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  1. Yeah, the lines were total cheese. This is off-topic, but somehow though, X3's dialoge doesn't make me cringe as bad as in the Spider-Man movies. Jesus, every scene with Peter and Mary Jane is MURDER.


    And I really hope there's only one version of the after-credits scene out there. I hate it when 100% of the faces' deaths are swerves.

  2. The movie was decent. It's biggest flaw was trying to fit so much into such a short time. With another 45 minutes, they could have paced the film much better, developed the stories a lot more, and generally take the movie from a C+ to a B. X2 will likely always remain the best X-Men movie, but for now I think I'll take the Last Stand over the anticlimactic first installment.

  3. Of course, this won't shut the conspiracy theorists up. Nothing shuts those douchebags up.


    Sadly, it's not going to shut them up because the video released didn't put the issue to bed. If anything, it fueled the fire because we can't make out any "plane" in the video. There's a slender white flash, and then an explosion. People are already saying that this proves the "missle" theory.

  4. Transformers: The Movie, when Prime transforms into vehicle mode, and single-handedly fucks up the Decepticon ranks to the theme of "The Touch" (nice video, BTW). That gives me the chills.


    My friend gets the chills from the Temple of Doom, when Jones, who is believed to be under hypnosis says to Shorty: "I'm all right, kid." ::Wink:: And the triumphant theme plays as they kick bad guy BUTT.

  5. Yeah, or it might be like the stylus. We really have no idea.


    Well, the difference between the DS and the Virtual Boy is the game library. The VB had virtually nothing of worth, while the DS has a pretty stacked library, including many titles that actually put the stylus to work.


    If the Wii comes along with titles that really take advantage of the innovative control system, then we're looking at a contender, silly name or not.


    The VB's problem was that you can't expect people to play with something that straps to your face with a tripod on it. Plus, that system never looked quite 'portable'.

  6. After a few days of thinking about it, I'm over the whole awful name thing. Nintendo's track record for fun games speaks for itself, and this may be no different. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this system ends up being the Big N's swan song.


    It almost seems like Nintendo's story would work as a Shakespeare tragedy. Nintendo's tragic flaw being blowing off Sony for the SNES add-on, and Sony vowing revenge one day. I just wonder how many people are going to be dead on stage in Act V, Scene V.

  7. Same here--I believe that Sublime are just a "training wheels" band for experimental music, i.e. the kids grow out of 'em.


    As for summer music, Blue Oyster Cult's "Burnin' for You" sounds great blasting out of a car, for as dorky as that sounds.

  8. You guys just don't understand rocking. The new Strokes album is pretty solid and is really only hampered by some schlocky production and one or two poorly chosen guitar parts on a few songs. It's more than half good.


    I'll second this. I think the reason they've taken so much punishment for this album is because their delayed backlash didn't occur when it should have (Room on Fire was definitely not a sophmore slumper) and since there are three or four clunkers on this one, the critics finally got their chance to jump all over them and sink their teeth in like famished hyenas. That, plus I realized why they always sent Casablancas in the middle of the final mix with phone receiver effects for the last two albums--being mixed up front, loud and clear doesn't do their songs any favors. Listening to the guitar lines was always what made this band worthwhile; vocal melody is an afterthought. Also, it doesn't help that Casablancas drops some dud lines this time around.


    But truth be told, the good far, far outweighs the bad on this one, and they've locked me in for their fourth release date.