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    Yeah I know this has been a long time coming, but hey what can you do.
    First of all, one thing I love about flying, probably the only thing sometimes, is the view from the window seat, and here are some cool pictures from a JetBlue plane outside JFK International airport in New York.

    and on the runway

    I just love the view of a blue sky with nothing but the horizon underneath.

    Anyway, a couple of short hours later, and its time to touchdown in Chi-town!

    Funny story, my cousin and I left the house at 4:30 to catch a 6:30 flight. We get to the airport, and go under a canopy at the drop off point, then go inside. We walk to the check in, baggage check-in, and security, then to a bus stop (also with a canopy) which took us to the proper terminal. We then get to the terminal, through the tunnel to go on the plane, then the plane.
    Plane lands at O’Hare, walk through the tunnel to the airport, and walk through baggage claim. Now we got a hotel room at the Hilton at O’Hare, and we find out that you can walk through the airport, underneath the streets, to get to the lobby of the hotel. We get to the lobby and leave our bags at the concierge because we were quite early for check-in. So we go back through the basement level to get on the L to get to downtown Chicago.
    By the time we get to the Clark Street stop, it is 11:00 local time, and we have yet to actually get a breath of fresh air in pretty much five and a half hours, despite the fact that we went from Westchester County, New York to Chicago, IL! That is pretty remarkable when you think about it.
    Anyway, we get out right in the middle of the Chicago Theatre District, and my cousin fancying himself as a budding thespian had to get a shot like this:

    So we walked around a bit, and found the Sears Tower, went up to the 103rd floor for their revolving floor filled with, well some amazing views, and walls lined with interesting facts about Chicago and profiles of famous people and events.

    Got some nice shots around The Windy City as well;
    The Sears Tower

    Hancock Building

    Chicago Tribune

    The Chicago River

    Well, it was now time for lunch and it we noticed a great place to get some food.

    No one was playing that afternoon, but I got a nice shot of the small stage in the restaurant.

    Sadly, you can not get a dry piece of white toast or four whole fried chicken with a coke, but I did get this shirt:

    Right next door was also a pretty nice place to grab a beer and watch the Cubs beat the Phillies.


    The lobby and entrance are filled with famous folks with the pictures taken with this bust

    Coming soon, Part Two: The Mets invade Wrigley Field!
  2. Steve J. Rogers
    -Chicago post will be up soon; just getting all the pictures organized, resized and uploaded is taking a while.
    -Not much to add right now. Going to a Beach Party put on by a NYC radio show on Friday in New Jersey, WFAN’s Mike & The Mad Dog at Bar-A in Bellmar. Also heading to a Saturday afternoon minor league game in Bridgeport, CT for a bachelor party.
  3. Steve J. Rogers
    Well I am taking a bold step back into the freelancing journalism world with a query letter sent out to a business market.
    The article is on an interesting startup investment venture by the outgoing head of the hedge fund arm for the investment firm that I work for.
    What he is doing, is going to be setting up a hedge fund, where 100% of the profits generated by the fund will be funneled into a charitable foundation, which would then use the fund to help various causes.
    They have a website, well a blog actually, hopefully I will link it here, but I'm not comfortable with linking to the blog or official corporate website until they are up and running.
    In any event, hopefully this publication will see this audacious venture as something that should appear in their publication!
    Well the article is actually written, which is considered a “no-no” in the world of freelance journalism, but it was for a course that I am taking. It has been quite a while since I’ve done something like this, probably not since 2001. Lets hope this works.