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  1. fairtoflair7

    The NHL Thread - October

    Does Janne know that he's going to be a healthy scratch for the game? Idiot....he sucks and is in complete decline
  2. fairtoflair7

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    ESPN Classic is a joke. It used to be one of my favoirte channels. Now It would be the apocalypse if I actually saw a classic game on that channel. All they show is fuking poker, Arliss, and thier stupid espn original movies that blow. Thank god they canned CheapSeats. I hate that crap. Another reason why ESPN is a joke.
  3. anyone have a clip of the Money INC horsemen reunion....did not get a chance to see the show?
  4. fairtoflair7

    TWIB #5: 1 May - 7 May

    All I have to say is that I don't want to see anymore Lima time after the debacle that was today.
  5. fairtoflair7

    College Hoops: NCAA Tournament Rounds 1 and 2

    If GW can actually hit shots, they can win this game even down 11. Also I now know what Duke Homerism is. If you are going to call the fouls on GW, u better call the same ones on Duke and surprisingly that is not happening.
  6. fairtoflair7

    College Hoops: NCAA Tournament Rounds 1 and 2

    Guys, I'll say it again. Watch out for GW. They match up extremly well with Duke. If Duke wants to run wiht them they will get BLOWN out of the building by GW. If only Willians and JJ put up the offense like they have been doing for the past few games GW will win. Paulus is going to get manhandled by the trap. Watch this game.
  7. fairtoflair7

    College Hoops 2/27/2006 - 03/12/2006

    All I'm going to say is this: Watch Out for GW come Tourney time. They are going to make a big run. No one is watching or paying any attention to this team.
  8. fairtoflair7

    General Help with Torrent

    Just a couple general questions with Torrents..... I use file sharing programs and such but I want to get into Torrents becuase I hear they are much easier to download and use. How do they work and which one are the best? Do you just download the file and it works on WMP or something like that or is there another process you have to do? What is EDonkey and what is the difference between that and BitTorrent? I'm pretty new at this so cut me some slack but I just want to know the basics so I can learn to use Torrent to thier full usefulness... Thanks
  9. fairtoflair7

    The Nip/Tuck season 3 thread

    I was thinking that it could be Ava but now she/he is in man-form. She got completely redone in Europe and came back as a man and railed Christian. thoughts? Otherwise I think its Santiago
  10. fairtoflair7

    College Hoops: December

    Huge game tonight....GW vs Maryland in the MCI Center for bragging rights in DC
  11. fairtoflair7

    The Nip/Tuck season 3 thread

    Better Episode tonight with the racist family and the "wedding". Couple of Holy Shit parts when the dad actually invites Matt to dinner anytime ( you knew that was coming) after he found out about the transsexual incident and Kimber not showing up to walk down the aisle. Obviously the characters don't know that the Carver was actually involved but once you hear the knock on the door and the shot pans away, you know the Carver is involved somehow. ........ I think its Grace now personally
  12. fairtoflair7

    Eddy Guerrero passes away

    I Just got sick reading this RIP EDDIE
  13. fairtoflair7

    A History of Violence

    Great, Great movie...I don't see how somone can knock this film. Everyone puts in quality performances and the directing is fabulous. William Hurt is great.
  14. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread

    Rick Dipietro and the Islanders took out Cam Ward, Eric Staal and the Canes tonight. Solid game for the Rick with 40+saves.
  15. fairtoflair7

    NIP TUCK Season 3 Episode 2

    Wow that was a depressing episode after a quality premiere.....next week looks sick though..
  16. fairtoflair7

    NIP TUCK Season 3 Episode 2

    I just thought it was a really depressing episode. The trans-sexual shit just disgusted me. Next week with the potential 4-some looks good though. Looks like the new doc is going to have to prove to Christian other then in the operating room, that he is a capable man....
  17. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    The Mets really should spread out the offense. Knowing them, they will score 2 runs tommorrow for Pedro.. BTW that DP was hilarious..never seen that before..
  18. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    Pedro No-hitting the Dodgers through [email protected]!
  19. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    Oh Man...horrible, horrible collision....
  20. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/new...t=.jsp&c_id=nym While the Mets did have a shitty game last night, you absolutely HAVE to check out David Wrights BAREHANDED over the shoulder catch from last night. Best catch Ive seen live.
  21. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    Cubs fundamentals are disgusting...
  22. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    Great job Randolph...way to run a solid bullpen...overwork your 40 year set up man 4 days in a row during the hottest week of the year.......
  23. fairtoflair7

    This Week in Baseball

    Fucking Roberto Hernandez...2nd night in a row he blows the game and this time it screws over Pedro for the win