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    2007 World Series

    Thats really has been the problem with baseball this season. Red Sox (and the Indians) had the best record with a nearly .600 record, but they NEARLY did, and no team was worse than .407 (okay that is bad, but not horrendously bad) so you had pretty much an entire league of dreck. Especially the NL where the Rockies actually needed Game 163 just to join Arizona as the only teams to win 90 all year (and both right on the nose). All attendance records aside, and probably in large part to all the controversies, this just was not a good year for baseball.
  2. Steve J. Rogers

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Well Barbaro was going for the Triple Crown and was a national story. Chances are most of America has no idea who GW the horse was, and if any money was going his way from non racing afficiandos it was probably hunch bets based on the name.
  3. Steve J. Rogers

    2007 World Series

    FOX sold "Curse Of The Bambino" shirts during the 2003 and 2004 ALCSs, basically just a shirt with Babe Ruth's photo on it without any logo on the cap or uniform, but the photo is from his Boston days... and here it is I know they did it at Yankee Stadium, I don't know about Fenway Well I can't find the shirt online at the moment, but thats all it was with the FOX Sports logo on the back.
  4. Steve J. Rogers

    2007 World Series

    Shhhhhh don't tell the WWE lawyers, but I wouldn't be surprised to see shirts saying "Do YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROX ARE COOKING!" being sold. Most likely by FOX or some unlicenced vendor rather than MLB/Rockies though.
  5. Steve J. Rogers

    kkk Bowl: Week 7

    Arizona @ Washington (8.5) Atlanta @ New Orleans (8.5) (3.5) Baltimore @ Buffalo Minnesota @ Dallas (9.5) (17.5) New England @ Miami San Francisco @ N.Y. Giants (9.5) Tampa Bay @ Detroit (2.5) (1.5) Tennessee @ Houston Kansas City @ Oakland (2.5) N.Y.l Jets @ Cincinnati (6.5) Chicago @ Philadelphia (5.5) St. Louis @ Seattle (9.5) (3.5) Pittsburgh @ Denver (3.5) Indianapolis @ Jacksonville 27
  6. Steve J. Rogers

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    This is real, REAL old, but for some reason I was just reminded of it, and I noticed no one mentioned it here. Anyway, the morning after the VA Tech tragedy I was listening to the radio sports center, and the anchor I guess was trying to tie in sports with the news even of the day and mentioned that all of the rosters of the football team and mens basketball team were present and accounted for. Geez. I mean really. 1) Its a little insensitive to the other sports played on that campus to only mention the two sports the national sports fan would know and care about on a daily basis, rather than soccer, lacrosse, womens hoops or whatever team that gets national publicity whenever major news breaks and then returns to its little niche as soon as the cycle is over. Would it take THAT much research and time to make sure you can say NONE of the known VA Tech student athletes were among the victims, even if the names haven't been released. 2) And there in lies the greater issue, does every thing need to be tied back into sports just because you are mentioning it in an update? Yes its a school with a well known football program, and yes it was talked about on ESPN's family of shows, but still, say that was MIT or a school whose sports aren't constantly talked about on the national scope (think Ivy Leagues, or an NYU type of school), you think there is ANY mention on ESPN? Maybe briefly by the hosts of a show just to acknowledge that it occurred and that they are here to give some "relief" from the real world. Anyway, guess that needed to be gotten off my chest.
  7. Steve J. Rogers

    The What If Topic...

    What if...One of his early Nitro matches Goldberg was booked to lose a match. Even if its a "no loss of heat" manner (DQ, run in causing Goldberg to lose the match, whatever) does the Goldberg machine still have the same effect without "The Streak?" Does the fact that Goldberg is not undefeated give the public the perception that he can do more than 3 minute squashes and therefore accept him as more than just an unstoppable beast that can not get hurt. That perception probably did more to hurt Goldberg considering the way he was treated after the streak ended and his time in the WWE as all he seemed to be was a one-trick pony. Face it, the character Goldberg probably really shouldn't have been pushed as far as he should have. Probably should have been more of a 911 role than someone being used to carry a company. I mean marks would really say Goldberg would "kill" Austin in a "real" fight, only because Goldberg was booked as a main eventer even though the character was FAR from being someone who could carry a main event storyline of multiple PPVs and such. Speaking of a 911 role, shortly after Goldberg debuted, or maybe the same night I don't know, they did the bit with Rick Rude having Hennan, Tenay and Tony do the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" "bit" Considering how much The Brain was fawning over Goldberg in Goldberg's matches, I thought for sure one week Goldberg would be Hennan's "bodyguard" That would have been a good role for the character, and would have set up a nice mini-feud with an nWo B-teamer who tried to pick a fight with the broadcast crew.
  8. Been listening to the recent bio on John Adams on audio books and kind of have a hankering to read disscussions of that era here on the web. Just did a search for forums or message boards and can't seem to find any. Kind of hoping that some of you guys might be able to point me in the right directions. Anything, the total group of founders, or specific to any of them. Thanks
  9. Steve J. Rogers

    Does knowing a simillar plot line...

    On the Netflicks reviews page for Cars a reviewer wrote that they did not care for the movie as much since they already saw Doc Hollywood, which is essentially the same plotline of a big city big shot learning the values of the little things by living in a small town for a couple of days. Also I recall several posters on wrestling messageboards not getting into Gladiator that much since there was so much similarity between that movie and the original Austin-McMahon angle. So is this a justifiable reason to knock a movie? Does Honeymoon In Vegas ruin Indecent Proposal?
  10. Steve J. Rogers

    kkk Bowl: Week 6

    First time all year I failed to update my blog (I was in Atlanta, had enough time to do pools other than this one but for some reason not my sports blog) and I promptly went (drum roll): 8-4 Actually did those picks a little under the influence...maybe I should try that from now on! Get loaded on good lagers and ales before picking! Come on Big Blue!
  11. Steve J. Rogers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Let me guess, someone would take Matsui over ARod?
  12. Steve J. Rogers

    Examples of a Wrestler TRULY Being Put Over

    Heh, that was funny. Especially here when Anglesault kept referring to Cena as "The Typewriter" based on Cena's OVW run as "Prototype" Also I forget who it was, but a Jericho fan had a sig featuring a "what a difference a year makes" for Jericho where one year he is battling for the title, the next he is jobbing to Cena.
  13. Steve J. Rogers

    Does knowing a simillar plot line...

    Well it sounds silly, but there were a lot of comparisions between characters in that movie and the Austin-McMahon saga, specifically the Corporation part of the angle.
  14. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    Perfect example: For most other teams, heck especially even 8 years after the fact, Todd Pratt would be forever known as Todd F'N Pratt for his homer to win the 1999 NLDS for the Mets over the Arizona Diamondbacks. In fact, there haven't been too many other villains in DBack history on that level. Anyway, in August of 2000 Todd Pratt is starting a game for the Mets, filling in on a Mike Piazza day off, and when he gets announced he got essentially no reaction! And this was before the 2001 World Championship year! That was still the only postseason series in Diamondback history at that point and the guy who should have been lustily booed for ending their season ended up getting a "Uh, okay, guess Piazza isn't playing today." reaction.
  15. Steve J. Rogers

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Heading down to check out the Candler Park Fall Festival specfically to check out The Rockin' Pontoons on Saturday afternoon. This should be a good time.
  16. Steve J. Rogers

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Almost anything is game for a thread in these parts. It seems fairly petty to strip her of medals won seven years ago, particularly when most athletes may have used and just had the benefit of being low profile enough to avoid investigation. Now it looks like the IOC is going the pro-wrestling route! First Chris Benoit, now Marion Jones is about to become "The one whose name shall never been spoken!"
  17. Steve J. Rogers

    kkk Bowl: Week 5

    (3.5) Arizona @ St. Louis Atlanta @ Tennessee (8.5) Carolina @ New Orleans (3.5) Cleveland @ New England (16.5) Detroit @ Washington (3.5) (2.5) Jacksonville @ Kansas City Miami @ Houston (5.5) N.Y. Jets @ N.Y. Giants (3.5) Seattle @ Pittsburgh (5.5) Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis (10.5) (3.5) Baltimore @ San Francisco San Diego @ Denver (1.5) Chicago @ Green Bay (3.5) (10.5) Dallas @ Buffalo 27
  18. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    Okay lets not pile on all at once here!
  19. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    Or I hope they aren't. I turned the game off, I presume they haven't "given up" yet?
  20. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    6 outs away. To be fair, the Phillies should NOT be the ones counting the outs.
  21. Steve J. Rogers

    Approaching the 10th anniversary of the...

    Plus as everyone knows, the WWE has rehashed it into the ground all over the last 10 years, especially one year after, and just about every year since.
  22. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    My God, did you really type "How the mighty of fallen?" Clearly I have too much stuff going on at the same time.
  23. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    Did I tell ya about the one...
  24. Steve J. Rogers

    Heel of the Franchise

    Well Met Nation considers M Donald Grant's (a great heel in Met history BTW) hatchet boy, Dick Young, as a major heel for his role in getting Tom Seaver traded. By the seventies the progressive Young really was getting very bitter about the "modern" athlete and how "big money" was ruining the game (as if such issues never existed before free agency) and his columns in that era have been cited of examples of how the Met organization was trying to get the public to turn against Seaver. Interestingly enough, Young actually had a relative working in the Met organization and no one called him or the Mets out on that.
  25. Steve J. Rogers

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    I was talking TO the Mets, and I believe it was See you in Port St. Lucie. Okay, is this better?