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    The Dark Knight

    I really don't know how much The Dark Knight will make the opening weekend. I don't think it matters really, since it will make a shitload of money regardless. It could either make $150M or $160M, yet it could just make a little more than Iron Man, since there is more stuff out. I really want it to break Spider-Man 3's record though, since I thought that movie was terrible.
  2. I wonder what was the point of them bringing in Al? It's like WCW during the awful summer of 99 and early 2000 was trying to test the fans' sanity. To see if they can actually survive watching that shit. I guess the answer was no.
  3. DarKnight

    Box Office Report...

    I know its strange that Eddie Murphy still has a career after all those terrible flops he's had, but he will at some point have 1 movie every 5 years that makes money. Hell, didn't Norbit make quite a bit, and win an oscar for make-up or something?
  4. Superbrawl X might be the worst PPV EVER! I know I'm not the first to say that, but look at how pathetic that card is. This sounds really scary, but if Tank Abbot actually got the belt, does that mean the match with Big Al would have been the main event?
  5. DarKnight

    Victory Road 08 Thoughts

    Man, TNA seems like they have no idea what they are doing lately. I think that last PPV they had really sent them downhill, because it seems like none of their workers have any direction right now(Abyss, Angle, Styles, etc.), and I think the main event of this show proves it. The end of the Booker/Joe match sounded awful and didn't make any sense.