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  1. DarKnight

    Impact 1-8

    I'm wondering, are any of these guys the MEM took out, booked on the PPV? They're acting like Joe will never be seen again, but I thought he was in that 6 man tag match. Same for Bubba Ray. Is Devon booked by himself, or will Bubba Ray show up too so they can have a tag match against somebody?
  2. DarKnight

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    A 4 disc set of JEFF JARRETT??? Isn't that massive overkill? I never really thought TNA would ever release a Jarrett DVD, since he doesn't draw a dime, but 4 discs?
  3. DarKnight

    Cuts are a comin!

    I don't know. I remember hearing at the time that they thought CM Punk had a horrible match against somebody (they most likely didn't want him to succeed anyway), but I never found out who that was against. Even though the match with Venus went about 5 minutes, I didn't think it was bad or anything. Hell, Kizarny's debut match maybe got the same amount of time, and I thought that really was terrible. I'm surprised he hasn't been cut already after that.
  4. DarKnight

    The WWE PG 13 Philosophy

    Would it be wrong to say that Raw has sucked for about 7 years? I always thought in 2002 when Austin and The Rock were gone and the Lesnar push began, that this was when the WWE started declining in quality, but thats just my opinion.
  5. DarKnight

    Cuts are a comin!

    This reminds me a few months ago where I said the world would end if Val Venus got released, so watch out guys. As for a decent Val Venus match, how about the one with CM Punk on Heat back in 2005? I thought that was pretty good. D-Lo being released was very obvious as I wondered why WWE signed him in the first place, since he doesn't have the nastalgia of the Attitude era, and he's not a new guy either, so he was kind of stuck in the middle. I kinda want WWE to just release guys like Kennedy and Umaga already. Not only because of my personal opinion of them, but also because Kennedy has been injured WAY too many times, and will go nowhere as a babyface. As for Umaga, that gimmick has just ran its course, and he would suck as a babyface too.
  6. DarKnight

    The Dark Knight

    Eva Green from Casino Royale would be pretty good too.
  7. DarKnight

    Street Fighter is the best movie ever.

    There needs to be a CGI remake of Super Mario Bros. Have it actually follow the source material, and give it an epic feel, it could work. I've always thought the story of Mario was excellent, even if there isn't that much to tell. As for Judge Dredd, I've never read any of those comics, but I did hear that the movie completely missed the point of it. Even Stallone said in an interview one time that he thought that movie had great potential, but it just backfired.
  8. DarKnight

    Your top 10 films of 2008

    Oh God! I completely forgot that I even watched this movie earlier in the year. It was AWFUL. Just like you said, I really HATED that shit where they repeat the same scene over and over again. After about a half hour or so, I just wanted to stop watching too. This was a movie that deserved to be bashed more than it did. Most people said it was mediocre, but I thought it was TERRIBLE. Hell, I even thought The Happening was better!
  9. DarKnight

    The Dark Knight

    By the way, has anyone seen that cool documentary on The Dark Knight blu-ray that talks about the psychology of Batman's world? I thought that was a very interesting look into how a lot of characters could work in Nolan's films.
  10. DarKnight

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    I'm not too big on Nickelback or Fall Out Boy, but I think their songs are at least listenable. Three Days Grace however, are awful. Their music is very bad and unoriginal. Most other bad bands at least have a unique sound.
  11. DarKnight

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    I don't like Hinder one damn bit, but I can think of a worse band than them. How about Three Days Grace? I think they are the worst band of today.
  12. DarKnight

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Trust me. It does get better the 2nd time around. The songs I thought were most helped by a 2nd listen were "Shackler's Revenge" and "If the World".
  13. DarKnight

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    I can see why some people may not like this album, as it sounds nothing like GNR at all, but calling it BLAND!? This album was anything but bland, as just about every song on it jumps into other musical genres. The first time I listened to it, I didn't know what the hell to think, but when I got drunk for new years, I thought this album was better the 2nd time listening to it. Being drunk most likely helped. I also found it hilarious in the song Madagascar that the same Cool Hand Luke quote that was used in the song "Civil War" was used in that song as well!
  14. DarKnight

    What films are you anticipated for in 2009?

    Wolverine (trailer looked awesome) Watchmen (never read the graphic novel, but the story sounds cool, and the hype has gotten to me) Wolfman (After that abomination of a movie known as Van Helsing came out, hopefully Universal makes a tasteful remake, love the casting for this too) There are a bunch of other movies coming out that I will see, but I'm not really anticipating them, like G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, Crank 2, Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation, and Public Enemies.
  15. DarKnight

    Guillermo Del Toro

    I agree with everything you said Jingus, about Pan's Labyrinth. It is Del Toro's most acclaimed work, but I found it to be the weakest film that I've seen from him. Both Hellboy films I thought were easily superior. And I didn't remember Pan's Labyrinth being marketed as a kid's movie, since its rated R, but it was marketed as a fantasy film, so I expected the whole movie to be fantasy, and not just about 4 scenes or so.
  16. DarKnight

    The Spirit is coming

    It probably will, as on Roger Ebert's website, he gave the movie * star, but the users gave it ****. I've never seen such a huge difference in opinion from his review and the users like that before. About the closest thing I recall was Spawn. He gave that ***1/2 stars, and the users gave it *1/2 or something.
  17. DarKnight

    Christian Cage / WWE

    I have no idea why he mentioned Hurricane Helms.
  18. DarKnight

    WWE Raw - December 29, 2008

    What was with all of this Kelly/Orton stuff? I didn't remember hearing anything like that mentioned on the show last night. I guess I need to pay attention more often. It seems like every day, everyone talks about Cena. There is either people who hate him, or people that defend him. It seems like there's hardly anyone who's in the middle. I can't really decide my opinion of Cena, as every week I switch from being apathetic towards him, to then hating him. Last night I definetely hated him during that horrible attempt at comedy in that backstage promo. Thats the exact proof of why people hate Cena.
  19. DarKnight

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    I got Chinese Democracy for Christmas, and I thought it was one of the most weird albums I've ever heard. There was pretty much no consistent style for the whole album. If anyone hasn't listened to it yet, don't expect the whole album to be like the title track, as it is the only normal sounding song on the album. The next track "Shackler's Revenge" took a complete 180 and is pretty much a straight up industrial song. I was laughing hysterically throughout it. I don't even know what rating to give this album really, but it was pretty fast paced for something that was about 70 mins long.
  20. DarKnight

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Wasn't that basically The Condemned? I guess it also had touches of The Running Man in with it also.
  21. DarKnight

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Kurt Angle and Rhaka Khan?!!! What the hell?! The part in the observer about Daniels possibly having to play the Suicide character is hilarious, as a few weeks ago I thought of that same thing once I heard Kaz got injured, and Curry Man got fired on TV.
  22. About 2 years ago, I was really hoping WWE would get rid of that damn spinner belt, but I gave up hope of that happening once I saw that the belt didn't actually spin anymore, and instead it was just a silly design that stood still. I thought that was WWE's way of saying "fuck you" to anyone who disliked the belt, as they wanted to keep that hideous thing, but make us shut up a bit by not spinning anymore. As for the new ECW title, I like it. The silver look is something new and different, but doesn't come off as tasteless. It was good that it was made a little bit bigger too than the original title.
  23. DarKnight

    The Spirit is coming

    Samuel L. Jackson dressed up as a Nazi might have been the most bizarre thing ever filmed. I was laughing at everything in that scene. I got the feeling that when critics saw that scene, they immediately felt they had to give the film 1/5 stars just for that.
  24. DarKnight

    The Spirit is coming

    I actually saw The Spirit yesterday, and I don't know what the hell I just saw. I didn't really think it was nearly as bad as critics made it out to be, but it wasn't a GOOD movie either, just mediocre. I did however, enjoy it a hell of a lot more than that Day the Earth Stood Still remake. That remake might have been the 3rd worst film I've seen this year, behind The Happening and Hancock. As for Sin City 2, I've pretty much given up all hope of that even being made at this point. If it was going to be made, it would have came out some time last year. It doesn't seem like the kind of sequel that would come a few years after the first.
  25. DarKnight

    The Dark Knight

    True. I'm not really much of a Robin fan either, but I will admit that Robin's Reckoning was a great 2-part episode. It may actually be my favorite out of the animated series.