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  1. Ripper

    NFL WEEK 10

    I am actually kinda glad that Hall got released. Its tough playing on such a horribly ran organization. Hall is second in the league in passes defended(which people will say "Because they throw at him all the time") and was having a good year after a horrible first game. Any team that needs a good cover corner should go for him. Oddly, the Falcons need him, but I know he ain't coming back here. I find it funny they talked Walker out of retiring and giving back his contract like he wanted too, and cut a guy actually having a productive year. And on top of that, all the players are blatantly saying they think its a dumb move. And I will still say, anyone that still thinks deangelo Hall isn't one of the best CB's in the game simply doesn't know football or doesn't watch him play.
  2. Ripper

    WWE Raw - November 3, 2008

    Poor Jerhico...he was wrestling himself for like half of that match. And it looks like he really clocked Batista up there.
  3. Ripper

    WWE Raw - November 3, 2008

    Batista was just way too busy to go over and keep Jerhicho from getting out, leaving Chris to look like a moron. Fuck that guy.
  4. Ripper


    MORE deaths? To go along with the, what 2 series regulars that are actually killed and not brought back in some compacity? (Issac and DL....thats it). I think there is a very good chance this show goes to shit now.
  5. Ripper

    Raising The Bar

    I love the show, but it can be really heavy handed sometimes. Mark-Paul Gosselaar characters speeches get a little groan inducing. But besides that....its a damn good show.
  6. Ripper

    NFL Week 9

    This Kerry Collins ain't exactly lighting up the scoreboard either.
  7. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    I don't see how iverson for billups makes them worse. But iverson for billups and mcdyess...I don't know there. And I dont know why I am just now noticing this, but he Pacers have one fuck of a team over there. They are pretty solid at every position except maybe the back up 2. just a very very good looking team.
  8. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    I would rather have Iverson than Billups, but Antonio has been consistantly the only one not to just go out there and not look like he was giving any effort for the past few playoffs. He was full of heart, and played big for them. I am not sure Amir or Jason are ready to provide what he has. I don't know. It should be interesting. I think this will affect Rip Hamilton alot though, so I wouldn't be suprised to see him moved.
  9. Ripper


    I think the execs and the people complaining need to go back and watch season one. this is a SLOW burn show. The show was kinda there until Company Man in season one. Season two never got a chance because of all the rewrites to make the shortened season work. Then you were left with Hiro in Japan for almost the whole year when it would have only have been a part of the year. So they have this year, started out slow, are picking it up and they fire the guys. They got one full season and they got that right, and no chance since then. Kinda some bullish.
  10. Ripper

    South Park: Season 12

    Yeah, I was expecting giant bees, and then the reveal of the guinea bees made me laugh pretty fucking hard. Randy recording his feet when he ran was hilarious to me. CRRAAAIIIGGGGG also made me laugh pretty hard. Overall, funny as episode.
  11. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Yeah, well, not have to, but there should be no problem in it. Unless you are like a Giants and Jets fan. Or Sox and Cubs fan. Or Lakers and Celtics fan. You can be fans of both sides of a rivalry. Thats just lame.
  12. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Eh, Everyone should have a east coast/west coast/afc/nfc team. i am just adding the Knicks because I really want Mike to show people they don't know shit about basketball and what a great coach he is. And that the Suns getting freakishly better defensively when Amare Stoudmire missed a season was not a coincidence.
  13. Ripper

    This week in the NBA

    Josh Smith comes out the blocks with 17-10-5 blocks - 4 steals. And the Hawks win. The suns won, the Knicks won (I have to kinda adopt them because I am still pissed about the way the Suns got rid of a superior coach who supposedly didn't coach defense) Pretty good opening night for me.
  14. Ripper

    NFL Week 8

    Well, the refs certainly fucked the falcons right in the ass right there. That is a HORRIBLE call, obviously wrong call that no one with eyes could possibly make.
  15. He turned down a guarenteed 600k+ for a chance to win a million? Thats fucking retarded. He deserves to get laughed at.
  16. Ripper

    Is it just me or...

    Yes. It is.
  17. I go back and have no idea if I was serious or not. Sometimes I just say shit.
  18. Ripper

    Is it just me or...

    Eh. It doesn't look dead to me. Maybe the wrestling folder. But there are significantly less hours of wrestling on a week now. We had, what 8-9 back in 02. We are at close to half that now. Shit happens.
  19. Ripper

    EliteXC: Heat

    To preface this, I really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like Kimbo Slice. I think that he is a really untrained fighter that any good fighter would take apart. That said, are we all really going to pretend that he didn't get dropped, was getting back up and took a vicious hammer fist to the back of the head that really took him out? Is no one going to mention that? Because I don't think the ref was stepping in to stop the fight, I think he was going to step in after that shot to the back of the head. It was a combination of Kimbo trying to pop up and him taking a hell of a shot to the back of the head. He took two more glancing ones to the back and top of the head after that, but that first shot when he was coming back up is what really ended the fight. Now. Back to my sebatical.
  20. Ripper

    School me on the ATL

    we should get drinks somewhere.
  21. Ripper

    Lower the U.S. drinking age?

    Its just plain dumb to lower it. All you are doing is adding more drunks. The ones that won't drink because they want to wait till they are legal. If its so easy to get alcohol before you are 21, then those people shouldn't care what the drinking age is. For everyone else, you are just putting more drinkers out ther for no reason.
  22. Ripper

    Bernie Mac Dead

    Just an incredible stand up comedian. I didn't care for his show, but I did appreciate his ability to translate his material into a family show. always gonna love that guy. He also made at least 2 completely horrible movies (house party 3 and Playas club) watchable because of his performances. Every line he uttered in those movies were funny.
  23. Ripper

    San Francisco

    Oceanview has been pretty fun. I have been staying in the Dolphin and just walking to the beach. Some nice shops up and down this strip. This isn't bad at all. But still. Fuck this state. I want to go home.
  24. Ripper

    San Francisco

    So I am out of this armpit of a city Palmdale today, on to Arlington, back down to Oceanside, then back up to Delano on monday, Porterville, Visalia and then I am out this motherfucker. And so far, Palmdale has had the highest concentration of hot women I have seen. And all at Kinkos.
  25. Ripper

    San Francisco

    Funny this thread is here. I have started a new job rather quickly that has me out in Cali right now. I had to drive (yes, DRIVE) in a rental van with two other guys from Atlanta to Cali. We left on Tuesday evening and got to Van Nuys on Thursday. While I haven't had much sleep or much time to do anything, I can say that I fucking hate this fucking state. Maybe because I have only been to some parts of LA, Van Nuys(which I could walk around and enjoy good enough, only it was hot as hell and i was the only black guy around and kept getting stared at which is annoying) and Canyon Country (which is pretty and there is plenty to do, but apparently women are only 12-16 and 63 and up. Not ONE goddamn piece of ass yet. And that brings me to me next bitchoff. I have seen only a handful of hot women. What the motherfucking fuck is going on here? I thought this was supposed to be the mecca of beautiful women or something. Fuck this place. I am here for another two weeks. I think I am supposed to be in Palmdale this weekend so if any of you are in that area, hit me up and prove to me that this isn't a fucking horrible state. Ripper - has stories about Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico sucking ass also, but I will save that for another time.