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    luke-o's look at...

    And speaking of forgotten gems how about that awesome awesome tag match between AMW and Team Canada (Roode & Young) from Final Resolution 2005. IMO, one of the best tag team matches in TNA's history. Team Canada is another tag team that gets overlooked quite a bit. They used to be pretty solid back in their day. AMW vs. Diamond & Swinger (with Disco Inferno as their manager) was another tag feud that I don't see mentioned in this topic. That one was pretty good too.
  2. pgi86

    The Youtube Thread

    Scott Hall vs. Eddie Colon - WWC, 08/04/2007: Part 1 Part 2
  3. pgi86

    The Youtube Thread

    Samoa Joe vs. Sean O'Haire - UPW, 5/30/2001
  4. A person on another board posted the following about the Observer teaser: Take it for what it's worth.
  5. Two things from the preview for the next Observer that caught my attention: I have to say, that sounds really interesting. Hopefully we hear some more info soon. Any idea who that might be?
  6. pgi86

    My TNA house show experience

    From what I've heard ROH did 500-600 while TNA did about 1500 (though there were some reports that suggested a bigger crowd).
  7. pgi86

    Impact spoilers for 1/17

    Yep, he did do it several months ago.
  8. Yes, he did indeed call him Eugene. Personally, I loved the Angle/Nagata match and am looking forward to watching it again.
  9. pgi86

    Harris on his way to THE E

  10. pgi86

    Impact spoilers for 1/10

    Apparently, Awesome Kong was accompanied to the ring by another woman that was all wrapped up in clothing like a woman from the Middle East. If the bit of news I read is correct than this woman was no other than Cheerleader Melissa!
  11. pgi86

    The Youtube Thread

    Bob "The Beast" Sapp vs. HG - Hustlemania, 11/25/2007 (Sapp's latest pro wrestling match)
  12. All this Bob Sapp talk made me dig through my collection and rewatch a bunch of stuff. I just finished uploading it so here's Bob Sapp's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. http://youtube.com/watch?v=CdTxMW8ZqsY
  13. pgi86

    Booker T's PWA Promotion Results

    PWA's next show:
  14. pgi86

    Booker T's PWA Promotion Results

    Actually, Booker is scheduled to face a mystery opponent at PWA's event.
  15. Apparently, Talia Madison announced via her MySpace that she has just signed a contract with TNA. So far, from the new bunch of Knockouts only Talia and Awesome Kong have been confirmed to have signed contracts with TNA.
  16. And just for the record, apparently that quote is from PWInsider`s latest audio update or at least so I`ve been told.
  17. That`s a pretty cool signing actually. Though, I have to admit that I`m kinda partial since Creed has been one of my NWA Anarchy favourites eversince I started watching the promotion again several months ago.
  18. pgi86

    NJPW vs TNA at Tokyo Dome

    Devitt`s pretty good IMHO. He hasn`t really been allowed to shine much but what I have seen I`ve really liked. Yano`s ok, I guess. He`s certainly nothing special, just your avarage midcard heel. Him and Rhino could be a decent little brawl. Devitt/Milano vs Senshi/Daniels definately sounds like the best match out of the bunch.
  19. pgi86

    NJPW vs TNA at Tokyo Dome

    New Japan announced the matches for the 11/11 show. It goes like this: Rhino vs. Toru Yano Christopher Daniels & Senshi vs. Minoru & Prince Devitt Ron Killings vs. Tiger Mask IV
  20. The rumor mill for the Mexico house shows sure is running crazy these days. Here it goes, take it for what it`s worth:
  21. pgi86

    NJPW vs TNA at Tokyo Dome

    Well, it`s not about that particular show but it fits the topic so: credit: TNAWrestling.com
  22. pgi86

    Impact Spoilers for 10/18

    Here`s a more detailed report: credit: f4wonline.com
  23. pgi86

    Bound for Glory taking place in Atlanta

    Not anymore. It`s Abyss vs. Rhino vs. Raven vs. Black Reign now.