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  1. The Man in Blak

    MLB Game Chatter 9/20-9/22

    I swear to god, Hector Luna is, like, the Shungnak Totem for Fielding Errors.
  2. The Man in Blak

    Anyone up for Fantasy Football?

    Hey, Caldwell's done pretty well so far catching passes from a circus midget and the Ghost of Ryan Leaf. Cooley...not so much. And I threw out a PM, but I just wanted to reiterate - if there's still an unowned team that needs steering, I'd be glad to volunteer.
  3. The Man in Blak

    Sony Shrinks the Playstation 2

    If Sony really is re-designing the PS2, all I care about is that they fix that ridiculous Disc Read Error issue that has plagued their entire customer base for years. Progressive Scan and lower prices be damned.
  4. The Man in Blak

    Twins Central Champs

    Been there, done that, beat him. August 18th, 2004 - Metrodome NYY: 2 - 6 - 0 MIN: 7 - 10 - 0 WP: Johan Santana LP: Mike Mussina 7 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 6 K
  5. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Stick with Bledsoe - Brees is a dead man, Simms & Grossman are still learning, and the NY & Miami tandems are almost impossible to predict.
  6. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Well, the QB disaster in San Diego essentially ruined the potential upside (if there was any to begin with) of the Chargers receivers. The Raiders have three wide receivers that they can hit on a consistent basis (Porter, Gabriel, Rice), so I'm still holding onto hope that some semblance of consistency will emerge from Norv Turner's brain. As for San Francisco...er...well, the Giants are still in the wild card race!
  7. The Man in Blak

    MLB Game Chatter Thread

    Beckett's actually been pitching up to his reputation over the last month (3 wins with a 2.61 ERA in 41.1 IP) - I'm thinking that perhaps he's just a big second half guy (a la Derrek Lee). Benitez is on the other side of the spectrum - he'll always have a shitty reputation from his New York days, but he's been very good this year. 43 saves out of 46 chances ain't exactly "shaky."
  8. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    A lot of it depends on the matchups on that given bye week. If Washington is playing a super-high-powered offense like Minnesota, you can figure that Morton's going to return a lot of kicks. It also depends on who your other starting RB is; obviously, Rhodes can't fill in for James on a bye week (since they're on the same team). All things considered, I think I'd grab Rhodes as a handcuff to James and just ride out Julius Jones - even though the RB situation in Dallas is currently a disaster, Jones should eventually emerge and at least be capable as a bye-week starter. On top of that, Rhodes may still yet get an occasional goal-line carry or touch throughout the game to spell James, which could give him even more value on top of his return skills.
  9. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    In that case, I'd consider Chad Morton (WAS) or Dominic Rhodes (IND) as a pickup. Morton returns kicks and punts and usually grabs about anywhere from 75 to 150 yards a game off of returns. Rhodes also returns kicks, but he's also the primary backup behind Edgerrin James and he does have the track record (1104 yards in 2001) to be a capable fill-in if something happens to Edge.
  10. The Man in Blak

    MLB Game Chatter Thread

    Because the Magic Number to win the division outright was 1, but Chicago's loss last night guaranteed that the best that Cubs could do was tie St. Louis. And, since St. Louis won the season series, then they would win the tiebreaker and win the Central Division.
  11. The Man in Blak

    NFL Week 2 Sunday Discussion

    Man, I'm still scratching my head over the debacle at Lambeau.
  12. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Good lord. That entire game was played in Bizarro World.
  13. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    Porter is the better wide receiver, but Terrell is probably the better play this week, as he is the only option in Chicago (what the hell happened to Justin Gage?) and the Bears will probably be throwing a lot in the second half.
  14. The Man in Blak

    OaO Fantasy Football Advice Thread

    I'd agree with you if Gabriel didn't have three long touchdown runs in the preseason. But he does and, since Norv Turner keeps harping about a vertical passing attack, he's more of a fit into the scheme than Jerry Rice. He's awesome bench candy if you're in a really deep league or in a league with a lot of teams.
  15. The Man in Blak

    Fantasy Football question

    Just a note: Muhammad isn't guaranteed the "#1 WR slot", as reports have Keary Colbert sliding into Steve Smith's position in the playbook. Does that mean Muhammad's numbers won't improve? No, he'll certainly get a couple more looks. Does this mean he replicates Smith's numbers? No way. Honestly, I think razateca's got a great suggestion - David Terrell and Cedrick Wilson are both probably better plays through the next few weeks than Muhammad and Warrick, so I'd look for them on the wire.
  16. The Man in Blak

    Stephen Davis out 2-5 weeks

    DeShaun Foster could have probably grabbed 1400 yards from scrimmage if Davis wasn't there - he is that good. Definitely a blessing in disguise.
  17. The Man in Blak

    Quentin Tarantino

    Yeah, what he said.
  18. The Man in Blak

    New Final Fantasy VII Game Announced

    Well, at least they chose the right character to base it around - Vincent was woefully misused in FFVII. One question though: What's this?
  19. The Man in Blak

    The NHL Lockout

    And, on top of that, if every team doesn't want to give a player a big contract, it becomes "collusion."
  20. The Man in Blak

    Frank Francisco might sue the fans

    Was there a documented or witnessed request for security to remove the heckler? I hadn't heard about this at all before now.
  21. The Man in Blak

    MLB Game Chatter Thread

    Dead Arm. Younger pitchers who have a large increase in innings from one season to another develop it. More importanly. I think Perez is still a fastball pitcher. So has hard as he can throw, hitters will eventually be able to hit him. When Perez's off-speed stuff is fully developed he can become one of the elite pitchers of the game. Actually, looking at the line in the box score, it just seems like he wasn't very sharp (4 BB, I believe), which has happened to him occasionally. Before this year, his command was the primary thing holding him back - he's had great stuff, back when he was with the Padres. The three home runs in the first inning thing just kind of blew my mind.
  22. The Man in Blak

    The NHL Lockout

    Given that a playoff team a while back had trouble making payroll due to the American-Canadian exchange rate, I don't it's unreasonable to have some kind of limitation on team salary. Now, I'm not a financial genius, so ignore me if salary caps do this anyway, but why not do this: why not have a salary cap, but have it increase every three years in accordance with inflation rates?
  23. The Man in Blak

    MLB Game Chatter Thread

    How much longer is left on Dusty Baker's contract again? And what in the hell happened to Oliver Perez?
  24. The Man in Blak


    The sad thing about the Sports Reporters is it's still the same basic people that were there in the beginning with Schaap (Lupica, Bob Ryan, etc.), but they've all mutated into smarmy fuckheads who think they're 1000x funnier than they really are. (Hilarious, Mitch Albom, who used to be the premier smarmy fuckhead on that show, now seems to have the most class out of everybody whenever he occasionally shows up). I think that may be a negative aspect of the PTI phenomenon - once these reporters turn into "TV celebrities", their journalistic credibility takes a back seat to marketing their personality.
  25. The Man in Blak

    Why ESPN sucks

    http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/...e-goes-for-pay/ Killer article on ESPN and Joe Morgan.