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    Not the right guy?

    He won't have the Randy Orton effect because Cena is already WAY more over then Orton was and probably ever will be. The problem is; Cena isn't main event material with his in-ring skills IMO and who will he face as WWE Champ?
  2. Team Angle Pusher

    Things in wrestling that were never explained

    Who attacked Edge at No Way Out 2003? They could have done a big angle about this, a lot of people thought it would turn out to be Rhyno.
  3. Team Angle Pusher

    Cena or JBL?

    Keep the belt on JBL, he's a wrestling god. His promo's are just simply amazing, and he won't do those promo's if he's not the WWE Champion. I don't see APA Bradshaw in him at ALL. People said his push would suck, but JBL proved everybody wrong by putting his opponent over while still winning, by improving a lot in his promo's. He's still not a god in the ring but he has won me over.
  4. Team Angle Pusher

    A Few Good Men WM Promo

    Yeah he has improved in his promo's a lot lately. From a beer drinking, ass kicking guy from Texas to a rich mofo who cuts one of the best promo's in a while.... I am a JBL-promo mark, from now on whenever he starts to talk I'm going to mark, but when he wrestles I'll....do an impression of one of his amazing interviews His promo to Batista was awesome, his promo at No Way Out was one of the best interviews in a while and the Few Good Men trailer made me a full fledged JBL fan. Keep the WWE Title on JBL, 'cause I want more
  5. Team Angle Pusher

    Post-Mania Draft!!!

    To Smackdown!: Chris Jericho Christian (push him to Main Event status) Randy Orton (turn him Heel) The Hurricane (for the Cruiser division) Don't know about this one, the could switch General Manager's To RAW: Charlie Haas Big Show Kurt Angle (I have mixed feelings about this though, Smackdown! may need Kurt and nobody has beaten him in his Invitational matches yet) Rey Mysterio Don't know about this one, the could switch General Manager's They are many possible changes. I'm only sure about Jericho, Christian and Charlie Haas. What if Triple H went to Smackdown! for real this time and Jericho & Christian stay on RAW?
  6. Team Angle Pusher

    The Best WrestleMania Card

    That would have been a good card for WM. They should have done more with the Booker T/Eddie G. connection, they didn't even fight each other on PPV. Haas versus Benjamin would be weird, because it would make one title look weaker then the other.
  7. Team Angle Pusher

    The Best WrestleMania Card

    They could do this. Edge wins the match, then he goes to Smackdown! via the draft and there you have a credible contender for John Cena when Cena wins the WWE Title. Good idea?
  8. Team Angle Pusher

    SD! Spoilers

    And JBL continues to put on top quality promo's while everybody said when he was Bradshaw that he sucked on the mic. Also, I gotta see Matthews & Nitro
  9. Team Angle Pusher

    Generic Post-Raw Thoughts Thread

    Chris Jericho lost the IC Title to Shelton Benjamin Hassan had a mini feud with Jericho and beat him Hassan had a mini feud with Benoit and beat him Benoit and Jericho have a love & hate relationship Jericho and Christian hate each others guts Benjamin and Christian had a feud over the IC Title I can see Hassan and Benjamin feuding down the road I'm sure Benoit and Christian dislike each other ===== So there IS build-up to this.
  10. Team Angle Pusher

    RAW Rating

    Undertaker should put over RVD and Orton. I hate Orton but he has still has a lot of years left in him and the WWE needs new superstars for SD!.
  11. Team Angle Pusher

    RAW Rating

    He'll be like Undertaker. Should be retired but is going on, putting on terrible matches and he still doesn't want to put over new talent.
  12. Team Angle Pusher

    How close is the WWE close to tanking?

    No WWE Ice Cream bars.... No the WWE will not go down in a long time. They are still making a hella lot of money.
  13. Team Angle Pusher

    WWE.Com WrestleMania Jukebox

    Some nice matches but they shouldn't have done those WrestleMania XX matches. Also those Undertaker WrestleMania matches aren't really exciting either because everybody knows he is still undefeated. I hope they do Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Survivor Series '97 soon
  14. Team Angle Pusher

    A sickening feeling...

    That would be Batista's Evolution, not Orton's Chris Masters could join the Evil Evolution and Shelton Benjamin & Shane Helms join Good Evolution.
  15. Team Angle Pusher

    JBL Reaches Modern Day Milestone

    It's weird that when the company is going down they let somebody have a long run with the belt. Diesel was the WWE Champion for almost a year and he nearly killed the WWE, and now JBL has a long reign and he is destroying Smackdown! (although I admit I like JBL's character)
  16. Team Angle Pusher

    A new tag team coming from OVW...

    I have always seen Matt Morgan as a guy who can really BE somebody in the WWE if pushed right. He has the body, the looks, and I think he can have the in-ring skills too if he stays in OVW a bit longer. When he was brought in he was green, very green, and he was paired up with Nathan f'n Jones so that didn't help him. It would be nice to see Morgan return, but I hope Vengeance or Mordecai (whatever) doesn't screw the team up.