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    I really thought they had some momentum with Kane when he was tagging with The Big Show around Survivor Series. They took out Batista and later he destroyed Rey Mysterio on MAY 19TH. They should have put him on SD! and become a heel champ, that would have been a great run.
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    Points to those who find more pictures ^^
  3. Team Angle Pusher

    OAO Raw Thread - September/11th/2006.

    All I hear is Cena will be booed out of the building but what if Cena acts all American (like he usually does with the salute) and you know he'll do a salute to the sky for damn sure and it wouldn't surprise me either if he did a patriotic interview before his tag match, what if that happens, will the crowd still boo Cena or will they "stand behind their country" like America usually does.
  4. Team Angle Pusher

    WCW facts, tidbits, and stuff people forgot

    John Tenta...
  5. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Not really. He's trying to get a job in the WWE and he apparentely thinks that the only way he'll get a job is with his "controversional" gimmick - being gay. I like Kanyon as a wrestler and he had loads of charisma but he's going overboard with this Openly Gay thing, he's shoving it down our thorats, WE GET IT.
  6. Team Angle Pusher

    The Youtube Thread

    Maybe because the main eventers give the jobbers a lot of shit so they have something to talk about
  7. Team Angle Pusher

    OAO Raw Thread - September/4th/2006.

    Gaspard's nickname in OVW was H.N.I.C, "Head Nigger In Charge".
  8. Team Angle Pusher

    Another Wrestling Promotion On TV

    Shame, I thought it was actually called Another Wrestling Promotion. Captain Chronic....Rosey...you are a god.
  9. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    No US Title run AGAIN for Benoit please.
  10. Team Angle Pusher

    WCW Torch Notes

    I got confused. I was talking about The Renegade, not The Disciple. Original names..
  11. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Benoit was boring in his last year or so. He needs to come back and have this great feud to show the real Benoit is back, not some stupid angle about Eddie Guerrero.
  12. Team Angle Pusher

    WCW Torch Notes

    Not anything really special here. I can't believe WCW tried to make their own Ultimate Warrior with The Disciple, and then hire Warrior months later. Hiring Warrior was a fucking dumb move too because the era of goofy main eventers was gone, those guys weren't over anymore. Did The Disciple wrestle against the Shark Boy we know from TNA? That's pretty interesting.
  13. Team Angle Pusher

    WWF Observer notes

    Funny that there were talks about filling up the 'Mania card with mid-level wrestlers, including Scott Hall.
  14. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Hooray for Ace possibly getting fired.
  15. Team Angle Pusher

    oAo ECW on Sci-Fi Week 12 Thread - 8/29/2006

    Mike Knox and Test joining DX
  16. Team Angle Pusher

    ECW renewed on Sci-Fi

    They had some politicking to do with Vincent K. McMahon. Who am I here hah?
  17. Team Angle Pusher

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    WWE.com breaks kayfabe all the time yet on TV they hide everything. They act like we don't read WWE.com, which strikes me as odd. You got a good guy here like Paul London saying he's hanging out with Rene Dupree, who has been a clear Heel his entire WWE career. Ken Kennedy did this 24 hour thing too a while back if my memory serves me right, and he wrote about hanging with the boys too (including Faces), but on-air Kennedy would never "hang" with a cookie cutter Face. Another example is WWE.com reports Brock Lesnar is in talks with Vince, but the WWE doesn't mention it on the air, not even a word from Jim Ross. Or Jerry Jarrett brings Greg Prodius or something to Vince and they hype Prodius up on the website, but no mention of him on the air. I hear and see wrestlers using wrestling words a lot more on the website, like John Cena who said something about "kayfabe" in his five questions and London "no-selling". I don't know if I like what they are doing. Either go totally out and break kayfabe or hold on to kayfabe. Rant over.
  18. Team Angle Pusher

    Football Manager 2005

    Yah I was thinking about Juventus too. It is certainly a challenge to bring Juventus back to the top where they always were. West Ham United could be fun too because of their new players: Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez. Try to make West Ham United a worldclass team by buying better players every year and by keeping that Argentinian couple at West Ham instead of letting them go to Chelsea, like what will happen in real life for sure.
  19. Team Angle Pusher

    My EWR fix

    Maybe because the network it's on does not like your risk factor. Check the allowed risk factor of the network, then if it's lower than your own risk level lower your own and the network won't mind. Only problem is that when you lower the risk level of the promotion, you might not be able to matches like Hell in a Cell.
  20. Team Angle Pusher

    The Youtube Thread

    And he did the 4 Horsemen sign in the end.
  21. Team Angle Pusher

    My EWR fix

    You are stupid.
  22. Team Angle Pusher

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 9/1 Airing

    If he gets booed a lot then he's you know....a good Heel. Because he's becoming a Heel anyways, he beat Tatanka using the ropes.
  23. I was always thought the next boom period would happen during an era that is all about wrestling. Like ROH, but then the WWE, ofcourse with the entertainment bit. It looked like Smackdown! went that way in 2002/2003 with Paul Heyman as the booker because SD! was very popular during the time of the Magnificent Six or something, but they killed that off and went back to being shit. I think if they managed to continue that, SD! could have been something really special. People would have started tuning in just to see another Haas match or another Angle/Benoit combination.
  24. Team Angle Pusher

    Evaluating - Chris Jericho

    Jericho isn't a 10/10 for sure. He has charisma growing out of his ass yes, but he's overrated in the ring, especially during his WWE days. It seemed like one month he couldn't be arsed and didn't give it his all and then the next week he wrestled his ass off. He had times that he was sloppy in the ring, wasn't that good in the ring but his charisma made it look like he was gold. He was never a draw either. I know that doesn't mean he can't be a 10/10, because it's based on wrestling skills but then again...why name his titles? I mean if we base this off wrestling skills, Lance Storm is a 10/10 too and Storm had charisma too. Jericho is just overrated in the ring whether you like it or not.