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    WWE signs Shannon Moore

    Why fire him and then hire him again? They should have signed a better cruiserweight. First Chuck, now Moore, next hopefully Test. I don't mind Chuck, Moore is boring and Test is cool.
  2. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    At least Angle can cut a long promo. Angle is way better on the mic then Benoit IMO. I know it's not in Benoit's blood to be great on the mic but you would at least expect him to be able to cut at least 5 minute promos after being around such great mic workers. You'd think they have taught him some stuff. Bret Hart didn't like cutting promos at first but later on he was awesome on the mic.
  3. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I have always liked Chuck Palumbo. He's just a very solid midcarder that has the "look" as well. He should go into the US Title Division first and then just go back to the Tag Team division and be in a Face tag team.
  4. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I have been thinking about something all day. How can Chris Benoit be so VERY mediocre on the mic? His entire career he has been around very charasmatic wrestlers: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, hell Bret Hart, Kurt Angle...YET he manages to still suck on the mic. The only promo he can do is a cheap pop promo where after every line the fans cheer and those kind of promos are the easiest. Hasn't he learned from constantly being around great mic workers?
  5. Team Angle Pusher

    PS2 God of War 2: Divine Retribution confirmed

    Woot, GoW was great, I loved it. One of the best PS2 games ever.
  6. Team Angle Pusher

    SD Match Listing

    I find it funny that when JBL named all the great Texans he also said Hansen but Hansen is not on the list because I think the WWE doesn't like him.
  7. Team Angle Pusher

    My AWA

    Lately I've been wanting to do something with the past so I decided to do AWA in 1989 with EWR. Now I have the worst roster of the big 4: WWF,NWA,USWA,AWA. I started with a really sucky AWA. The AWA had lost a lot of there big guys and they were a big sinking ship. Now I have some questions cause I want to do this right: - Who is Kokina Maximus? He seems to be over with the crowd a lot and he's a crappy brawler. He's one of my main eventers because he's so over but I don't know the damn guy. - Who's Leo Burke? - I decided to part ways with Baron Van Raschke. The man did a lot for the AWA but I feel he's way too old and he isn't a good wrestler either. Now the question is, who should I build the AWA around? AWA Champions: AWA World Heavyweight Title: Vacant (I'll do a big tournament, right now I'm leaning to Larry Zbyszko to get the belt cause he's over, has charisma and he's solid in the ring but you can convince me otherwise) AWA World Tag Titles: Bad Company (Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. I don't like this, I need to get used to the Tag belts being almost as important as the World Title. Especially Tanaka is really over and he's one of my best wrestlers, he should be gunning for the top belt, help me out here) AWA Television Title: Greg Gagne (He's over but sucks in the ring and he's not good on the mic either. I'll have someone like Mike Enos take the belt from him) ====== If you want my roster I'll show you, I got some guys from other promotions as well. I got them to wrestle for me (examples: Dustin Rhodes, Eric Embry (really over guy), Chris Chavis). I also made a development camp called AWA: Texas and I've got guys like Lance Idol, Tim Horner, Robbie V and Bradshaw in the camp. I'll keep you updated as I go along, trying to bring AWA to the top.
  8. Team Angle Pusher

    The Youtube Thread

    The Rock is officially the best Heel character in the last 10 years.
  9. Team Angle Pusher

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kvFFzKV6FU...20WCW%20Pillman Austin vs. Arn Anderson in Japan
  10. Team Angle Pusher

    ECW One Night Stand II-It's Official

    Yes it was because this ppv is going to suck balls big time bitch Cause Shark Boy wasn't in ECW!
  11. Team Angle Pusher

    Saturday Night War?

    HOF > Impact. You can't miss Bret Hart's speech. HOF beats Impact easily, punch was served.
  12. Team Angle Pusher

    Does Triple H even want to be a heel?

    RVD says hi. I would rather see RVD in the main event then Rey.
  13. Team Angle Pusher

    WON Notes - Rey hurt - Warrior lawsuits...

    Do you mean his two front teeth? Didn't he knock them out during training/early match/Tough Enough? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, but I want to know. Something like that happened but he could have done something about it but WWE Creative told him it would look good for his gimmick and he agreed.
  14. Team Angle Pusher

    Does Triple H even want to be a heel?

    So we are pretty much agreeing that Cena is a shitty champion. What if HHH just beat Cena cleanly at Mania and buried Cena out of main event status. What if they did that? I wouldn't mind really but for some reason we don't want Cena to be buried yet we laugh when he gets booed. So we all see that Cena has potential. Cena became a Main Eventer too fast to be honest. I want HHH to become the Champion again, seriously.
  15. Team Angle Pusher

    Live Smackdown Spoilers

    Henry/Taker will surprise you all, it'll be a solid match
  16. Team Angle Pusher

    The One and Only Raw Thread for February 27th, 2006

  17. Team Angle Pusher

    And the Smackdown ME for Mania is...

    I wouldn't mind seeing Taker getting added to the match. We just had a Triple Threat match 2 years ago, we had a Fatal 4 Way 6 years ago.
  18. Team Angle Pusher

    WWE Power 25 Rankings.

    They haven't announced that yet, have they? Carlito announced it on RAW after his win right
  19. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    SD! usually has the better matches, RAW is just....live.
  20. Team Angle Pusher

    BIG announcement expected backstage on Monday

    Seconded. He did have a meeting with NJPW so....let's pray.
  21. Team Angle Pusher

    Can the WWE win back the casual fan?

    The WWE needs to create new and original stars. They try to make John Cena the next Austin, but they fuck it up. The people don't want to see another Austin because Austin is still fresh in their memory, they want something new. Cena was different with his cocky raps, that's what got him over. Why change that? Personally I prefer Cena as a Heel, he has more potential that way. He'll have a small part of the crowd cheering for him because of his raps but the rest just hate him because he's a wigger and he talks trash to the babyfaces. I would LOVE to see Shelton Benjamin come down in kinda like his old Team Angle gear with "Eye of the Tiger" and he comes out to the ring like a boxer. It can be awesome because Shelton has the look, he can be a real bad ass if he wants to. He can even have a manager who rubs his shoulders while walking to the ring and stuff. Hey, why not Mo Greene (or whatever his name is) from OVW! RVD can be the new big fresh Face. He's still really over so why not give him a shot. RVD will be a totally different number one Face then the ones the WWE had before. Give RVD a character who seems like he's "shooting" sometimes and he loves weapons, basically he's ECW but don't let him talk about ECW because that makes ECW look better then WWE. You want the fans to chant WWE instead of ECW. Samoa Joe can be this evil vicious beast that just kills everybody, a bit like he does now in TNA. He has a very new and intimidating look. He's the kind of guy that everybody is afraid of in the middle of the night. Let him speak as well. He becomes the Intercontinental Title at his peak. Then have the IC Champion go after the WWE Champion. They never do that and it doesn't make much sense because the IC Title is the second best title on RAW so why not try to become the World Champ right. So build up towards underdog WWE Champion RVD versus the beast IC Champion Samoa Joe and the fans will love it. Just my fantasy booking
  22. Team Angle Pusher

    OAO Who's on Steriods thread

    You have high expectations for "Y2_Rey_VanDam." Geez, why not be StoneColdTaker420, or NWOGuerreroMark316. IT'S A WRESTLING BOARD SO IMA GONNA HAVE A WRESTING NAME P.S.: Steriods? Some guys stopped the steroid using it seems: HHH, Masters, Batista, hell even Ken Kennedy.
  23. Team Angle Pusher

    RAW and AM RAW ratings

    Isn't AM RAW like a highlight show of RAW. So the high rating for AM RAW kinda explains the .5 drop for RAW because some people just didn't watch it live but watched the replay/highlights. So no need to worry. In fact, I think Vince should be laughing his ass off because a lousy show like AM RAW is beating TNA's main show in the ratings.
  24. Team Angle Pusher

    BIG announcement expected backstage on Monday

    "mister Bush, you're wrestling....KAAAAAANE!" Bring on the lame jokes