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  1. fairtoflair7

    American Gladiators

    That first eliminator was funny as hell
  2. fairtoflair7

    American Gladiators

    They did. It was in one of the promos. If the contender hits the target, the gladiator gets launched back into the water. There is another episode on after this so I assume it is on that one.
  3. fairtoflair7

    American Gladiators

    Crush is Gina Carano from UFC/Elite X...extremely good looking The show seems so edited and not real unlike the original. It's not bad but I'm disappointed. + NO ORIGINAL THEME
  4. fairtoflair7

    College Hoops: January '08

    Instead of the MVC or the CAA, the surprise this year should be the A10. A10 should be getting 4 bids this year and hopefully it returns to the status the conference was at in the 90's/early 00's
  5. fairtoflair7


    This show is so well made
  6. fairtoflair7


    I don't think Bionic Women actually got picked up for another season as it was doing very poorly. But there is a pretty big movement that was started to save Journeyman ala Jericho. I mean I think they have barely given the show time to develop and started it off in a pretty dismal time slot. This is the site that is organizing the process so hopefully this show can get another chance..... http://save-journeyman.blogspot.com/
  7. fairtoflair7


    Damn, this sucks....show has been getting real good too. The past 2 episodes have been great. I think I have figured some of the secrets out too.
  8. fairtoflair7

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    Have you tried rebooting your box? I get errors from time to time. Hold down the power button until it boots, and wait a few seconds. See if it works then. Believe me, I've tried that a countless number of times. A technician came over and changed boxes and the problem still persisted so its not the box. It could be one of the wires which we did not check. Another technician is coming tomorrow. This needs to get fixed ASAP
  9. fairtoflair7

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    There has been problems with my whole On Demand in general the last few days. Comcast has no idea what the error message I get means. I can no tget anything on demand. I play each event and it looks like it is about to start but the screen stays black and nothing happens. Its BS. I do not need this now with new matches everyday.
  10. fairtoflair7


    Really, really good episode, hopefully this is not the end
  11. fairtoflair7


    where the heck was Parkman this episode?
  12. fairtoflair7

    South Park: Season 11

    Great episode, What movie was this episode based from? I can't think of it.....
  13. fairtoflair7

    Nip/Tuck Season 5

    I thought this past episode was one of the best in a long, long time.
  14. fairtoflair7

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - November 2007

    Flair spreading eagle on the floor of the NWA studio is great.
  15. fairtoflair7


    great episode with Parkman, Peter and Suresh.....The Micah stuff was kid of lame until the end
  16. fairtoflair7

    WWE 24/7 October Discussion

    On Primetime, it's worth pointing out that Paul Roma takes a CRAZY bump over the top, straight onto the concrete, landing on his face. Doesn't even touch the ropes. He also looks SERIOUSLY juiced in the match too.
  17. fairtoflair7

    WWE 24/7 October Discussion

    didn't get a chance to finish the Boston 85 show, only got up to the 3rd match,Sharpe-Poffo is not that bad the other 2 are bad.... hope I did not miss much
  18. fairtoflair7

    The Youtube Thread

    I love Heenan during the Goldberg-Hogan match....."FINISH HIM OFF, FINISH HIM OFF.....DO IT, DO IT....THANK YOU THANK YOU"
  19. fairtoflair7

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    Glavine was Pathetic...Reyes was bad....I have nothing to add, Jeez
  20. fairtoflair7

    NHL Preseason and Predictions - 2007-08

    You guys are seriously doubting the Ted Nolan and the Islanders again.....It's not like everyone had a different prediction last year. Jeez
  21. fairtoflair7

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - September 2007

    Just watched the Santana/Flair match on Rampage.....good match but kind of funny that Danny Davis is reffing Tito's match after he screwed him and there is no mention. Sir Robert of Heenan is great on commentary though
  22. fairtoflair7

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    I actually kinda like Golic. He is giving a fan's perspective as well as being a former player as well. He's showing some emotion as well. The other 2 are bad.
  23. fairtoflair7

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - September 2007

    What was with Mr. T as the special enforcer to referee's? Had no idea what that was about but good thing they did not go through with it. Primetime was not too good match quality-wise this week and for some reason I feel like I have seen EVERY Johnny V/ Beefcake match known to mankind. Dibiase was solid though and I think they had it spelled Dibiasi in the promo.
  24. fairtoflair7

    This Week In Baseball 8/20-8/26

    I for one might still be in the minority here but I still feel that Aaron Heilman can be a quality starter.
  25. fairtoflair7

    This Week In Baseball 8/20-8/26

    Holy Shit....Mr. Garrett Anderson has 10 RBI's for the Angels and its only the 6th inning!!! 18-5 Angels. 2 HR including a GS and 2 doubles. Yanks are getting spanked and a position player might have to pitch soon. Moose got bombed and I don't know how you can keep him in the rotation. He is constantly getting killed by good teams.