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  1. ^ Actually, word is the shows leading to BfG were already written before Russo came in and he just ended up making some changes. The first shows that would be truly his would be the ones after Bound for Glory.
  2. Man, that is hard. The possibilities are endless. Anyways, I`ll give it a go: Explainations: 9 - Just your filler match for the pre-show; 8 - Pretty much every TNA PPV has one match like that - filler spotfest. So it being a number one contender`s match actually makes it mean *something*. Btw, TNA give Puma a contract already! 7 - Now this match does not look likely to happen. Anyways, in order for this to work one of the teams has to be turned. I`m thinking it could go both ways. I prefer the James Gang as heels and I really think TNA should turn them soon. However, I could also see this Shane Douglas storyline resulting in a Naturals turn - Douglas keeps on being unsatisfied with his boys, they start using dirty tactics in order to achieve what Douglas expects of them, Douglas being the heel that he is at heart approves their actions and there you have it. Either way, The Naturals pick up an important victory over an established team at TNA`s biggest PPV of the year as they progress toward NWA Tag Team gold; 6 - First off, I gotta say that the Nash/Shelley/Devine trio is pure awesomeness, comedic gold. Yet, one of those days Nash has got to stop messing around with the X Division and TNA`s biggest show of the year seems like a good time to do it. Nash gets pinned by Lethal or Sabin, gets banned from wrestling in the X Division which in turn could lead to one of two things - Kevin Nash in a non-wrestling role as "coach Nash" for the Shelley/Devine team or Nash going back to the heavyweight division where he can get choked by Joe or some other up-and-comer, or he can leave TNA. What would I prefer? Coach Nash rules! 5 - After their really fun brawl on Impact I`d really love to seem them going at it again. It was Larry Z. and Jarrett who screwed Raven out of his NWA World Title, and since he already took care of Larry, now it`s time to settle the score with Jarrett. Arguably one of the biggest fued in TNA`s history (Raven vs Jarrett in 2003) sees it`s final chapter closed at TNA`s biggest show to date; 6. One of the bigger problems I encountered when I tried to do the BFG 2006 card was the number of people that were going to be left off the show. So I came up with the idea for the gauntlet. Basically, lots of guys go on the record how they want a NWA Title shot and put the belt over as the most important thing in the world. Jim Cornette makes this match to determine who deserves the shot. I`m all about giving people second chances so I think this would be a good time to give another chance to Lance Hoyt and Jeff Hardy, especially Hardy. I still think he has something to offer to TNA in terms of recognisability and merchandise sales. The last entrant is Brother Runt mainly because I don`t see him fitting very well in the X Division as he`s at his best when he`s getting beat up by bigger dudes. Anyways, he`s not a dead-set pick by any means. You can easily put somebody else in there; 7. Your X Division Title match. Two of the new faces of the X Division square off for the belt. Bring "Hard Gay meets Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis" Austin Aries back on tv damn it! That gimmick was all kinds of fun; 8. It`s really beyond me why TNA hasn`t went for this type of a match yet. Everybody knows Full Methal Mayhem is basically a TLC match so I really don`t see why TNA wouldn`t try to do such a match. I honestly think there`s a void for TLC matches since these matches are still one of the most talked about matches whenever I discuss wrestling with some of the more casual viewers. I`m kind of thinking TNA would opt to go with Team 3D vs Styles & Daniels for BFG 2006 but I really prefer my suggestion a lot more. Just think of some way to book AMW into this match since they had their "last shot" at Victory Road (for example: have them attack Styles & Daniels so viciously that Styles & Daniels demand AMW get included in the match just so that they can get their hands on them). AMW & Team 3D have history, Styles/Daniels & AMW have history, LAX & Styles/Daniels would have some history at that point so it`s really one big mix of feuds and storylines. In this match you`d also have guys who can take bumps, you`d have Hernandez looking like a beast throwing people around, you`d have Team 3D being over with the crowd. Basically all the key ingredients for a good TLC match seem to be there; 9. Sting passes the torch to Joe in a clean fashion, it`s as simple as that. Joe officially becomes DA MAN.
  3. I know a month ago she used to co-host Xplosion along with JB and actually I think she`s still doing that.
  4. pgi86

    Top 100 WWF/E Matches 1986-2005

    Nice! I`m enjoying your list so far. No major complaints. I`m looking forward to the rest of it as well as the WCW one. I love lists like that!
  5. pgi86

    Vladimir Petrov

    Was he really Russian? Any idea? Because his name sounds very Bulgarian to me and I would know, I`m from Bulgaria
  6. pgi86

    Is Carlito a better wrestler then we think?

    I for one have always heard great stuff about Carlito`s matches down in Puerto Rico. I remember hearing Carlito having MOTYC level matches in 2004 and 2005 in his father`s promotion (WWC). At least, that`s what I`ve been hearing. I haven`t seen any of that though
  7. pgi86

    How should TNA use Sting?

    I got this topic idea right off DVDVR and all credit goes to the original poster. Title says it all, how do you think TNA should use Sting for the 1 year he`s under contract with them?
  8. pgi86

    Hall of Famer to Debut Tonight?

    No, you`re not. He tagged with Raven a couple of times during his feud with The New Church. I`m not sure if Terry`s still a part of the Championship committe though. I`m sure he was at one point but then Piper got included and I forgot what happened other than Roddy never appearing in TNA again. I think right now it`s either Larry Z/Piper/Funk, Larry Z/Piper/Harley Race or Larry Z/Funk/Race.
  9. pgi86

    Who would you like in TNA

    Well it`s not exactly a rumour as Konnan confirmed it on a radio show some time ago. He said he has been pushing for Homicide to get signed and for them to be paired together. Nothing has been confirmed since then but it seems likely. Actually, I`m having my hopes up because two weeks ago on Impact Konnan mentioned something about having somebody to holla back at so I`m guessing he might have been referring to Homicide and his upcoming debut. I`m speculating here but it makes sense.
  10. pgi86

    Hall of Famer to Debut Tonight?

    I cannot tell you how happy I`ll be to see this particular Hall of famer on tv again. Let`s hope TNA finds him a good role though I kinda doubt it that it would be anything long-term.
  11. pgi86

    Who would you like in TNA

    Paul Heyman - you guys already said what needed to be said, a MUST HAVE for TNA. Mistico - TNA could use a guy like that to draw in the Mexican audience. Sadly he`s extremely hard to get. Oh well, I can dream... Colt Cabana - entertainment at its best, the heavyweight division could use a guy like that. Bryan Danielson - what Dangerous A said. He would really add something different to the X division. Low Ki - yes, I do realise he apparently burnt his bridges with TNA but Ki has a unique style that really sets him apart from everybody else on tv right now. Jack Evans - He can get over on his gimmick alone! Homicide - The guy rocks, I have nothing else to add. Teddy Hart - ok, yes I know Teddy`s an asshole but the guy is talanted, end of story. Charlie Haas - some spice for the heavyweight divison. Matt Morgan - every promotion needs a good big guy. Morgan has great potential. I`d also like to see some one shot appearances to spread the feeling of TNA being "the place to be" and "unpredictable": Sandman, Terry Funk, Test, Rikishi, Scott Steiner (ok, more than one apperance here - I wanna see Joe kick his head in. Am I asking for too much? ) and Ultimo Dragon. Seeing even one of those guys in TNA (again in some of the cases cases) = mark out moment for me.
  12. pgi86

    Vince/WWE vs. Wrestling New Sites/Net Fans

    Gene Snitsky vs Heidenreich - 60 Minute Iron Man match! Book it Vince!!!
  13. Hollywood brother, after all nWo is what turned me into a wrestling fan back in the days
  14. pgi86

    Spoilers For This Saturday's Impact

    Тhat I can understand. However, Rhino being a former champ certainly sounds more respectable, short reign or not. And again, even though he did overcome the odds at the PPV and couldn`t at the Special that doesn`t exactly mean that he`s now buried or anything. He got cheated out of the belt. He had an off night, whatever . He`s still not a chump for losing after all the interference. Well yeh, TNA is indeed building that counter face stable (3D/Rhino/3LK and soon Monty I guess) but in order to do that the heels should look as strong as possible. Them having the belts certainly helps their cause a lot. Just you basic wrestling psychology here - heel heat, heel heat, heel heat and then the faces win. Simple yet effective. You`re right - we don`t know for certain what TNA`s plans are. If they don`t include some up-and-coming star winning the belt off Jarrett after a long-term storyline I`ll be the first one to blast TNA for that decision. Looking at things it looks pretty obvious to me they`re building Jarrett vs Monty. Let`s hope I`m right . Agreed to some extent. However, a title change is a title change, even if it`s done in a "repetitive" way. Certainly you must agree that a World title changing hands on free tv is a RARE thing to see nowdays. While heel heat is somewhat easy to get you cannot deny the fact that Jarrett gets MAJOR heel heat, actually I believe he`s the only one in TNA that does that (well and his associates get some too). That certainly adds to overall feel of the show and Jarrett`s character. Yes, I do agree that TNA needs to build some credible faces but that sort of thing takes time. If nobody cares about your heels why would they cheer the faces who kick the heel`s ass? To me, a wrestling company should first have the villains the people hate and then the heroes appear and save the day. And yes, TNA is somewhat focused on "shock" but they are building up stars too. Stars take time to develop you know, it won`t happen overnight. Again, all of that is just my opinion .
  15. Four minutes? Oh well, I wish it was more than that but at this point Aries is not of any importance to TNA so this is acceptable. Let the Joe MEGA-push continue!
  16. pgi86

    Spoilers For This Saturday's Impact

    I wrote this for another forum but it fits the discussion so... Actually I for one approve of TNA`s decision to give the belt to Rhino and to have him drop it to Jarrett on the Special. Sure the decision does it have its flaws but the positives are definately more than the negatives. Here`s some reasons why I approve the decision: = Rhino was NEVER supposed to win and he isn`t a priority for TNA. He`s just an upper-midcared who won the belt only because TNA wanted to make up for Nash not being there by giving the fans a title change that was unexpected. Now, Rhino is more legitimate seen as how he`s a former World Champion and he didn`t lose the belt cleanly on the Special. So it`s not like TNA was gonna build the company around Rhino and plus Rhino isn`t exaclty buried here. He`s still in the fricking main event of the next ppv! = When is the last time a WORLD title changed hands on free tv? 2001!!! Having a title change on the Special makes it important and makes TNA seem more like an unpredictable show. = You can`t build a TOP heel stable without it`s leader holding the belt. That`s why Hogan held it with the NWO, Flair with the Horsemen, HHH with Evolution, etc. Right now the belt is a must have for Jarrett. And besides why would TNA drop all of their plans by keeping Rhino as champ? Now they`re back to the original plan of having a slow buildup for Monty winning the belt by him going through TNA`s biggest mainstream names (sadly Hardy, Jarrett and probably somebody else). = By reading the report it looks like Jarrett`s going to be getting even more heel heat from now on. Now that comes across great on tv especially in an age where lots of heels are cheered. Jarrett would comes across as the most hated guy on the planet! The only real argument that I can accept is that Jarrett is winning the title way too much with which I think everybody would agree. However, that statement comes from the perspective of a long-time TNA fan. Right now, TNA has a whole new audience that isn`t fed up with Jarrett as champ so I don`t see where the problem is. Normally I would be against Jarrett as champ but in this case it all makes sense to me. Like it or not Jarrett is one of TNA`s biggest names and it makes sense to have the belt on him at this point. Would you prefered it if Hardy had the belt? Come on! Other than that the TNA Special sounds AWESOME! I`m definately watching!
  17. pgi86

    Future WWE Main Eventers

    Who`ll be a future main eventer? I`m not really sure but it has got to be a guy Mr. Stephanie Mcmahon likes. I`ll go with those suggestions: 1. Ken Kennedy 2. Bobby Lashley 3. Chris Masters
  18. pgi86

    Spoilers For This Saturday's Impact

    Тhe way I see it Rhino winning the belt even for a short reign is a good thing. At BFG what did the whole gauntlet accomplish? It put over the fact that everybody wants the title, it made the belt seem important. Then Rhino in a super-human effort won 3 matches and the belt. Now, I`m staying at home and thinking Rhino is a tough bastard for doing that and I`m happy the PPV ended on a good note. Fastforward to the special. Rhino was a last minute decision, he wasnt supposed to get the belt. I remember Tenay saying on WOL that TNA had the next several months booked out and having Rhino as the champ certainly screws up those plans. By having Jarrett beat him (not cleanly mind you, so Rhino isn`t exactly buried and besides he`s not a former world champ and that brings some credibility to the guy) on the Special that would make the special seem important - when is the last time the WWE Title or the World Title changed hands on free television? By having title change the show would feel important. I`m guessing from the special forward we`ll get a several month reign of Jarrett until he drops to Monty which seems to be the long-term plan. At this point, like it or not, Jarrett needs the belt. You can`t be trying to extablish this top stable without it`s leader being the champ just like it would have been stupid not to have Ric Flair as the champ during the time of the Horsemen in the 80s. Not having the belt makes the stable look just as your next stable and not the TOP stable. Well, at least that`s my opinion.
  19. pgi86

    Forever Hardcore- The Documentary

    To quote Joey Styles: "We (the guys from Hardcore Homecoming) are so extreme that we can`t even say our own name!". I love that quote and it answers the question whether or not they use the letters ECW on the DVD... I watched it a while ago and I thought it was pretty good. Had there been some ECW footage it would have easily surpassed the Rise and Fall in terms on quality, at least in my opinion.
  20. pgi86

    Brock to compete in New Japan

    It`s up on PWT but here`s a shorter lq version of it (and btw there`s no entrances or post-match celebration on this particular file): http://rapidshare.de/files/6057331/Lesnar_..._Match.wmv.html P.S. All credit goes to the original uploader, sorry I forgot who it was.
  21. pgi86

    OAO 10/8 Impact Thread

    That used to be the music used by all the jobbers on FSN I won`t comment much on the show. I`ll just say that I enjoyed it and thought it had more focus and direction that last week`s show. That`s about it as I`m happy with TNA`s direction.
  22. pgi86

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    And rightfully so. Eversince that injury I`ve seen nothing "amazing" out of him. Anywayz, I`m really hyped to see this show, should be a blast. Btw, I may sound like a noob here but I`ve always wondered and I`ve never asked or read somehere what it stands for so... What does OAO stand for?
  23. pgi86

    Interesting Article on First Taping

    Bottom line is, marks tend to care about such stuff, it`s all about presentation. Hence the improved set