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  1. pgi86

    Star ratings?Meltzer?

    Can anybody hook me up with Meltzer`s star ratings for the best matches of the year,WWE,ECW,WCW and any other star ratings ever published.I`m just curious to see what he thinks.
  2. pgi86

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    thanx for the update,saved me a lot of time.
  3. pgi86

    Poor Trish

    I`ll tell you that.Trish is THE MAIN reason why I watch raw.Seriously.I don`t think I`ve ever enjoyed a female character more than I do the heel Trish.Btw,after last night,am the only one dreaming about a celebrity involvement in this years mania?Trish vs Britney fricking Spears anyone?Make it happen!
  4. pgi86

    When did WCW hit The Point Of No Return ?

    I`d go earlier than that.I`d say the nWo reunion in early 99.As soon as Hogan pinned Nash it all went downhill for me.The nWo was boring,Goldberg`s momentum was wasted,nobody was elevated,it got really repetitive.
  5. pgi86

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    thanx!!Can you please upload that one though.Please! Tiger Mask 2 vs Mil Mascaras !!!
  6. pgi86

    Hottest female wrestler

    WCW - Major Gunns hands down The WWF days - Sunny Present WWE - Trish with honourable mention to Christy
  7. pgi86

    Hottest Male Wrestler

    A serious gay answer here: AJ Styles Randy Orton
  8. pgi86

    Match with Most Crowd Heat EVER

    Hogan/Rock at Mania On the indys - Kevin Steen vs Chris Daniels from EWR.Man,that was off the charts.Probably the most active crowd i`ve ever seen.And the match was sweet too.
  9. I`ve been watching some ROH tapes and there`s some themes there that caught my attention.Can anybody please give me the names of those: 1.Samoa Joe - I`m guessing it`s called "The Champ Is Here" but by whom? 2.CM Punk`s theme? 3.Colt Cabana`s first ROH theme?I don`t mean the copa cabana song but the song he used for his first matches in roh (the ones against cm punk) 4.Homicide`s current theme? 5.Jimmy Rave`s current theme? 6.Fast Eddie`s theme? 7.Special K`s theme? 8.Low Ki`s current theme? 9.John Walters` theme? Any help on those would be really appreciated.
  10. pgi86

    A question about some ROH themes?

    Yeah,I do.I don`t have a place to upload though (for some stupid reason my pc won`t let me upload stuff on yousendit).But if you want I might send it to you over msn or something.
  11. pgi86

    Randy Orton's theme music

    No guys seriously,the guy`s girlfriend wants to know this.Here you go buddy Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
  12. pgi86

    New tag team signs with WWE

    Haha lol I haven`t really seen those two work but from what I`ve heard they`re not all that good.Still,I`d say that I prefer a tag team signing rather than two single wrestlers ala Snitsky or something.
  13. pgi86

    New Jack at Raw

    There`s still hope people!
  14. pgi86

    A question about some ROH themes?

    Thanx for the info guys.
  15. pgi86

    A question about some ROH themes?

    HUGE thanx man!I just remembered I forgot to ask about one more. Paul London`s theme? Awesome!Man,I can`t wait.Time for some ROH themes goodness .Thanx once again.
  16. lol Anywayz,good to see TNA releasing DVDs.
  17. pgi86

    Lesnar extends his hand to Inoki

    Holy shit!I guess I saw that one coming but still...holy shit.Lesnar in NJPW could be huge.
  18. pgi86

    Best WWE DVD

    Well I`ve seen lots and lots of dvds but to me the best ones had to be: 1.The Rise and Fall of ECW - amazing main feature,though the end of ecw was a bit overlooked. 2.The Benoit DVD - a must have for any benoit fan 3.Flair`s - classic at its purest Honourable mentiion goes to Hulk Still Rules and Blood Bath:Wrestling`s Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches Worst dvd i`ve ever seen - nwo : back in black - seriously,too much wwe stuff on it .
  19. pgi86

    Which SmackDown youngster

    I`m gonna have to go with Haas.Great heel potential. CCC,Luther and Rene can get the shot too.As for London,as much as I like him i just can seem him moving that much op the ladder.
  20. pgi86

    Gene Snitsky Signed My Friend's Boob

    Now I hate Snitsky even more How come chicks don`t want my authograph there?!I mean,I could`ve killed Lita`s baby myself.It`s not that hard now is it!? Damn you Gene!
  21. pgi86

    Action Figure Wrestling Fed:

    Wow,great site.Thanx for the link.
  22. pgi86

    Favourite Coliseum Video

    SNME`s Greatest Hits .
  23. pgi86

    TNA News and Notes from 12/13 WO

    Thanx for posting this.A great read .
  24. You need to connect to www.phazenet.com and then join this channel : #whh .Add the server (www.phazenet.com) in yor server list in the main menu that comes out when you click mirc.
  25. pgi86

    WWE News and Notes from the 12/13 WO

    I agree 100%