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    This Week In Baseball 8/20-8/26

    Great game at Shea tonight........Lastings always seems to be in the middle of the big rallys
  2. fairtoflair7

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Is it me or does anyone feel like ESPN doctors the comments sections? Like on the front page, they post a comment from a user that I feel like half the time is completely fabricated and made up for show by a mod or an employee of ESPN... I find it funny.
  3. fairtoflair7

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    And I forgot to add that Gus Johnson is god...He can make any game exciting and has some great calls. I love it.
  4. fairtoflair7

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    Give me a break....Keith Hernandez, Ronny Darling and Gary Cohen have to be one of the best, if not the best , color team in baseball. They give extremely good insight and are pretty impartial to the Mets. Everyone in N Y pretty much agrees they are MUCH better then the Yankees announcers of Kay & etc.
  5. fairtoflair7

    oAo Monday Night Raw Thread -- 8/6/2007

    They've actually built Umaga up pretty well and I think he could be a quality face. He's turning into a pretty good wrestler too. If they bring Armando back, it could get bigger.
  6. fairtoflair7


    I work for a studio in LA. Get to see screenings, read scripts, etc. Its pretty cool. During SB, every guy was on the floor laughing. Great movie to see with your friends. Should make a ton of cash especially since this is Rogan's first since Knocked up.
  7. fairtoflair7


    Saw it 2 weeks ago.....Unbelievably great comedy...funny as hell and should make a good sum of change...Fuck or shit is said 187 times in the movie with Hill saying it about every other second. Hader and Rogan are great. There are some slow parts here and there but the dialog in the movie is fantastic and some of the scenes will crack everyone up at all ages. What's real ironic is that I met Cera later that night and talked to him about the movie for around 10-15 minutes. Real nice down to earth kid. I felt like having flashbacks because he acts the same exact way in real life as he does in the movie.
  8. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball 7/9 - 7/15

    I can't believe LaRussa. Pujols is either going to win the game or lose the game there. Have no idea why he didn't bat. I was screaming at the TV on my plane like a madman. NL got screwed by their own manager.
  9. fairtoflair7

    Transformers The Movie

    Just saw it......real good movie, Everyone in the theater was clapping for all the battle sequences. Just thought the final battles went on a bit too long but otherwise, real good popcorn action flick. Thoroughly felt for the transformers as individual actors like someone mentioned. Bay did a great job keeping the original storylines. The movie kicked ass at the box office this week breaking tons of mid-week records. Can't wait for the next one.
  10. fairtoflair7

    NHL Offseason - 2007

    BTW I 'd just like to point out that if I were the Kings or the Coyotes right now, I'd give King Lundqvist, the RFA in NYC a nice fat offer sheet. I don't think the Rangers would have enough cap space to match it.
  11. fairtoflair7


    Turtle is a lucky man.....I'd love to bang Lisa Rinna...definition of a milf....
  12. fairtoflair7

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    I rather read columns by Jemele Hill and Scoop Jackson then Bill Simmons. HAHA Simmons, while he has gone downhill a bit and can't be completely honest like he used to because of ESPN, still probably has the best sports column out there. He constantly mixes pop culture with sports and its always a great read. I constantly refresh ESPN just too see if his new entries are out yet. The onlly reason why people have started ripping him is that he is the first successful blogger that everyone wants to become. Its ridiculous
  13. fairtoflair7

    NHL Offseason - 2007

    Are you referring to the length of the deal or the structure of the deal?....b/c I will agree that the length is quite crazy but the payout structure is real good and I guarantee you that his salary will be a bargain compared to what goalies will be getting in the next few years. Dipietro right now is a very good goaltender, he will be an elite one very soon.
  14. fairtoflair7

    NHL Offseason - 2007

    Just lost Smyth Oh man this is a bad day for the Isles.... The Rangers and Flyers load up and the Isles lose Smyth to the Avs. They need to sign someone soon. Just Jon Sim is not going to cut it to compete in the division with two mentioned and the Pens. Guerin is a must. With Poti and Kozlov gone the depth chart is thin right now. Thank god they didn't give in too Blake. That's just a bad deal. I don't know why all the Islanders end up being signed by the Leafs...out of all the places.
  15. fairtoflair7

    2007 NBA Draft Thread

    They did, thats why this is a good deal for GS.
  16. fairtoflair7

    2007 NBA Draft Thread

    The Warriors just got a TON better. They gave up J rich (great individual, not a franchise player who is getting paid like one 4 yr 48 mil) for Wright who is exactly what they needed in the playoffs last year. Fits their style perfectly as well. Baron, Wright, Jackson, Harrigton, Ellis. That's nasty..plus now they have a ton of cap room to sign thier FA's and possibly trade for KG.
  17. fairtoflair7

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Something is just not right in this whole double murder suicide. All these different details keep popping up. We'll never know exactly what happened but roid-rage doesn't cause an individual to do this for 3 consecutive days and by all accounts Benoit was last person you would expect to do this. Obviously you also could know a person, and he/she might not be who you think they are. The time frames show that Benoit could have been watching the PPV while his spouse and son were killed. Benoit is a murderer right now but something's not right. More details will come out I hope.
  18. fairtoflair7

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    It's really sad and horrible now watching the tribute on Raw....just eerie and creepy
  19. fairtoflair7

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    This is crazy I can't believe someone so highly thought of as Benoit would do something like this. His name is going to be tarnished forever now. Guess there were numerous problems no one knew about. Just sad.
  20. fairtoflair7

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Man this is horrible, its my birthday tomorrow and now this. Real sad and its extremely weird that Wellington and Benoit die so close to one another. Its fuking horrible. RIP Benoit, you were the greatest RIP Women RIP Daniel Horrible
  21. fairtoflair7

    NHL Offseason - 2007

  22. fairtoflair7

    The new AFI Top 100, coming June 20th on CBS

    Don't know how they include The Sixth Sense but fail to recognize T2
  23. fairtoflair7

    The Youtube Thread

    Not YouTube but worth checking out on Daily Motion Great Match Liger/Pillman vs. Beniot/Wellington from the Clash of Champions
  24. fairtoflair7

    On The Lot...

    The judges in the contest don't add anything to the show. They need someone who is Simon Cowell-like and completely blunt who will rip into someone if the flick sucks. The ratings are piss-poor anyway so I don't think Fox is going to let the show last. Plus the host sucks
  25. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball 5/28 - 6/3

    That was unbelievable...he's screwed the Mets fans so many times, he owes us