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  1. Anyone see this? It happened Friday, so if you know about it, it's old news. However, John Elway came out in support of McCain. And in this election, Elway says McCain only needs a "field goal" to win this thing. Are you that field goal, John?


    Elway projected nothing but confidence in McCain’s ability to turn the race around. “I know a thing or two about comebacks,” he said. “I cannot wait until November 4 when you once again prove those pundits wrong.”










  2. Tony Romo out until mid-November.


    Thank fuck. Really takes the sting out of that Week 3 loss now, especially if Green Bay can get and stay ahead of the Cowboys' record. Seriously, what a wuss. Tony Romo breaks his pinkie, he's out for a month. Aaron Rodgers sprains his throwing shoulder and he plays right through it for three games straight. And people were questioning the latter's toughness and durability!


    Aaron Rodgers > Tony Romo. Hey, they have the same amount of playoff wins right now.







    Tony Womo Out Three To Four Weeks With Bwoken Widdle Fingey



    DAWWAS—Cowboys medical personnel confirm that quawterback Tony Womo injured his thwowing hand in last week's 30-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and is expected to miss the next month after suffewing a sevewy bwoken wight pinkie-winkie.


    Team doctors originally believed Womo's poor, poor bwoken fingey was merewy spwained, despite the quarterback insisting that his pinkie felt really, really, really ouchie after being hit by wots and wots of big mean mans during the first play of overtime.


    The Cowboys are denying rumors that Womo will require weconstwuctive pinkie surgewy, insisting that it is only a bad owie and that Womo will not be placed on injuwed weserve.


    "Tony has been very, very bwave through all this and barely cried at all when he heard his widdle fingey was in fact bwoken," coach Wade Phillips said Monday, explaining that Womo was "westing comfiwy" and watching cartoons at home and had thus far managed to keep his pinkie out of his mouth. "I'd say he's week to week, but it's up to the team medics to say when he's completely all-better-now."




    Womo was immediately given an orange-flavored St. Joseph aspirin and a wowwypop while a SpongeBob SquarePants Band-Aid was applied to the pinkie. When this proved inadequate, Cowboys head pediatrician Daniel "Doctor Danny" Cooper inspected Womo's pinkie while trainers distracted Womo by making a spoon into an airplane and "flying" chocolate ice cream into the quarterback's mouth.


    "This was more than just the normal boo-boo," Cooper told reporters. "Tony has played through boo-boos before, like any team weader and big gwown-up boy has to. But when I saw the quivering chin, the big wet eyes, and the way he was hopping from foot to foot while holding up his widdle bitty widdy fingey, I knew this one was bad."...

  3. I don't think the NFL forces teams to go to England. I think I read last year that the teams have to agree to do it. That's why NYG @ Miami wouldn't have been anyone's first choice, but it's what they got because both clubs said "OK."

  4. Perhaps we need to recognize that TSM's best days are behind us and like an alien race that dried up their home planet, we need to migrate to new pastures and suck up fresh resources.


    Let's inundate some awful board for fun and see how long it takes for 80% of us to get banned. Any bad band with frat boy fans will do. Or any site where people share fan fiction.


  5. If we're going to "go there" with high school mascots, here's a few:


    -My first Catholic high school's mascot was the Crusaders. I thought nothing of it in the early '90s, but it seems pretty offensive now.


    -My second Catholic high school's mascot was the Friars. Yeah, there was a friar outfit complete with a bald, bulbous head that looked a bit like Popeye.



  6. Hell, likely a big reason it's being released is that Axl heard about the promise and wants to spite them. If Dr. Pepper kept their mouths shut, this album might not have seen the light of day for several more years, even despite the blog leak.



  7. The trade deadline is in a few hours, so look for a lot of speculation but very few actual trades. That said, Kansas City and Detroit are rumored to have a lot of name guys on the block, and I sort of hope that Tony Gonzalez manages to get off of that awful Chiefs team.


    I read on Google news that he is asking to be made a Giant. However, the Giants don't need any more offensive weapons. What they're hurting for is a shutdown corner.



  8. Although I was severely pissed last night, this morning I feel like this loss will be good for the Giants. The complacency of the team has been worrisome and they lost the chip on their shoulder that carried them through the postseason last year. Hopefully they can refocus this week.

  9. Absolutely frustrating loss. There's no way a team should lose when their opponents commit that many penalties. Well, unless you throw three interceptions in the red zone.


    The Giants' three-headed monster reared its head tonight. They falter when a) everyone picks them, b) they play on MNF and/or c) they have a chance to capitalize on division rival losses.



  10. I don't know if there's any deeper significance, but the Philadelphia Phillies sounds redundant.


    Also, the minor league Staten Island Yankees. Do they have to have the same name and logo just because they're owned by the major league Yankees?




  11. I don't know about Seattle, but in my limited scope of professional sports stadiums, the harassment and tempers are so bad in Philly's stadiums that I usually only go to games there in neutral clothing.


    Hell, some drunk frat boys started smack with me at the Phillies/Nationals game recently simply because I wore a t-shirt that said "Chicago." Yeah, it was blue, but it bore no Cubs logo, didn't use the Cubs' font, etc. It wasn't a sports shirt, period. It's the kind of shirt that you buy on vacation. You know, when you travel and gain appreciation for other parts of the country instead of never broadening your horizons and hating every city with a sports franchise that isn't within 20 miles of the suburb in which you live. Yeah, it was my fault for wearing the shirt and expecting civility to begin with, but still.


    It's the kind of place where you can constantly see beligerent middle-aged men with small children pick fights with innocent 16-year olds with no shame or self-awareness of how pathetic they seem.

  12. So I have a new computer and I'm getting rid of the ol' beast. I know a hard drive "shredder" program is recommended--something that will wipe the drive and overwrite it (preferably overwriting it three times) by scrambling data on top of the old data. Which programs do you recommend to remove all sensitive data and turn your old computer into a tabla rasa before putting on the curb/donating it?


    Or should I just use the power tools method--taking the hard drive out of the computer and pulverizing it with a hammer? Perhaps a combo of both? I guess that's the fail safe way...


    Thanks in advance.



  13. Quick thoughts: my favorite tune from DKC played in the ice caverns.


    The remixed music in the PS2/XBOX versions of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection contains a pretty good Mega Man III theme remix with organ sounds. My favorite original Mega Man tracks though, are probably Bubble Man, Spark Man, Snake Man, Elecman and Dr. Cossacks Citadel, Stages 3 and 4. Back to the Anniversary remixes, Plant Man from MMVI is nicely done.


    Anyone heard the Minibosses Ninja Gaiden medley? If not, go to their site and check it out.

  14. Oh, man. The Panthers lost and the Saints are getting crushed at Denver. Could this day get any better?


    Well the Pats lost their 1st regular season game in something like their last 21, lost it to the Dolphins and lost it big. That's the kind of karmic blow job that you just lie back and savor.