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    ESPN's Top 100 Moments of past 25 years

    And it was the Boston Celtics, who looked to be in position for another decade of success with Larry Legend and Co. gradually transitioning into a new Dynasty that Bias would carry into the future. Bill Simmons has a phenomenal article on Bias on Page 2 somewhere - check it out. For a good comparison of the shock, imagine if Lebron James would have been killed in a gang shooting the night after the draft.
  2. The Man in Blak

    TO opens his big mouth, again.

    Bold prediction: Somebody gets sick of Terrell Owens' primadonna bullshit, cleans his clock in Week 3, and ends his season at 231 yards and 0 touchdowns, thereby flushing Philadelphia's shot at the Super Bowl along with the hopes and dreams of fantasy footballers everywhere.
  3. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Don't worry - he'll no-hit somebody in Triple A and be back just in time for September callups. And Brett Myers has actually pitched very well in the last month: 3.16 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 24 K in 31.1 innings.
  4. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Eh, they're already half of the way there.
  5. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Say what you want about the Marlins' record, but Lo Duca himself has been doing pretty well in a Marlins uniform. It's the rest of the team that's been having trouble getting dialed in.
  6. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Yeah, Sweeney is dead on. Honestly, I still don't think Pena is the guy that you pin this on, despite the increased "festivities" at Spring Training. Simply put, these guys did it with mirrors last year and nobody realized that the expectations were too high until it was far, far too late. They inexplicably forgot to resign Jose Lima (current salary with the Dodgers: less than $1 Million). Runelvys, Snyder, and Asencio were all toast this year to arm problems. Macdougal started playing poker with Rick Ankiel. Affeldt, who was pinned as a potential 20-game winner by a lot of analyst-types, was a complete bust as a starter and found those pesky blisters again mere moments after the team discovered that he could potentially be a top ten closer. Kevin Appier, whose emotional win over the Yankees last year was probably the greatest Royals moment of the last five years, watched his arm fall off in two games and retired. Big Free Agent Signing #1 Juan Gonzalez hit 5 HR in a Royals uniform before giving way to injury. Other over-achievers like Aaron Guiel, Desi Relaford, Darrell May, Brian Anderson and ROTY Angel Berroa were found in a mile-wide crater when they crashed back to earth. Big Free Agent Signing #2 Benito Santiago was shelved for the rest of the year about a third through the season. Bullpen stalwart Curtis Leskanic took a huge dive in efficiency, got traded, and essentially spurred a negative reaction in the clubhouse, which included Jason Grimsley (the other good arm in the pen) destroying equipment in the locker room upon hearing about the trade...which prompted him to be traded (admittedly, in a steal of a deal to Baltimore). And that Juan Gonzalez thing didn't really work either, did it? If I were playing baseball for the Royals this year, I'd probably want to forget how to play baseball too.
  7. The Man in Blak

    Edgar Martinez to Announce Retirement

    What a disastrous season for the Mariners. Edgar has been synonymous with the Mariners for the better part of two decades and it's a pretty firm indictment of the state of the franchise (or the locker room, with Olerud gone) that Edgar wasn't even willing to stay around to tutor Bucky Jacobsen. Despite that, I tip my cap to a class act who had a great, if quiet, career. The Burrell announcement is a shock, as I had no idea that his wrist was even close to being surgery-worthy. And trading for Lidle ain't going to solve the rotation, though the upcoming return of Vicente Padilla might help matters.
  8. The Man in Blak

    The Keltner List

    *looks again* ... Not one of my better moments. He's a shoo-in.
  9. The Man in Blak

    The Keltner List

    That didn't really stop Eddie Murray, did it? I think Blyleven is one of the big dividing lines between the traditionalist and the sabermetric community. The traditionalists point to his won-loss record and trumpet the fact that his career is a testament to his longevity, rather than his skill. The sabermatricians bring out the Win Shares and place emphasis on the impressive peripherals (5th all-time in K's). Honestly, I don't think Blyleven's case is really as convincing as it seems. Even though he has a truckload of gray ink, a lot of that ink came from being among the league leaders in "negative stats", such as hits allowed (10 years), hit batsmen (15 years), Walks / 9 IP (8 years), Walks + Hits / 9 IP (11 years), Hits / 9 IP (7 years). He strikes out a ton of batters, but he also coughed up a ton of home runs (430 through his career, including 50 in 1986). Blyleven is the ultimate "Three True Outcomes" pitcher - he either struck you out, let you take first, or watched you run around the bases. And while his won-loss record is undeniably affected by playing for subpar team, you could also turn the "bad team theory" around and say that Blyleven was able to eat up a ridiculous amount of innings (and, hence, accumulate all that gray ink) because the teams that he pitched for never had a pitching staff around him. Make no mistake, I think Blyleven is deserving of being in the hall of fame (5th all time in strikeouts? 9th all time in shutouts?) but I don't feel that he's the first-ballot snub that many would portray him as.
  10. The Man in Blak

    Carlos Tosca fired

    When Gregg Zaun is battling for the team lead in OPS with a mark of .801, that can't be a good thing. And just think - next year, they'll essentially roll out the same team, sans their super-slugging franchise first basemen!
  11. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Well, they do play Toronto 13 more times this year, so anything is possible.
  12. The Man in Blak

    The 1994 MLB Playoffs

    If you want to talk about people with ridiculous lines during 1994, Albert Belle should probably be first on the list, as he was hitting .357/.438/.714 with 36 HR, 90 runs scored, and 101 RBIs in 412 at-bats. Cleveland probably could have pushed New York a lot more than people would think, as the Yankees and the Indians were right next to each other in staff ERA and runs scored.
  13. The Man in Blak

    Larry Walker now a Cardinal

    Rotoworld has the official numbers: This is absolutely hilarious, if you ask me. I figured the Cardinals would swing for a lesser LF like Frank Catalanotto or somebody, but Walker absolutely exceeds my expectations. He'll move in at RF, Sanders fills in the revolving door at LF, and "Roger Cedeno" (I don't know how the Witness Protection Agency swings it, but it sure ain't foolin' me) gets placed in a drawer and forgotten about. The upgrade is instantaneous and, besides being a respected veteran player who's hungry for a ring, he's also a left-handed veteran hitter with pop, which makes the Cardinals' lineup even more maddening to pitch around: L - 2B - Womack R - SS - Renteria R - 1B - Pujols L - CF - Edmonds R - 3B - Rolen L - RF - Walker R - LF - Sanders R - C - Matheny This (hopefully) leaves Ray Lankford (L), Marlon Anderson (L), John Mabry (L), So Taguchi ® and Yadier Molina ® as a well-rounded bench going into the playoffs. And, looking off into the future, this still gives them enough payroll flexibility to retain some of their more important free agents. Jason Burch, the minor league prospect that they traded to Colorado, is a 21st rounder out of the 2003 draft. He's a 21-year old right handed reliever out of the University of Nebraska who's being brought through the minors as a potential closer; he had 10 saves for Johnson City in the Rookie league with a 1.53 ERA and 12.74 K/9. The remainder of his 2003 season in Single A wasn't that spectacular (4.85 ERA), but he's still only 21 and has more than a couple of years to potentially blossom into one of those late-round headache picks that teams regret trading six years later...but that's not right now. The Rockies, surprisingly, get addition by subtraction as well, as 24-year-old Matt Holliday (he of the 10 HRs and .357 OBP in part-time duty) gets to play full-time. Plus, don't forget about those two nebulous Players To Be Named Later. It's a bold PR move by Colorado, by trading away the only Hall of Fame-caliber player that the franchise has ever had (though Helton's knocking on the door) and, on top of that, paying another team to keep him...but it's a great show of loyalty to Larry Walker, who gets a shot at a ring and the playoffs for the first time since his first year with the Rockies. As for the Cardinals, this isn't quite on par with the Rolen trade, but it comes pretty damn close...as they reinforce the lineup and send a huge signal to the players that the front office is committed to put the best team possible on the field.
  14. The Man in Blak

    The Keltner List

    The cocaine scandal pretty much keeps Parker out of consideration, I think, despite having surprising career numbers. Speaking of players with potential sportsmanship issues, I'd love to see the Keltner list on Roberto Alomar, if you haven't already done him yet.
  15. The Man in Blak

    Is John Olerud a Hall of Famer?

    If there's a special wing in the hall for classiest players in the game, Olerud is a first-ballot lock. In terms of his career stats, however, he falls well short of consideration. The staggering thing to think about is how easy it would have been for Olerud to hit .400 if he had any ounce of speed: he hit .363 in '93 and .354 in '98 and he had almost no help from infield hits in either year. If someone like, say, Luis Castillo could swing the bat like Olerud, he'd probably have a couple of .400 seasons under his belt.
  16. The Man in Blak

    Red Dead Revolver Question

    Make sure you got plenty of distance, use the rifle, and run/strafe around taking headshots.
  17. The Man in Blak

    Sequels or Games Never Made...

    The man speak the truth.
  18. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Derrek Lee hits another home run and it reminds me exactly why I'm not the manager of the Chicago Cubs: You give me the clipboard, and I might do something completely stupid like...I don't know...putting Lee, who can steal, and his ~.300 average (.370 OBP) in the three hole and move Veteran Leader Moises Alou (owner of the .330 OBP) to sixth in the order, where he can put all those streaky solo shots to use with Aramis (.370 OBP) on base. But walks clog up the basepaths, sez Dusty Baker, so Lee gets to stew on base and wait impatiently for Proven Run Producer Michael Barrett (who's just about to reach his career high in RBIs - that's 52 - in a few games because of it) to occasionally drive him in, costing the Cubs potential game-winning runs and nerfing my Lee-toting fantasy squad.
  19. The Man in Blak

    Roberto Alomar traded to White Sox

    Which is really too bad because the White Sox, when they were healthy, finally seemed to have all the pegs in the right places.
  20. The Man in Blak

    Bud Selig just won't go away

    And, with that, you get an odd number of teams per league (15) and a scheduling nightmare.
  21. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    Or that Zito is an absolute shell of the pitcher that he once was. Oh, and the walk count for Zambrano is sitting at two for one inning of work. Where have you gone, Rick Petersen?!
  22. The Man in Blak

    Bud Selig just won't go away

    The pros with Selig: - The Wild Card and Realignment - Standing firm on Pete Rose The cons with Selig: - The Expos - Contraction - This Time, It Counts - The Milwaukee Stadium Debacle Personally, I think he's due to be turfed as well, but he's not quite the anti-christ that most would make him out to be. Purists may hate it, but I really think the Wild Card has changed baseball for the better.
  23. The Man in Blak

    Tim Brown Released

    I don't think we're reading too much into the article at all - look at the bold text below:
  24. The Man in Blak

    Roberto Alomar traded to White Sox

    Is this the first time in MLB history that a team has traded for two players (Alomar, Everett) or even one player two years in a row?
  25. The Man in Blak

    TSM Game Chatter Thread

    The Angels are just pounding the Twins right now...and it is absolutely horrifying to imagine this lineup with everybody healthy (Molina, Glaus). Meanwhile, we're in the first and Victor Zambrano has yet to walk or bean a batter so far. Of course, we're in the top of the first. Despite that, I think it's still safe to say that NUKE HAS BEEN CURED~!