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  1. I'm actually surprised that Dallas fans can make unironic "Get Your Popcorn Ready" signs despite that phrase becoming an unavoidable punchline last January. Perhaps irony is outlawed in Texas, save a small bubble around Austin.



  2. The way #5 strolled onto the field, I thought McNabb disappeared as suddenly as he showed up this season and McChoke that we've been stuck with since late in the final minutes of that one Super Bowl was returning to take snaps. After that series, I think I was right. For such a talented quarterback, he can be so anti-clutch.

  3. As a Giants fan, this game is making me fearful, unless this is a tale of two bad defenses instead of two explosive offenses. With all these weapons on both sides, however (not to mention Philly's final score last week), I think it's a case of the later.

  4. Not even Slash is on his side.


    Nevertheless, a Guns N’ Roses curse has already been cast upon him by the band’s former lead guitarist Slash, who stated: "I hope he rots in jail. It's going to affect the sales of the record, and it's not fair. The Internet is what it is, and you have to deal with it accordingly, but I think if someone goes and steals something, it's theft."







  5. His real name is Kevin Cogill. He goes by the online alias "Skwerl."


    This is weird. I had an ex that dated "Skwerl" right after me. I didn't know him personally, but it's still strange to me to see him come out of the woodwork after all these years for his 15 minutes of net fame.


    Yup, still weird.

  6. I don't know when for sure, but I know I was hanging around pre-9/11. Hey, who else remembers 9/11 around here? That Jay Bower meathead who used to contribute achingly dull blog posts to the main page about his frat boy-ocity had about three or four all-caps threads in the WWE folder, then got indignant when a mod moved them to Current Events or General Chat. He felt the need to inform the WWE crowd who didn't stray elsewhere on the board of what was going on. He had a point though: in retrospect is it admirable or annoying that mods were remaining ever-vigilant in categorizing the board even when fiery death was reigning down from the sky? I suppose it was a good thing--if they allowed people to post willy-nilly and permitted chaos to reign, the terrorists would have won.

  7. I'm in the market for a new PC laptop. Could someone please tell me what is the suggested amount of RAM and memory for computing needs these days? I'm not a gamer, so my most massive non-Windows program would likely be iTunes. Is the Dual-Core the best Intel processor out there at the moment? Also, what do people like in terms of brand names? I notice Dell is having a nice sale at the moment, and HPs seem to work smoothly. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



  8. http://www.allvoices.com/userevents/828257...ancisco/stories


    Sewage Plant to be Named after George W. Bush


    The self-proclaimed Presidential Memorial Committee of San Francisco, a group of citizens in San Francisco, have taken upon themselves an effort to rename a sewage plant in honor of President George W. Bush. The group is accumulating the necessary signatures to make the name change an initiative on the November ballot in California. So far, they have successfully acquired over 12,000 signatures, at least 7,000 of which have been proved to be legitimate.


    The group's organizer, Brian McConnell, said the petition is the result of the group's desire to pay an accurate tribute to the president. "In President Bush's case, we think that we will be cleaning up a substantial mess for the next 10 or 20 years. The sewage treatment facility's job is to clean up a mess, so we think it's a fitting tribute," said McConnell.


    However, the Republican party is not taking the news well, and is expected to launch counteractive measures. "It makes me ashamed to be a San Franciscan," said Republican Patrick Dorinson, a former spokesman for the California Republican Party.






  9. I wasn't involved in this, but when I was in high school the Denny's near me had an overweight security guard for some reason. He was usually asleep on the bench for waiting patrons. One night a friend of mine was approaching the entrance when a couple of kids ran out the door and into the parking lot. The guard came out, with a gun in hand, pointing it at my friend.


    "Pay yo' check! PAY YO' CHECK!"


    He then realized that he had the wrong guy, but why did the Denny's cop have a gun in the first place? To pop a cap in some 16-year-old who ran out on a $6.99 Moons Over My Hammy?


    Also, two Denny's waitresses were killed on two separate occasions trying to cross the road out front. Weird.

  10. This isn't related to adjectives, but the latest "Puritan Blister" column on Pitchfork (about a teacher who makes his students pen essays on music) is so pretentiously disgusting on multiple levels that it should swear everyone off music writing forever.

  11. The interesting thing about reading about 3 Doors Down and Staind is that it has the same effect on me as hearing their music: instead of read about/listened to, it feels more lived through. Have 10 years passed since I began reading these apologetic takes on these bands?