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  1. Funnily enough, I'm arguing with F.G. defenders on another board who are saying that South Park hasn't been good since around Season 7. I can kind of see their point--when S.P. gets on its soap box, sometimes there are gigantic gaps in an episode without belly laughs. However, this episode wouldn't be one of them, and besides, I'd take these current episodes over the old school S.P., something I definitely would not say for F.G.

  2. Everyone whines about how that show wasn't picked up, but I think the inherent problem with an entire series of Heat Vision and Jack is just how many episodes can you squeeze out of that premise? I believe it would have become stale and formulaic in a matter of a handfull of eps.

  3. However, I wonder why the heck the big W has yet to be featured in a Smash Bros. game.


    He has more games (as in starring role, not just featured like Mario Kart) than Yoshi (and way more good games, Wario World aside), and could easily have a very distinctive fighting style.

    Well, from what I hear, he is one of the chracters that is very popular in the voting for the Nintendo Revolution version of Smash Bros. Him and Toad.


    Speculation is that if Wario makes it in, so would Waluigi.


    I also heard that Kid Icrius might be in the game as well. That would be kind of intresting. Make him a hybird of Link and Neo maybe?


    He has a name! It's Pit! :P


    Anyway, he's a bit obscure...but if he has a unique style may as well go for it.


    Plus, an idea of what we might see for Wario (Mugened and way too damn big, but the attacks are worthy of note):



    And Little Mac--he was meant for this franchise. What I'm hoping for in the next installment is to have less characters be clones of one another.

  4. The Metal Blade was the best Robot Master weapon ever, though, which more than made up for it.


    Oh, I agree; I was just pointing out that the most useless weapon in any given Mega Man game tends to be the one you *need*.


    I disagree. I don't think Bubble Lead was more useless than the Leaf Shield, which I'm pretty sure was ineffective on every boss.

  5. The episode really was unfunny until the over-the-top death scene, and that was more "I can't believe what I'm seeing" shock value than humor, as well. They had a pretty good ending, but it looked like they were scraping to fill the other 19 minutes. A disappointing opener.


    It must be a pretty big bummer being you.


    Not being easily entertained? Yeah, it's a drag.

  6. Yes, but what does that prove? That either Bush is a liar or incredibly ill-advised, one way or the other. Is that shocking news to anyone at this point?


    I don't see anyway that can be construed as *not* a lie. There is videotape of him receiving warning about the levees being breached.


    And, yes, I guess brazen lies by the President of the United States are still shocking to me for some reason.


    The administration not being punished for this doesn't surprise me, because I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that there is no outrage about the big, BIG lie that should have caused a major backlash with the citizens of this country--a war based on untrue premises that has killed scores of our people. And I mean this outrage should have crossed multiple lines and unified the citizens: whether you WERE for or against the war, whether you're an R or D, whether you make over $100k a year or minimum wage. That lie was monumentally huge, familes are destroyed becuase of it, and it's cause for massive reform in this country.


    If there's no accountability for THAT, they can get away with anything. I guess people just expect their government to feed them shit sandwiches, so nothing bothers them anymore. That's a pretty fucked up state of affairs, when you think about it.


    For instance, recently the Gulf of Tonkin attack has been basically accepted to be a complete lie. You'd think that all of these Vietnam Vets that have struggled with demons, the buddies they lost, the handicaps they gained, and the shit they saw would be screaming in the streets over this. But they just stay silent, and either return to their alcoholism, or worse, defend everything Bush does.

  7. I know this may be just cause for an immediate banning, but I kind of prefer Sugar Ray's version of "Abracadabra" to the original. It may be the only good thing they've ever done.


    Although I lost my taste for Sublime years ago, I suppose they belong on this list as well, being that most of their songs are covers either in whole or in part, so some of them are bound to be better than the originals based on the law of large numbers. This is why people that rag on Sublime give them the title of "Best Cover Band of All Time," which tends to piss off their diehard followers.