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    NFC Championship Thread

    An all 6-seed Super Bowl is staring you right in the face. What do you do?
  2. Skywarp!


    He was gone all year though. You can live with that. It's not like he got injured last week and couldn't play today. Giants had 42 sacks in 14 games against the rest of the league and 0 in 3 games against the Eagles. Well, exactly. Every little bit counts. I'm thinking about how the Giants weren't so great on getting that big third down stop sometimes (or how they couldn't force Cleveland's punter to make a single appearance through an entire game). I'm just reflecting on the season now that it's over, and the theme of the Giants from last January to now seemed to be "does any single person count? Who was really missed?" in terms of Barber, Shockey, Strahan, Osi, Burress and Jacobs. I'm not here to answer such questions definitively, as they can't honestly be measured in any sort of quantitative terms. Maybe the last two, but I'm mulling these things over right now.
  3. Skywarp!


    I was wondering all season how much Osi's preseason injury affected the Giants' pass rush. More than anyone, he was probably the guy missed the most.
  4. Skywarp!

    TSM 2008 Year-End Awards: The TSMmys

    The worst single post may have been in the Super Bowl XLII thread. I posted the Onion article "Patriots' Season Perfect for Rest of Nation," and someone else complained about the tone of the article as if it was a genuine sports piece.
  5. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 11

    Giants had about 210 yards rushing against the Ravens. That's the most the Ravens have allowed since a game in 1997 where the opponents had 214 on the ground.
  6. Skywarp!

    Call of Duty: World at War

    If I had a current-gen system, I would get this just for the Nazi Zombie minigames.
  7. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 11

    If Detroit's going to shock anyone on that list, I think it will be New Orleans. Still, I think they'll go 0-16.
  8. Skywarp!


    Hot Chip? Really? Really?
  9. Skywarp!

    R&B Singer Maxwell Returns

    http://www.villagevoice.com/2008-10-15/mus...e-giant-panties Discuss.
  10. Skywarp!

    WW2 Vet Held in Nazi Work Camp Speaks Out

    Here's one I heard today that I thought was powerful. It's a story on a Vietnam Vet beginning to cope while on a flight home from the war. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Dvorak's "New World Symphony." Click the "Listen Now" button at the top of the article. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...toryId=96828169 Here's an Iraq War widow talking about those first surreal days when her partner died. The part about getting her husband's clothes back and how even the smallest consolation for her was dashed is almost too much to bear. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...toryId=96844953
  11. Skywarp!

    Patrick Spoon wants to meet New Yorkers

    www.hopstop.com. It's like Yahoo! driving directions for New York City transit.
  12. Skywarp!

    Patrick Spoon wants to meet New Yorkers

    Sorry, the one person I knew in Brooklyn that was a huge burnout just had a child and got it all out of her system in the last 10 months (it also helped that her dealer moved out of the city). If you don't find what you're looking for, maybe one of NYC's Hookah Bars would be an interesting substitute. I've kind of wanted to try it just for the selection of exotic tobaccos and to try and smoke out of those huge, ornate, urn-like things while trying to keep a straight face. You can also find an Ethiopian restaurant and get fucked up on the honey wine. So good. Heartland Brewery in Union Square is a busy place, but this time of year they usually have their Pumpkin Beer. I also really like that. One thing in NYC I've never done and I really need to do before I leave is visit the FDNY firehouse whose external shots served as the headquarters for the Ghostbusters. You're at W 107? So you're around Columbia U? There's some relatively cheap eats at Tom's Diner, on Broadway and (I think) 110 St (don't quote me on that). Not only was it the external shot for the diner on Seinfeld, but the '90s hit "Tom's Diner" was also about that place. As for me, it's time to fight the masses on public transportation to get to work in Mid Town. Always a battle I have to gear myself up for.
  13. Skywarp!

    NFL WEEK 10

    I think Andy Reid LIKES ripping Philly's heart out. That's the only way I can explain his play calling.
  14. Skywarp!

    NFL WEEK 10

    I think Snee is actually Tom Coughlin's son-in-law.
  15. Skywarp!

    Barack Obama's Inauguration

    Hear, hear. I'm grinning ear to ear thinking about how the Bushies get to feel for at least four years the same hopelessness and frustration I felt for the better part of a decade. I still remember how utterly flabbergasted I was in the aftermath of Election Day '04, so yeah, I want to see them squirm. http://www.theonion.com/content/news/natio...hitty_enough_to
  16. Skywarp!

    NFL WEEK 10

    Must be. Because Justin Tuck got a flag last weekend for a textbook tackle when Dallas' QB left his feet.
  17. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 9

    ^It'll be a fight to the end. It looks like the 'Skins saved a lot of cupcakes for the end of the year, while the Giants used them all up early and face a tough road to the end. The Giants must keep winning 'cause the 'Skins will continue to breathe down their necks.
  18. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 9

    So if you believe in the urban legend about the last Redskins home game before a Presidential election, expect a four-year Obama-rama.
  19. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 9

    Despite the fact the Giants won the Super Bowl last year, I will still be really pissed if Kerry Collins EVER wears a Super Bowl ring. Who is this man in a Titans jersey, and what the hell did he do with the guy that couldn't get his team a single offensive TD in SB XXXV?
  20. Skywarp!

    The Youtube thread

    Dave Willis (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies) and Scott Jacobson (The Daily Show, SNL's "TV Funhouse") remind you to vote Tuesday.
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    Is that a symptom of AIDS?
  22. Skywarp!

    Sports video, audio, and pictures I like

    A grotesque video of a receiver breaking his leg when he runs into an equipment cart.
  23. Skywarp!

    NFL Week 9

    Historically a Giants Super Bowl victory is followed by a Redskins one. Doesn't mean anything, but it's an interesting trivia nugget.
  24. Skywarp!

    The Youtube thread

    Ever wonder what the "Wazzup!" guys are up to 8 years and one President later?
  25. Skywarp!


    A;LSKTJ A;LKDSJT;A LIJDFA!!!! CUMWAD! (I'm totally owning at this game! Wait a minute...)