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  1. The problem with World Tour was how rare pinfalls were. But World Tour had my favorite made up wrestler of all time: Powder Keg.


    Also, once everyone in your circle figured out how to stop the boxer's offense, he was useless. Just hold block, and while the boxer's punches are ineffective, the blocker's spirit jumps all the way up.

  2. Maybe he should follow 311 on tour, then. He could go and start shit even though he's outnumbered and about 5'5", get his ass kicked and thrown out of the hotel on every stop on the tour. It could be a reality show. "Stapp it, Asshole!"

  3. Stapp just keeps finding ways to stay in the "Where Are They Now?" limelight...


    On Thanksgiving Day Stapp walked into a bar in Baltimore where three of five members of 311 (Sexton, Martinez, Wills) were sitting. He was apparently drunk. He went up to them and began making disrespectful comments to their wives. When told to back off, he sucker-punched Sexton. Stapp was then beaten up by all three of them, and kicked out of the hotel. 311 has relunctantly admitted to this once rumors spread on their website.


    In another incident, this was pulled from Howard Stern's message board:


    "I am writing this e-mail to inform you of a situation that took place today on the set of the television show "Casino Cinema", the show that Beth O. hosts. I can honestly say that everything in this e-mail is true. I am not doing this to start any sort of drama, but only to try to bring some justice for Beth, one of the sweetest women I've ever worked with, and show what an Asshole Scott Stapp is.


    Scott Stapp, the once lead singer of Creed, was the guest on the show today. From the moment he walked into the studio he was rude, beligerent and extremely drunk. A crew member walked into him by mistake, and when said member told him he was "Sorry", Scott replied back with "Yea, you better fucking be!" Though this incident in itself shows what a complete douchebag he is, it wasn't until he arrived on set and was interacting with Beth, that the real atrocity occured. From the moment he met Beth, he was nothing but extremely mean, sexist and an all around jerk.


    Throughout the show taping, he harrassed Beth calling her, and I QUOTE "A Bimbo", telling her he made way more money than Howard, at one point told her he was going to "kick her ass", and another incident where he got extremely firtatious in a way that made Beth visibly uncomfortable.


    While I'm sure the alchohol intensifed Scott's behavior, there is still NO excuse to treat a woman this way. Especially when she has done absolutely nothing to deserve this.


    Beth handled herself with extreme poise and grace, and while no one would have blamed her for walking off, she stayed and dealt with it for the good of the show.


    I'm sure Scott embarrassed himself enough just by taping the show drunk, but I wanted to make sure the truth about this bitter midget was told.


    Beth, nor the rest of the crew of "Casino Cinema" deserved the shit that Scott Stapp threw on us, so I'm hoping by this e-mail being written, Howard will rip him a new one tomorrow morning.


    I don't want to give my name. I'd like to keep this anonymous, though I'm sure this won't be the only e-mail you will receive on this subject, as the entire crew witnessed this.

    Thanks for your time."



    Unless there's some huge internet conspiracy to make up stories about Stapp after his star has fallen (and I can't vouch for the 2nd story), it's beginning to look like he really is as pathetic as these rumors are making him out to be.

  4. Only album that's come out this year I can actually listen to is Mezmerize by System of a Down, and even that's getting worn out due to how overplayed "BYOB" and "Question" are on the radio (since the van I do deliveries in at work only has a radio).


    So far, I am also going to have to go with "Mesmerize". I haven't heard "Hypnotize" yet, however.

  5. The X-Box/PS3 debate wouldn't bother me if owning a Nintendo consoles alone still did the trick. But no 3rd party games means a second console is necessary...


    And after the whole "rootkit" thing, trying to guage who to give support to in the coming generation based on which of those two monolithic corporations is less ethically bankrupt is becoming increasingly difficult. I guess it's like choosing the least offensive Presidential candidate of both major parties. Which makes Nintendo Nader, I suppose.

  6. Franz Ferdinand - "Franz Ferdinand": Tell Her Tonight, Take Me Out, The Dark of the Matinee.


    Foo Fighters - "Foo Fighters": This is a Call, I'll Stick Around, Big Me


    Ben Folds Five - "Whatever and Ever, Amen": Fair, Brick, Song for the Dumped (alternatively: One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces, Fair, Brick)


    Weezer - "Pinkerton": Across the Sea, The Good Life, El Scorcho (alternatively: The Good Life, El Scorcho, Pink Triangle)

  7. If there's no Double Dragon then I'll pass. (Even though Gamefaqs says Tatio released the game, "Technos" was the maker. Not sure what this means but it could explain a lot.) Also, who made the arcade Ninja Gaiden from back in the day?

  8. Jesus, guys. He might not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he didn't deserve to be piled on like that. It's certainly true that he may have brought it on himself by lacking the common sense to know when to set limits on how openly revealing he is about his life to strangers on the net. However, the thread in question is now immortalized as less a study of Matt's mental shortcomings than one on how low users on this forum can sink when they smell blood in the water.