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  1. - So I'm thinking in terms of The Others power structure they have leaders but Richard is more like their "prophet", acting on Jacob's behalf by choosing the leader but not having any actual power over the underlings and such. He doesn't answer to them but it seems like they don't answer to him either.


    - Gotta love how Sayid and Jack think that they're going to change the future but the island course-corrects it by having Kate and Sawyer take Ben to Richard.


    - It seems that once somebody is in The Temple they are changed, devoted to the island. Example of this is when Robert is arguing with Danielle he's attempting to justify the black cloud. He also attempts to kill her because he serves the island now and she is a threat.


    - In season one, was the black cloud trying to pull Locke into the ground to take him to the temple and make him one of The Others?

  2. "People want to see real fighters not guys acting like...uh.....retards, you know?"- The sensitive, tolerant and compassionate Josh Barnett on Inside MMA last night.


    I think I might finally be in the Lei Tong camp about Josh. It was bad enough hearing him spout tripe about him having recently competed (and won, he'll have you know) a pro wrestling bout in Japan but having to listen to comments like "double wrist lock" and "front headlock" while trying to describe submissions was horrid.