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    *SPOILERS* First hour on Spike

    Yeh, I somewhat agree. They should have added one more BIG match. Rhino vs Hardy kind of fits the BIG match category. And while I`m no fan of non-finishes it does make some sense to have it end in a no contest (you want to keep both guys strong, save this match for a future ppv, and with the afterward interference give the fans a glimpse of what the Monster`s Ball match would be - CHAOS!). Another thing I like about the first two Impacts are the guys that are actually used in the main events. Week 1 - Rhino & Hardy (both are well-known and from a mainstream point of veiw have good chance of keeping the people interested). Week two - Dudleyz & AMW (this match I consider to be somewhat of a mistake - they should have saved it for ppv me thinks - but having the Dudleyz in the main event does make sense and besides AMW gets some good main event exposure). Both weeks the main event features guys that do have some mainstream drawing power and at least on paper should be able to pull off better ratings that say AJ, Monty or Joe would. Makes sense to put guys that the mainstream knows in the main event while slowly introducing the mainstream to your new stars. But overall, even though slightly disappointing the first two Impacts do makes sense and sound like good shows. Well, in my opinion that is.
  2. pgi86

    *SPOILERS* First hour on Spike

    How about that one: TNA stacks the debut show, wrestling classics all over the place, everybody loves how great the first Impact was. Week two, what should they do? Give away more potentially money making matches? To me, this represents poor booking. While the debut show should be good it should not be anything spectacular because you are running the risk of setting a high bar and when people came back the next week and the line-up is not as stacked they would naturally get disappoitned. This show that we have right now sounds like it makes much more sense. Instead of setting a very high standard TNA focus on showcasing their product to the new fans + a couple of surpises. Dudleyz, Ortiz and Nash alone should make people tune in next week to see how their development in TNA goes. And then Gail Kim would debut, storylines would get furthened and hopefully folks would stick around and watch the show. To me, this sounds way better than stacking your debut show with great matches. Ok, you`ll do that but what next? You can`t stack your shows every week! That would be an overkill. While the first two Impacts are far from perfect I think they are doing a very good job of showcasing the TNA product.
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    Holy shit man.This keeps getting better and better! I know it`s a long shot but is there any chance of an upload featuring Black and Lizzy in ECW?!
  4. pgi86

    Early number of ONS buys in

    OMG!I knew that it would do good but I never suspected that.Holy shit! Can you say ONS 2?Anyone...
  5. pgi86

    XPW: Hostile Takeover show

    Yep,indeed.This is one of XPW`s best shows.I`ll say go ahead and buy it.
  6. Man reading about that is really great.I live in Bulgaria and it pains me to know that the wrestling scene in Europe is pretty aweful.But thanx to the net I`ve been hearing about all those indy promotions from France,Italy,Germany,Holland,Russia and now you.Little by little things are definately getting better.I mean,there is no reason why wrestling shouldn`t have great local promotions in Europe.Now,the only thing left is for one such promotion here in Bulgaria (though,I somehow doubt it would work here as the audience is really demanding and has absolutely no wrestling knowledge at all).Good luck with the fed man.I really mean it.Let`s show the world that the wrestling in Europe can kick ass too!
  7. pgi86

    Messiah leaves CZW (at least it appears so)

    Sometimes the XPW hate on the Internet is really uncalled for...
  8. This was brought up on another forum.Have those two feuded with each other and have they wrestled against each other?I seem to recollect something about a casket and warrior being in it but I`m not all too sure.Can anybody please give some details?
  9. pgi86

    Ultimate Warrior vs The Undertaker?

    Thanx for the info guys.That certainly helped.
  10. pgi86

    Mid-South/UWF (1979-1987)

    Just read it.Phenomenal!Only,do you have the rest of it?!
  11. pgi86

    IWA(puerto rico)

    WWE was working with WWC but after Rosey and ??? (sorry forgot) complained about WWC not paying for their hotels,WWE saw WWC as being unprofessional as started working with IWA.Actually,right before he got fired Rhyno got a booking with IWA through WWE.So did WWE developental wrestler Mike Knox.They both appeared on IWA later on.Interesting thing is that TNA stars(Jarrett,Team Canada and AMW) appeared on the same shows as did the WWE guys.IWA has been on a roll recently with some great matches and storylines going on while WWC has been having serious financial trouble.
  12. pgi86

    Wrestlers who TNA should get

    Bryan Danielson Colt Cabana CM Punk Kevin Steen Teddy Hart Jack Evans Hotstuff Hernandes
  13. pgi86

    Lockdown predictions

    No one does! The only explaination i could think of is that he`s leaving for wwe so they`re jobbing him?
  14. pgi86

    Things that seemingly everyone hated

    Kronik Wrath Ahmed Johnson Steve Blackman Tank Abbott Jeff Jarrett and most importantly ... GOLDBERG.I still love the guy,despire him being an awful worker and all.
  15. pgi86

    Trish IS the best Heel on Raw

    I`ll tell you that.I haven`t seen much of Sunny,Sherri,Luna`s work so I can`t really judge them but Trish is awesome in her role.I`ve said this a million times and I`ll say it again.To me,she is the most entertaining character on RAW,bar none.
  16. pgi86

    Taxi Driver WM Promo.

    Here`s my thingy: 1.Taxi Driver 2.Basic Instinct 3.A Few Good Men 4.When Harry Met Sally 5.Braveheart 6.Pulp Fiction 7.Forrest Gump 8.Dirty Harry
  17. pgi86

    Taxi Driver WM Promo.

    I remember reading something about there being a "Gladiator" one with Austin so I`m guessing we`ll se that next week.
  18. pgi86

    Lock Down Rumor

    And how about a good ol war games match in tna? Say... Nash/Waltman/DDP/??? vs Jarrett/Outlaw/Monty/??? or something like that.Now that..would be cool.
  19. pgi86


    HHH Maven Charlie Haas Chris Master I`d do it this way.
  20. pgi86

    The Next HOFamer....

    Knowing WWE - yes.Hacksaw`s coming to RAW baby!
  21. pgi86

    James E. Cornette

    Hahaha,that was awesome.Thanx for posting.
  22. pgi86

    WWE newbits

    On Batista and Cena lacking oponents after mania: Do a draft damn it!I`m all for the idea of making the draft an anual thing.It keeps things fresh.
  23. pgi86

    Is that who I think it is?

    Ewwwwwwww.... I knew that I shouldn`t have asked what that was all about...Damn me and my wanting to know everything.Now,I`m gonna be haunted for the rest of my life
  24. pgi86

    Is that who I think it is?

    What dildo blender?Someone please explain!
  25. pgi86

    Star ratings?Meltzer?

    Can anybody hook me up with Meltzer`s star ratings for the best matches of the year,WWE,ECW,WCW and any other star ratings ever published.I`m just curious to see what he thinks.