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    TUF 9: USA vs United Kingdom

    Team USA Coach: Dan Henderson American WW's 1. Ryan Biglar (2-1): Biglar, 24, is a jiu-jitsu fighter originally from Guam who represents the Cobra Kai in Las Vegas. 2. Ray Elbe (20-11): A Muay Thai fighter, the 25-year-old Elbe has spent the last three years working on his game in Phuket, Thailand. The most notable man he's faced was Renato Verissimo, who knocked him out in 2003. 3. Christian Fulgium (6-2-1): A wrestler, Fulgium represents the Gladiator camp in Lafayette, La. 4. DaMarques Johnson (13-6): Johnson took up MMA training while in the military. Training out of Elite Performance in Salt Lake City, Johnson once faced former World Extreme Cagefighting welterweight champion Brock Larson, who submitted him in a 2005 bout. 5. Kevin Knabjian (10-3-1): A wrester from Eastern Illinois University, the same school that produced UFC star Matt Hughes, the one-time WEC fighter trains at Gilbert Grappling in Chicago. 6. Mark Miller (10-4): A Muay Thai fighter also based in Chicago, Miller trains at Dino Costeas MMA and Toro Muay Thai. 7. Jason Pierce (9-0): A one-time collegiate soccer player, Pierce trains with the vaunted Miletich Fighting Systems camp in Bettendorf, Iowa. 8. Kiel Reid (8-1): A native of Bettendorf, Reid also trains with Miletich, whose experience includes a 2004 fight against UFC veteran Luigi Fiorvanti. American LW's 1. Paul Bird (4-1): A striker, Bird trains at Des Moines (Iowa) MMA. He has fought in the Midwest Cage Championships promotion. 2. Santino DeFranco (13-4): A wrestler and jiu-jitsu specialist, DeFranco has experienced fighting in the now-defunct International Fight League. He also helped coach Efrain Escudero, the TUF 8 winner. 3. Jason Dent (19-9): A submission specialist, Dent runs his own gym in Mentor, Ohio, at Griffon Brawl. He is a UFC veteran who has losses to Roger Huerta and Gleison Tibau. 4. Cameron Dollar (4-1): Dollar trains in Colorado Springs, Colo., and is a former teammate of TUF alums Cory Hill and Noah Thomas. 5. Tom Hayden (4-0): A submission fighter, Hayden is trained by popular UFC veteran Jorge Gurgel in West Chester, Ohio. 6. Waylon Lowe (5-2): Lowe, 28, also fights for Gurgel. 7. Josh Souder (7-2): A member of Team Prodigy, Souder has faced castmate Jason Dent in 2005, losing by TKO. 8. Richie Whitson (4-0): A native Alaskan who trains with Team Quest in Temecula, Calif., Whitson is a heavy-handed striker. Team UK Coach: Michael Bisping UK WW's 1. Dean Amarasinghe (4-1): A grappler from Nottingham, England, Amarasinghe trains at Rough House Gym. 2. James Bateman (2-1): A striker, Bateman trains at Grimsby NHB in Grimsby, England. 3. David Faulkner (2-1): A member of the Wolfslair team that features U.K. coach Michael Bisping and UFC star Quinton Jackson, Faulkner is a submissions expert. 4. Tommy Maguire (5-2): The 20-year-old Maguire is a striker who works with the Tsunami Gym in Wisbech, England. 5. Che Mills (7-2): A tall welterweight at 6-foot-2, Mills works with ex-UFC fighter Mark Weir's Range Fighting Gym. 6. Nicholas Osipczak (3-0): Osipczak trains in London with Pancrase UK. He's finished all of his fights in the first round. 7. Alex Reid (10-9-1): Reid, 33, trains in London with the London Shoot Fighters. He's faced notable opponents such as Murilo Rua, Tony Fryklund, Dave Menne and Jorge Rivera. 8. James Wilks (5-2): Trained by veteran Eric Paulson in Orange County, Calif., the 30-year-old Wilks is a striker. UK LW's 1. James Bryan (3-1): A striker, Bryan, 25, is from Somerset, England. 2. Dan James (3-0): A striker from Swansea, Wales, he's finished two of his three pro bouts. 3. Gary Kelly (2-1): A striker, the 25-year-old Kelly trains alongside Bisping and Jackson at Wolfslair in Liverpool, England. 4. Jeff Lawson (13-2): A submission fighter with 12 finishes, Lawson trains with Team Bulldog in Dorset, England. 5. Ross Pearson (9-3): A striker, Pearson trains at Sunderland Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Club in Sunderland, England. 6. Martin Stapleton (5-1): A Muay Thai fighter, Stapleton is a product of Quannum Combat Arts. 7. A.J. Wenn (7-2): A well-rounded fighter from the Tsunami Gym, Wenn is from Cambs, England. 8. Andre Winner (9-2-1): Winner is a member of the Rough House team in London and is coming off a loss and a draw in his two fights prior to appearing on the show. So I guess Junie's brother doesn't make it into the house. Also no Ross Pointon on Team UK makes me a sad panda.
  2. Lord of The Curry

    American Idol Season 8

    But I didn't really want to keep making random posts in CWDWAT and I doubt I'm the only one watching. If I am, fuck it. Consider this thread mah blog. Final Six (Six spots to go) Week One: Danny Gokey Very solid, a potential top five that's helped by the fact that 1) He's a Pastor so he has the Southern/Religious vote going for him and 2) He's got the sob-story background due to his wife passing away 4 weeks before he went to the Idol auditions. Michael Sarver A somewhat surprising pick for the Top 12, IMO. Is solid but unspectacular. I fully expect him to get voted out within the first few weeks. Alexis Grace Very good singer, sultry voice, cute as a button. Not the strongest female but good enough to last until the Top 8, maybe higher. Week Two: Adam Lambert I'd almost guarantee this guy makes the top five without a hitch and is a heavy favorite to win. Good look, theater background so he can work a stage well and has a voice that unlike other Idol winners in the past, could actually sell an album. Excellent range too. Alison Iraheta Youngest in the competition at 16 but has a great, theatrical voice. Might struggle a bit with slower/classical songs because she's more suited to a rock style but she killed the Heart song she did last week. Not gonna make top five but should put in a good showing. Kris Allen Worst pick to make the Top 12 so far. Totally bland and forgettable. Fuck this guy. Out of last nights show I think the 2 that are shoe-ins are Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre. Third spot is a toss-up to me. Fourth week is Wild Card group which are twelve singers that the judges are giving a second chance to.
  3. Lord of The Curry

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Okay so the trailer was released recently at Comic-Con and can be seen in shitty quality on YouTube but I don't care. Watching that had me jumping up and down like a kid. Final cast looks awesome and I love the diversity of mutants in this. I have no doubts in my mind that this will likely end up being better then X3 and maybe X2 and the first one. Watching the trailer you can hear the audience freak out when they see Gambit and I had a very similar reaction. Cast Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Will.i.am as Kestrel Danny Houston as William Stryker Lynn Collins as Silver Fox Tyler Kitsch as Gambit Kevin Durand as The Blob Dominic Monaghan as Barnell Daniel Henney as Maverick Scott Adkins as Weapon XI Rumors are going around that we'll see mutants like Professor X and Cyclops make cameos. I can only hope that soon enough we'll be getting the Nightcrawler spinoff they've been talking about since X2.
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    MMA in Pictures

    I'm starting off with a bang, kids. Bring your A game. Funny, disgusting, sad, whatever. Bring 'em all.
  5. Lord of The Curry

    Food Porn

    - Blueberry waffle with two eggs, two sausages, ham, cheese and bacon topped with maple syrup -Bacon Beeritos “Secret meat,” rice, beans, bacon and All-Malt Porter mixed together. Bake with Porter-marinated bacon then wrap in Porter-soaked tortillas and additional Porter-marinated bacon strips. Finally, dip in beer-batter and deep fried. - New York strip loin
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    Amalgamated EHME vs. Battlenuts

    I'm gonna need some clarification on this one. Did he phone the dude? Visit his house? Find him in the street?
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    UFN 18 - Condit vs. Kampmann

    MAIN CARD (Televised) * Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann * Junie Browning vs. Cole Miller * Tyson Griffin vs Rafael dos Anjos * Ryan Bader vs Carmello Marrero PRELIMINARY CARD (Un-televised) * Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Horwich * Rob Kimmons vs. Joe Vedepo * Gleison Tibeau vs Jeremy Stephens * Tim Creuder vs Nick Catone * Brock Larson vs. Jesse Sanders * Nissen Osterneck vs. Jorge Rivera * Ryan Jensen vs. Steve Steinbeiss * Tim McKenzie vs. Aaron Simpson
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    Upon rewatch of the episode it looks like when Richard is carrying Ben to The Temple he walks by the mass grave that Locke fell into when he was shot.
  9. Lord of The Curry


    - So I'm thinking in terms of The Others power structure they have leaders but Richard is more like their "prophet", acting on Jacob's behalf by choosing the leader but not having any actual power over the underlings and such. He doesn't answer to them but it seems like they don't answer to him either. - Gotta love how Sayid and Jack think that they're going to change the future but the island course-corrects it by having Kate and Sawyer take Ben to Richard. - It seems that once somebody is in The Temple they are changed, devoted to the island. Example of this is when Robert is arguing with Danielle he's attempting to justify the black cloud. He also attempts to kill her because he serves the island now and she is a threat. - In season one, was the black cloud trying to pull Locke into the ground to take him to the temple and make him one of The Others?
  10. I messaged Mik about doing this a while back and I supposed in a battle of the "Who is Lazier" contest Mik is the winner. This is going to stay pinned at the top of the folder and when it comes time to making an official thread for whatever show the contents will be transferred into it. The whole idea behind this is that we get lots of random posts in CWDWAT and others that kinda get lost in the shuffle so this will keep the discussion surrounding certain fights/shows contained until the events are given the green light. If it's at all possible try and mention which fights are rumored and which fights are close to being signed or are official. If you're adding a fight to an event just do a copy/paste job and put the fight being added in bold so it catches whomever is reading the threads eye.
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    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Probably not until 2010, if that. Silva's got Leites and then the winner of Henderson/Bisping before the year is up. Don't really know who GSP's next challenger would be after Alves.
  12. Lord of The Curry

    American Idol Season 8

    If they do and it ends up in people turning on him (which it should) I'll laugh my balls off.
  13. Lord of The Curry

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    MacDonald is a better win then Quarry.
  14. Lord of The Curry

    24 -- Season 7

    Spoiler tag that second line. Edit: I'm retarded. It's your third line that appears to be the spoiler.
  15. Lord of The Curry

    24 -- Season 7

    Rene Walker says both of youse are fags.
  16. Lord of The Curry

    The Office Season 5

    Neither. He's in Thailand. Never quit or got fired.
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    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    I love Carlos but check out the now-retired Hiromitsu Kanehara's opponents, he trumps Newton badly... - Wanderlei Silva - Shogun Rua - Antonio Rogerio Nogeuira - Ricardo Arona - Babau Sobral - Alistair Overeem - Dan Henderson - Matt Hughes - Mirko Filipovic
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    I'll be the Phil Nurse to your GSP, EHME.
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  20. Lord of The Curry

    UFN 18 - Condit vs. Kampmann

    He ran a train on Ryo Chonan in PRIDE, maybe that was it?
  21. Lord of The Curry

    UFN 18 - Condit vs. Kampmann

    Yeah, it's been coming up on 9 months from his last fight and with UFC making some solid MW signings lately he can't afford to get lost in the mix.
  22. Lord of The Curry

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

  23. Lord of The Curry

    UFN 18 - Condit vs. Kampmann

    Card has been updated in original post.
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    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    Getting rid of this thread is a horrible idea. I, for one don't want to see random threads with only 3 posts clogging up the forum. Which is exactly what will happen if this folder is killed.
  25. Lord of The Curry

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    "People want to see real fighters not guys acting like...uh.....retards, you know?"- The sensitive, tolerant and compassionate Josh Barnett on Inside MMA last night. I think I might finally be in the Lei Tong camp about Josh. It was bad enough hearing him spout tripe about him having recently competed (and won, he'll have you know) a pro wrestling bout in Japan but having to listen to comments like "double wrist lock" and "front headlock" while trying to describe submissions was horrid.