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  1. These rumors came from Gerweck. He didn`t name a source when he posted them.
  2. pgi86

    OAO 6/28 Impact Thread

  3. I just can`t quite think of anything to say right now. Just wow. R.I.P. Chris!
  4. "It`s me Austin, it was me all along Austin!~" Actually I`m quite glad they`ll explore the “whodunit” angle. It should make for some interesting television if done correctly. My main suspects would have to be either Vince himself or Triple H.
  5. Here`s both Basic Instinct and NIN videos: http://rapidshare.com/files/35959212/TNA.rar.html
  6. Youtube brings the goods yet again via Jesse Ward from TNA`s production crew: Basic Instinct parody with Leticia, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Eric Young A music video featuring Christy Hemme, Christopher Daniels and Eric Young
  7. Da Meltz: Damn! This just sucks! I was really looking forward to that PPV match.
  8. Well, basically that`s the Mitchell situation: Credit goes to WO, or so I`ve been told.
  9. I wonder if the 'developing circumstances' are TNA telling Aries that if he says anything, he'll get fired. Didn`t Aries want that in the first place though?
  10. pgi86

    OAO 4/12 Impact Thread

    Several days ago on "TNA Today" Borash explained the thing about what would happen if Christian scores the pin. He won`t have to defend the belt at Sacrifice.
  11. Yep. Daniels/Sting is indeed supposed to be Sting`s next program. They`ve already started teasing it with the latest stuff Daniels` been doing (wearing a Sting mask, beating people up with a baseball bat, etc.)
  12. pgi86

    Latest Impact Spoilers

    ^ Yeah but wasn`t it reported that the Bashams were going to be brought in only for one shot?
  13. pgi86

    Latest Impact Spoilers

    Let me see here: Lethal Lockdown Team 3D/LAX Petey vs Roode Harris vs Storm/Harris & Gail vs Storm & Jackie the usual Xscape match with random X Division guys Sabin vs Lynn vs Daniels? VKM vs Hemme`s boys (whoever they might be)? Usually they go for 8 matches so I`m missing one. Any ideas?
  14. credit: TNAWrestling.com DAMN! I`m really liking the sound of that last DVD.
  15. pgi86

    Impact Spoiler Thread

    Here`s a more detailed report: credit: PWInsider
  16. Tomko & Christian > Christian by himself IMO. As long as Tomko is kept out of the ring in a bodyguard role he`ll be fine. The spoilers don`t sound bad but usually they turn out differently on tv so I`ll refrain from any judgement for now. The lack of title changes makes me happy though.
  17. pgi86

    TNA/Spike TV Conference call recap

    Nah, he was still pretty over after that match. He also had a similar match against Jarrett on PPV later on and still stayed over. It was the heel turn and the follow up to the turn that killed his heat. God, that turn made no sense and the follow up (sticking him as Billy Gunn`s tag partner in a boring fued against 3LK) didn`t exactly do Monty any favours.
  18. pgi86

    WON TNA News and Notes - November 13th

    You cannot discuss the greatness of Bob Sapp without mentioning this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEzoyLs4ELw
  19. Welcome to the board and boy, what a great post! Thanx!
  20. pgi86

    TNA Is Going To Mexico on 11/25

    ^ One time match up only.
  21. EDIT - Nevermind, apparently this info was wrong.
  22. Jackie`s about to give birth to her first child. I don`t think she`s in any position to be anybody`s manager right now. And besides, these were definately Traci`s boobs . As for the show, I really liked. I don`t feel like getting into detail but this was some entertaining stuff. I can definately already see the Russo influences and I mean that in a good way believe it or not.
  23. pgi86

    Battlestar Galactica

    I loved it, I LOVED it! Just a great start to what looks to be a great season. The old routine of the cylons chasing the fleet was kind of getting tiresome so this new direction is quite refreshing. I`m hoping they`ll stick with it for a while and let things develop slowly. There`s lots of interesting possibilities ahead which is why I am stoked to see where things are going. BSG might very well be my favourite show on tv right now and I am beyond glad it`s back.