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    Okay, so you're a wrestler...

    I'd seriously consider joining TNA. But I'll probably do it anyways. "Vince, it's my dream to Main Event WrestleMania but please don't take the whole Eddie thing too far, too many people loved him". I think he would understand. If not, I would still do it for the money to have a good life with my family.
  2. Team Angle Pusher

    BIG announcement expected backstage on Monday

    President Bush is coming to see WrestleMania. Nah seriously, it's probably something really predictable.
  3. Team Angle Pusher

    So, who's going to be canned after Wrestlemania?

    I think Haas just came back into the company and they haven't even used him yet. It would make no sense at all to fire him already. London - I don't think they will fire him because he's over as a Cruiserweight, he has the look, a great wrestler and if they fire him they know TNA will pick him up and push em. Lance Cade Sylvain The Bashams
  4. Team Angle Pusher

    And the Smackdown ME for Mania is...

    I actually expected the main event to be Undertaker/Batista/Angle/Orton and then Mysterio would face Benoit for the US Title. It would be the ultimate challenge for the Undertaker to win this match. They can give Undertaker one last run because he has been doing really well lately or give Mysterio the rub.
  5. Team Angle Pusher

    Best 8-Man/10-Man Tag Matches

    You gives a shit it's a spotfest, it's just really fun to watch. Bubba Ray/Goldust/Booker T/Kane vs. Un-Americans (Christian, Storm,Test,Regal) on PPV was really fun to watch as well.
  6. Team Angle Pusher

    Wrestling Link Game....

    who marked out when Barry Horowitz won a match
  7. Team Angle Pusher

    OAO No Way Out Thread, Feb/19th/2006

    It kinda makes sense that Orton beat Rey Mysterio here. If Mysterio went on to WrestleMania and won the World Title it would seem forced. Also, Angle is a Face right now, Batista is (hopefully) in the WM Main Event as well to make things more interesting and he's a Face, so they need a full blown Heel because a 3-Way Face match wouldn't work. Mysterio can now go after the United States Title and Batista/Angle/Orton would be IMO a pretty cool match.
  8. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    It surprises me JBL is willing to job so much and create new stars. I expected him to be a egomaniac and try to get stick in the WWE Title scene.
  9. Team Angle Pusher

    ECW One Night Stand II-It's Official

    Because it doesn't look like the ECW Arena anymore?
  10. Team Angle Pusher

    Ten years ago today...

    Pillman had the look of a superstar and the charisma and in-ring skills to be one. It's really a shame he died 'cause I think he could have played a big part in the Attitude Era as well. The ECW promo was really good but I have seen better.
  11. Team Angle Pusher

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 2/17

    No Way Out's card is alright, much better then Great American Bash.
  12. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I liked the bit when he was in bed doing the Cena poses. I bet this dude committed suicide when Cena defeated Edge at the Rumble.
  13. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    They never mentioned her when she made her evil debut as a wrestler?
  14. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Watch Venis' Love Stinks "Sucktacular". Around 33 minutes, they show a clip of Eddie Guerrero in the shower. He gets out and a girl shows her face and says something to Eddie, is that Victoria? She looks A LOT like Victoria.
  15. Team Angle Pusher

    I am sick of blading...

    JBL vs. Cena at Judgment Day 2005, I think the blood made that match much more dramatic. The match was already really good but the blood made you cheer for Cena even more because it looked like he was going to pass out.
  16. Team Angle Pusher

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 2/17

    I hope Matt Hardy turns on his partner at NWO and turns Heel and joins MNM. Would be kinda cool cause he has the MNM look and he's a pretty good wrestler who deserves more.
  17. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

  18. Team Angle Pusher

    Angle's Greatest Rivalries

    They say the Benoit feud would have been in the top 3 if a big title like the WWE Title would have been more on the line in their rivalry. Then how the hell is HBK/Angle higher then the Benoit feud. Benoit/Angle have feuded longer and more then once, they had a WWE Title match, had better matches then Angle/HBK, so this is bs. HBK/Angle was never for a title either. They can say it was a WrestleMania match and they cost eachother a title shot, but Benoit/Angle was also a WM match and they fought for the title itself on PPV. Rant over. Benoit feud > HBK feud
  19. Team Angle Pusher

    TNA Needs more big guys

    Morgan is a really good big man...
  20. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    My heart bleeds... He deserved to win that match, it does nothing for Hogan. HBK was a awesome Heel and he could have been a REAL Heel against face Cena.
  21. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Floey/Edge could be a great No DQ brawl though and it gives Edge a bit credibility back. I would like to see this happen.
  22. Team Angle Pusher

    OAO Royal Rumble Thread Jan/29th/06

    I would love to see Ken Kennedy in the Rumble. Like 10 guys are already fighting, they suddenly stop to let Kennedy do his thing. "The man who is single handedly changing Friday Nights! MMMMMMMISSSTTAAAAA KENNEDY.....K" And a Face knocks him down to a big pop. Awesome.
  23. Team Angle Pusher

    Full Rumble Times / Eliminations

    In 2001 they started with Jeff Hardy and some other midcard guy right? But the 2001 Rumble was boring though, only credible contenders were The Rock, Big Show, Kane and Stone Cold. They tried to make Rikishi a contender but failed. This Rumble was stacked, I liked it. I wouldn't mind seeing the #30 win for once, cause they always say he's lucky.