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    "Dangerous" U.S. Leaders

    It's funny that Napoleon was French, since the Napoleon syndrome that typifies little guys with big egos is pretty applicable to the entire nation: a country that's ultimately inconsiquential to the scope of human history from the 20th Century forward, has an inferiority complex about it, and then goes and picks fights with the biggest guys (U.S.A.) because of it.
  2. Skywarp!

    Man cuts Penis in 6 parts

    I had to stop reading. It was making my stomach churn.
  3. Skywarp!

    7 St. Peter's teens may face charges...

    Yes, this story is disgusting, but... "He said the incident was a wake-up call for parents to pay closer attention to what their kids are doing, what they see on TV and what kind of movies they watch" That's not true. Doesn't anyone else remember being a pubescent and making up all kinds of fantasies in their heads? There's always blame to lay, I suppose.
  4. Skywarp!

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    How about that tool frontman for the Deftones? He seems like an egomaniac that can't keep his mouth shut and thinks his band is the end-all-be-all metal band regardless of the fact that they're not that good.
  5. Skywarp!

    New Limp Bizkit Reviewed

    Enough to rant about it? Depends on how much I'm exposed to it. I don't really know anyone that can tolerate Limp Bizkit aside from my idiot brother who buys every horrible nu metal album in existence. If he gets it, I might just have to listen to it and react accordingly. You can listen to clips at www.limpbizkit.com.
  6. Skywarp!

    A Real Life Superhero!

    Angle Grinder Man! I applaud him!
  7. Skywarp!

    25 most overrated games of all time

    GTA: Vice City had better be in that top five.
  8. I didn't see the Starbucks one...how good was that?
  9. Skywarp!

    Vote for Andrew W.K. at MTV.com

    Could there be a song more powerful than "Totally Stupid"? Oh, and A.W.K. ranks up there with the best concerts I've ever seen. He is truely the savor of rock.
  10. "Between Mars and Jupiter there's a gap for another planet, now way back, yeah, maybe a madman just blew the shit out of it?"
  11. Skywarp!

    Favourite bands and songs

    Perfect example. I like them...they're cool and didn't take themselves seriously enough for anyone to actually hate them. They kinda defy any sort of genre classification. Okay, there's "alternative" I guess--which is MTV's label, not mine. Oh absolutely. PUSA were a bunch of great guys and musicians who carved their own niche and goofy following. I miss their presence in mainstream rock.
  12. Skywarp!

    Vote for Andrew W.K. at MTV.com

    Someone describe the album for me...I'm going to get it after work.
  13. Skywarp!

    Favourite bands and songs

    The Presidents of the United States of America. No elitist could ever like them, but deep down, how can ya hate 'em?
  14. From TV Guide: "WHO WON THE SPIKE VS. SPIKE LAWSUIT? ...Lee, you'll remember, who sued Viacom in June, alleging that the media giant was trying to trade on his name when it announced that TNN would be renamed Spike TV. After a few weeks of fussing (Viacom claimed the suit was costing the network millions), Lee agreed to an out-of-court settlement. As part of the deal, Lee and his wife reportedly will produce for Viacom-owned MTV." That sickens me. Now he thinks his name is a trademark. YOUR MOVIES SUCK, SPIKE!