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    Where is the love for:

    Was hearing alot of talk about this early 80's "Coming of Age" comedy on a local radio station a while back, staring Dianne Franklin of "Better Off Dead" fame and having never seen it mentioned in various "Most Underatted Films" threads over the years here (and other sites) I wonder how many people here appreciate it The guys on this radio show were saying it was their favorite 80's movie because it was the most realistic of the 80's "Coming of Age" genre flicks as the guy does not get the girl at the end Must have been pretty good then, I am surprised it doesn't get too much mention, maybe thats the reason, too many causal movie viewers (mass popular audience) likes the "Guy Gets The Girl" ending Steve
  2. From today's NY Daily News: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/116...7p-104761c.html Okay, 1) You KNEW this stuff was going to come out, its the whole "Lets not get to the root of the problem and slap the wrists of the pimple faced suburban teen selling pot on the corner" mentality about how to fight a problem and then the "outrage" over who gets caught but... 2) Anyone who even surfs the net causally HAS to know there is something controversial about file swapping, so don't make it out like "Oh I'm a naive kid who paid for this program!" BS, you can pay for a cable descrambler, that doesn't make it clean and legal. Sure filmmakers aren't going to sue you, but still, you pay for a illegal service. And plus, even if you DON'T know about the controversy, warning signals must go up that you are getting all these complete song files for basically a one-time peanuts fee. "Hmmm, this program, for ONLY 29.95, is letting me download all these great songs and such! Boy those music labels must know they are losing their shirts on this deal!" And its your call if you think its ethical or not, if you think "I'm not profiting from these files, there for my own personal use, ect" then you are probably in the clear in terms of your own conscience (I'm not judging, but its like purchasing a bootleg copy of a movie for your own personal collection) Its not that I don't feel some sense for all the "innocent" 12 year olds on the lawsuit list, its just the "outrage" that the mass media has over this, especially at the same time, they are the ones doing all the public service stories about how bootleg tapes/DVD makers/sellers rip off both the film industry AND the consumers. Steve
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    A New York 12 year old sued for file swapping

    Double Post
  4. Steve J. Rogers

    A New York 12 year old sued for file swapping

    That is the quote I love though, as I said, if I buy a cable descrambler, or an illegal Direct TV card (and I don't BTW) I guess I'm NOT stealing porn channels? I'm NOT stealing free PPVS and free premium movie channels? Boy, get me a descrambler STAT! (just joking) Steve
  5. Steve J. Rogers

    A New York 12 year old sued for file swapping

    Agreed, its just even more laughable to see "sob" stories like these in the press though. Like I said, its like chasing the 15 year old suburbian kid selling pot on the corner rather than going after the paper trail that fronts the kid Steve
  6. Steve J. Rogers

    Woman Calls 911 on McDonalds

    I'm surprised 911 didn't hang up on her. I've dialed 911 by accident a few times in college (Fairfield, CT) because you have do dial 9 to call outside and not thinking I pressed 1 twice Well usually I'd say "Sorry, wrong number" they'd quickly hang up, well this one time, this guy actually says "FUCK YOU!" when hanging up! Granted they probably were having a bad night with prank calls and who knows what, but they do take this shit seriously (and for good reason, I'm not knocking them) so I'm surprised they actually dispatched someone instead of hanging up Steve
  7. Steve J. Rogers

    Best closer song?

    Why'd you reply? I'd have to go with Rick Vaughn too. Interestingly enough, despite the "Wild Thing" phoenommon that started up after the movie came out, that wasn't the first reliever "theme song" Sparky Lyle of the Yankees in the 1970's used to ride in from the bullpen to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" Just wanted to throw that tidbit out there
  8. Steve J. Rogers

    Brooklyn Brawler's Big Day!!!!

    Razor Ramon wrestled twice on the same card? And for the title no less? In 1993? Steve
  9. This can not be good for the Kevin Smith directed Affleck-Lopez project schedlued for release late winter-early spring of 04 Its not that Gigli did middle of the road buisness and ranks as an "underatted" flick. I mean Mallrats did better at the box apparantly! It bombed historically. Waterworld, Isthar levels of suckitude. Sure everyone has a turkey or two on their resumes but how will the masses react when they are subjected to ANOTHER "Ben & Jen" flick next summer when a "historic" flop is fresh in their memory, and they won't know that Jersey Girl has already been made so in their markish way they will assume that Jersey Girl was made after Gigli and be "How could they THINK of doing another movie after the last one blew chunks?" Affleck and Lopez hatred will still be very fresh next summer, now I'm not saying Kevin Smith should shelve the picture or do something equally stupid (i.e. reshoot the whole thing with a replacement for one or both) but I hope he has something up his sleeve in case he loses a few shirts with the movie (No doubt WE will see it, but Affleck and Lopez have so many detractors or fans just plain sick of them (No doubt Smith has some in the same circles) that we will be the only people attending the film) It will be intresting though to see how it does, how it ends up being promoted (i.e. de-emphasis on the fact that Affleck and Lopez star in it, don't ask me now HOW to do that, but I'm sure it can be done, maybe just do the trailer with nothing but scenes from the movie and the song Jersey Girl (either Waits or Springsteen) as the only thing you here and no mention of the stars) and other hype surrounding it. Steve
  10. Steve J. Rogers

    Sweet promotion this Thursday!

    Bob Wickman was sent from the Brewers to the Indians (If I recall correctly) a few years back and it was about a week before Bob Wickman poster night BTW this would be worse than any promotions, a few days before the Roberto Alomar trade the Mets put out the latest edition of their program and you guessed it, Roberto Alomar graced the cover. Now the next edition of the program wouldn't be produced untill early August so they were faced with the prospect of an entire month of that. Thankfully it was changed and the next homestand the cover was changed to Ty Wiggington Steve
  11. Steve J. Rogers

    Another dumbass Jeremy Shockey quote

    Apparantly Shockey goes off on Bill Parcels about his wishy-washy (I'm done with football, err, no I'm not) ways, but also he went off on Parcels apparantly knocking his talent, though he wasn't specific about what the Tuna said but in that dig Shockey called Parcels a "homo" Don't want to start a flame war or anything but I'm sure there have been rumors about the guy in that vein, (married to his job, not much is known about his family life despite being close to senior citizen age, very private, ect) of course Shockey is a known homophobe so I wouldn't put it past him calling anyone he doesn't like a homo. (makes you wonder if there is a little "Banky" (see the movies "Chasing Amy" and a deleted scene in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" in Shockey but thats another story) Actually I have heard one joke in the "Parcells is gay" variety, a New York City sports radio host is well known for being great friends with Parcells (they own race horses together, their families have vacationed together, ect) well he recently got married and when he got back a caller asked him where he and Bill were going for their honeymoon. Intrestingly enough the guy actually found the shot funny Anyway its a whatever issue that should just stay with Parcells and Shockey, its not as bad as Rocker, yet but Shockey is getting close to that level Steve
  12. Steve J. Rogers

    Most overrated films of all time

    I fail to see how Pearl Harbor is overrated, when it seems like everyone and his brother despises it, or at least acknowledges it as nothing more than average. Every one HERE hates it, but if you asked "movie marks" especially those of the female variety, they love it (especially those who are fans of Affleck, Hartnett or Faith Hill) Also I am bashing it because of how it was promoted, and that is part of overrating a movie, when it gets overly-promoted, especially in the wrong vein
  13. Steve J. Rogers

    Most overrated films of all time

    -Gone With The Wind My God where to start... You can blame this for all the Danelle Steele crapola fests through the years. -Casablanca Would be a forgettable B-Flick if not for Bogey and Bergman, and with them its just a good flick, nothing special -Pearl Harbor They hyped it as if it was going to be a "film record of the events of PH" instead what we got was a Titanic/Gone With The Wind love story, where the historical event is only a backdrop, which would have been fine if it was hyped as such, but it wasn't and that is flat out false advertizing Too many sci-fi/horror genere films to count, especially in the last 15 years or so (really post Batman)
  14. Steve J. Rogers

    Another dumbass Jeremy Shockey quote

    I'll give you that, however, this is a guy that already has a history of mouthing off and being an all-around jerk with not much of a resume to back it up. I guarantee that if this was say the 3rd string tight end with San Diego it wouldn't have gotten this much pub Its getting play in NY obviously I don't know how big nationally its been and yeah I can see ESPN backing an ex-coach who did some time in their studios/booths to the point of riddiculousness Steve
  15. Steve J. Rogers

    Another dumbass Jeremy Shockey quote

    Well I was saying how I could see whispers could be created about The Tuna... Or at least I think there must have been some There is a part of me that wonders if Shockey isn't the "Great White Hype" of the NFL considering he seems to be the only non-QB caucassian offensive star and therefore gets more hype than he deserves (see also Churbet, Waye) but thats a bit of social commentary for another day Steve