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  1. And speaking of forgotten gems how about that awesome awesome tag match between AMW and Team Canada (Roode & Young) from Final Resolution 2005. IMO, one of the best tag team matches in TNA's history. Team Canada is another tag team that gets overlooked quite a bit. They used to be pretty solid back in their day.


    AMW vs. Diamond & Swinger (with Disco Inferno as their manager) was another tag feud that I don't see mentioned in this topic. That one was pretty good too.

  2. A person on another board posted the following about the Observer teaser:


    Impact might go live every other week starting at some point in March, and since the knockouts get the highest viewership on Impact, there's interest in making a knockouts-only show. Impact may also go HD to coincide with the live shows.


    Take it for what it's worth.

  3. Two things from the preview for the next Observer that caught my attention:


    An even more important story concerns major changes that TNA was talking about this past week, one major TV change that is expected within a few months and will also greatly affect independent wrestling in the U.S., and a second surprising TV change that TNA is talking about with Spike.


    I have to say, that sounds really interesting. Hopefully we hear some more info soon.


    Former TNA wrestler makes MMA debut this past week.


    Any idea who that might be?




    By: Lance Storm

    The Fight Network


    I was on Wrestling Observer Live this past Sunday night and Bryan Alvarez thought out the idea of putting the TNA World Title on Awesome Kong. His view was that Kong and Tomko were the only two people in TNA that the booking committee hasn’t made a complete joke out of and that she has enough credibility that he would be completely fine with TNA putting the World Title on her. This got me thinking and while putting the World Title on Awesome Kong would not be my first choice of things to do, I think TNA could do a lot worse than building towards a “Battle of the Sexes” Kong vs. Angle World Title match.


    I’m not suggesting that Kong win the TNA World Title, I’m just saying building towards this match and selling it on PPV could potentially generate a lot of publicity and in turn create enough interest to draw PPV buys and thus be considered a success. Kong has been booked very strong since her debut and has dominated and laid waste to every TNA knockout on the roster. She is actually bigger than most of the guys on the TNA roster, she is a very solid worker, and perhaps more importantly has been drawing higher quarter hour ratings than her male counterparts on Impact of late. There is a brief window of opportunity here to create a unique Main Event that has never been done before.


    There will of course be people that compare it to Chyna wining the Intercontinental Title, but I think it is completely different. I think Kong is a far superior worker who currently stands out as a legit dominant force. Kong isn’t just a chick that is built like a dude, trying to compete with the men, she is a uniquely dominant force, which has enough credibility right now to allow us to be able to speculate about whether she could compete with the men or not. Challenging one time for a World Title shot is different than trying to just straight up compete in the men’s division. You promote this as a novelty concept and you do it now while she is still fresh, strong, and over. You build for the one match and sell the curiosity factor. You make this a one time only “Battle of the Sexes”.


    The one obstacle I see in building this match is the “no guy on girl” violence policy in TNA. I know Spike TV has told TNA they don’t want guys hitting girls on Impact anymore, but I’m wondering if they might make a small exception considering it would actually be more girl hitting guys in the build up for this match. Last week on Impact they aired a clip of Kong power bombing the referee so there must be some flexibility. I think the key to booking this match is creating the justification for Kong getting a title shot without her just starting to wrestle guys and earning it. If she starts wrestling guys the novelty will be worn off before it gets to PPV and you run the risk of damaging roster credibility if you job a bunch of guys to a girl, even if it is Kong.


    What I would do is have her destroy ODB on Impact to lay waste to the #1 Contender, leaving her without a viable challenger. I would have both Gail and ODB selling long-term injuries from the beating they took from Kong, and the other knockouts terrified to face her. I would then use the Petey Williams – Scott Steiner feud to get Kong her title shot via the “Feast or Fired” brief case. You could book a match between Williams and Steiner for the brief case as an Impact Main Event. When the match is first booked Williams is of course very worried and reluctant to put up his case. When he comes to the ring for the match he is very confident and sure of himself. When Steiner’s music hits, Scotty is nowhere do be found. Petey is laughing and demands they start the match. They could cut to the back and show Steiner laid out somehow (it will be revealed later that Petey jumped him backstage and knocked him out, or hit him with a car whatever). In ring Petey continues to demand they start the match, he can say it’s not his fault Steiner isn’t ready for the match, if Steiner was a real pro he’d be ready to fight anybody anytime just like Petey is right now. At this point you have Kong hit the ring jump Petey and they ring the bell. Petey after all just said he was ready to fight anyone, anytime, right now. You could have Cornette or Morgan at ringside to actually make this call officially to make it legit.


    I would book this match extremely short for a couple of reasons. If you keep it short Petey can save face a little, by saying he got beat because he got jumped by surprise and if it’s short enough you can avoid the guy on girl violence issue on Spike. I’d have Kong club the hell out of Pete when she jumps him from behind and take his head of with the spinning back fist. She will be a fair bit bigger than Petey, which will really help her credibility. She can then send him off the ropes for a backdrop Pete stops and hooks her for the Canadian Destroyer. This should get a great reaction. When he goes for the Destroyer she blocks it and Alabama Slams the living hell out of him for the finish. Kong then grabs the Heavyweight Title shot brief case, and you go off the air.


    With Kong in possession of the brief case the match is set for PPV, she doesn’t need to face any more guys to earn the title shot. You hype the match with video packages, and do face-to-face stuff to put over Kong’s size. You don’t need an angle to build the match at this point the whole sell is curiosity for the “Battle of the Sexes”; the first time ever the Women’s World Champ vs. The Men’s World Champ. You can even do a tale of the tape to show that she is as big or even bigger than the Men’s World Champ.


    You would then have to be very careful how you laid out and book the match on PPV, but Kurt is a fantastic worker and Kong is both big enough and strong enough to work a competitive enough match and still protect Kurt’s credibility. Kurt got pinned clean by Jay Lethal not that long ago, and no offense to Lethal, Kong has been booked stronger than he was at that point and likely has more credibility. They could work a competitive enough match that Kurt could go over clean and not lose much if any credibility. Kong would be even stronger and more over than before, she just held her own with the World Champ. Even if the match had to be kept a little short to avoid Kurt having to sell too much for Kong, the fact that a World Title match on PPV had a completely clean finish would more than make up for it.


    Again let me state that I am not saying this would be my first choice of angles to book. I’m just saying I could think of a lot worse things to do, and I’d bet it would create interest and likely draw as well if not far better than what TNA has been doing on PPV of late.



  5. ^ Yep.




    JarryPark.com has a new interview with TNA World champion Kurt Angle where Angle drops hints at a top superstar who is headed to the company. Angle tells the interviewer that TNA just signed a new superstar that will debut at the Genesis pay-per-view. Angle says this superstar will definitely help TNA's star power and the ratings. "You can probably make the guess. Who left WWE and who's available at this time." Angle went on to say the superstar has been a World champion in all major promotions and is one of the best all around wrestlers in the world overall - as far as acting, promos, wrestling and athleticism go.

  6. The reports coming from TNA mobile that Scotty II Hotty, Brian Christopher, and 2 Cold Scorpio may be in negotiations with TNA are totally false.The company is using its text messaging service to do nothing in this case but stir up talk and buzz for the company.


    And just for the record, apparently that quote is from PWInsider`s latest audio update or at least so I`ve been told.

  7. An official announcement that Austin “Consequences” Creed, who substituted for Adam "Pacman" Jones at Bound for Glory against AJ Styles and Tomko, making a great showing for himself, was offered a TNA contract, the announcement of which took place at last night’s NWA Anarchy taping in Cornelia , Georgia .

    TNA Booking Director, Bill Behrens presented Creed with the envelope containing the contract in the ring, which received a tremendous response from the 200 fans at the NWA Arena, the fans that witnessed Creed’s ascension to stardom over the last 17 months. Behrens referred to the contract offer as an opportunity to fulfill a dream. It was one of the most uplifting moments in the history of wrestling in Cornelia.

    Behrens mentioned the other TNA stars that once called the NWA Arena in Cornelia home including A.J. Styles, Hotstuff Hernandez, Abyss and Ron Killings.

    Creed made his Anarchy debut on June 3, 2006. Right from the get go, it was obvious that he was something special. Creed was paired with Hayden Young to become one of the hottest acts in the company as Awesome Attraction. Their current six month reign is the longest in NWA Anarchy history.


    That`s a pretty cool signing actually. Though, I have to admit that I`m kinda partial since Creed has been one of my NWA Anarchy favourites eversince I started watching the promotion again several months ago.

  8. Devitt`s pretty good IMHO. He hasn`t really been allowed to shine much but what I have seen I`ve really liked. Yano`s ok, I guess. He`s certainly nothing special, just your avarage midcard heel. Him and Rhino could be a decent little brawl. Devitt/Milano vs Senshi/Daniels definately sounds like the best match out of the bunch.

  9. The rumor mill for the Mexico house shows sure is running crazy these days. Here it goes, take it for what it`s worth:


    Lucha Libre ESTO is reporting Perros del Mal (The Dogs of Evil) members and 2/3 of the CMLL World Trios Tag Team Champions, Mr. Aguila (former TNA Americas X Cup Champion) & Perro Aguayo Jr. are scheduled to be apart of the December 14th TNA Live Event in Monterrey, Mexico at the Arena Monterrey! Lucha Libre ESTO is also reporting newest TNA Wrestling superstar Judas Mesias will also take part in TNA Wrestling’s return to Mexico.


    SuperLuchas says Dr. Wagner Jr. is signed to work TNA's 12/14 Arena Monterrey show, and Silver King will likely sign on if/when he returns from Japan. This is a one-shot appearance right now, as neither are scheduled to even work the 12/15 show at Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. Super Luchas report says rumors of others participating (Perro, Aguila, Santo, etc) are just rumors at this point, even if they've said more in interviews.

  10. Well, it`s not about that particular show but it fits the topic so:


    On Sunday, November 11, the superstars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will travel to Japan’s Ryogoku Arena to compete in an “Interpromotional War” against New Japan Pro Wrestling.


    “The War Machine” Rhino, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Senshi and Ron “The Truth” Killings will represent TNA Wrestling that night in bouts against the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling.


    credit: TNAWrestling.com

  11. Here`s a more detailed report:




    By David Tuthill


    -As I was getting into the building there was an in-ring segment where Kurt Angle demanded a rematch for the world title tonight, but had been laid out by Kevin Nash. Not sure how they got to that point, but it's definitely sold like Angle is messed up.


    -Chris Sabin v. Alex Shelley ended in a DQ when Team 3D jumped both of them and powerbombed them through two separate tables. The crowd was as rabid as any TNA crowd I've ever seen for this match. We should've known it was too good to be true.


    -Backstage in Cornette's office, Christian came in and demanded to get the last spot in the #1 Contender tournament. He had a ladder with him and was talking about wanting a ladder match. Joe came in and they argued about it.


    -Amazing Kong d. Talia Madison. Short and quick. Kong is probably the best thing in TNA right now.


    -Bobby Roode & James Storm w/ Jackie & Traci d. Chris Harris & Rhino. Same old stuff here between Roode and Traci. The best part about this match was the OBVIOUS plant (I found out it was SHIMMER/ROH/FIP's Rain) directly in the front row of the pit right in the middle of every hardcam shot. She had a gigantic "President of Bobby Roode Fanclub" sign. It was clear that she was a plant because no pro wrestling fans look that good, turkey talk. She was going crazy for Roode whenever he would do anything, and also was very into when Penzer would try to get the crowd hot by promising the loudest fans a trip backstage. It was just really funny. After the match, Harris and Rhino had a staredown.


    -Jim Cornette and Mike Tenay come out and host a "Parade of Champions", introducing the guys who won belts last night. Cage tags along with Styles & Tomko so Cornette orders him vs. Joe as this week's main event, with the winner getting the last spot in the "Fight for the Right". Sting comes out and is presented with his belt and accepts Angle's earlier challenge. Angle comes out in a wheelchair with two security guards and Karen and reschedules the rematch for "next week." Sting says to bring the chair because he's going to cripple Angle for sure.


    -Kaz d. Lance Hoyt w/ Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme. Hoyt made Hemme do the old Embassy Woman thing where she got on all fours while Rave got into to the ring off her back. Hemme was upset, but Hoyt kissed her and she calmed down. Weird. Interference from the two of them backfired and Kaz won. They all argued after the match. Why do relationships in TNA never work out?


    -Abyss d. Disco Inferno (he was billed as that). Old WCW fans (and fans of Sports Entertainment Xtreme) were stoked to have Disco back. He was squashed in a minute. Black Reign ran out and he and Abyss started brawling, with Abyss gaining the edge until Jim Mitchell came down. They handcuffed Abyss to the ropes, stuck the rat in some back and put it over his face. This died horribly as none of this stuff is over or entertaining at all, even in the heel way. Two hours was supposed to refine the product and make it catch on as a cool wrestling alternative, not give them the chance to have all of this bull#@^%$#.


    -Christian Cage d. Samoa Joe to get the last spot in the tournament. Good, long match. Usual ref bump spot. Styles and Tomko ran out to interfere, but Matt Morgan chased them off. That allowed Bobby Roode to come back (Rain sure was happy) to nail Joe with a chair to allow Cage to get the pin. Great match before the run-ins.


    Taped for Xplosion: LAX, Eric Young, and Shark Boy d. XXX (Senshi and Skipper) and VKM. Quick match. Finish was Skipper on Hernandez's shoulders and Homicide coming off with an Ace Crusher, which Skipper took right on his head. I don't know why he wants to die so badly, but he sure does bump like a million bucks.


    credit: f4wonline.com