuesday- Dancing with the Stars (the gal's show) and SVU.

    Wednesday- Dancing with the Stars? It's on two nights? For three hours? Oh god. Nothing else on.

    Thursday- My Name Is Earl, The Office. Grey's Anatomy for the lady.

    Friday- Movies. Nothing good is ever on on Friday.

    Saturday- Same as Friday.


    Never let the bitch get the remote.


    Extreme Makeover isn't bad...I'm usually online when it's on anyway. I just like seeing the finished houses and making inappropriate comments that make her turn red in the face.

    I hate that show but it is actually one of the shows that is good for people. Much better than "The Swan."

  2. No, I have my own apartment. I had money saved up, which I don't like to touch because it is my emergency money. I guess this is an emergency so I'll be calling dentists today. I've been up since 8:00 in pain. It was first in the top right of my mouth, then that went way to start hurting in the bottom right of my mouth. I have 3 motrin and 1.5 Vics in my system now, so that should do something.


    But I do start my new job in 2 weeks, so yeah.