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  1. Europeans have no concept of moderation. For all the talk of the United States being the "Great Satan," Mohammedans had better watch out for the Europeans more.


    Unfortunately, we probably won't butcher them until they do something staggeringly horrible. The Europeans will, at the drop of a hat.


    It's in their nature.


    This thread is about Italy, however you act like it's about the whole of Europe which is a pretty big claim to make. I cannot talk for other European countries really, but I can for The Netherlands because that's where I live. There has been a lot of talk about immigrants in Holland, mainly focusing on the amount of Maroccon people coming here and there are several reasons why a part of the Dutch folk thinks it's simply unneccesary for those people to come to The Netherlands. Many men from Marocco come to The Netherlands to marry a Marrocon-Dutch girl (usually the girl doesn't even know the guy beforehand), and the reason that this is bad is because those men just come here to live freely and have fun, but they rarely actually take the time to learn the Dutch language and our culture. Another reason the Dutch are getting a bit sick of immigrants is because they have been involved in many criminal acts. A lot of people say the news only reports crimes when immigrants do it, but they recently did a research and that segment is simply involved in the most crimes and that is worrying. Luckily there are also many people from Marocco who do master the Dutch language, sometimes even better than a Dutch person, and who really have integrated well into our culture. But I'm just merely pointing out why immigration is a big subject here. All in all we are still a very tolerant country, we are totally not like Italy, so please don't act like we are like Italians, 'cause we will never be.

  2. Tonight's show made me miss Stevie. What happened to him? He was in the middle of getting a decent semi-push, then went out first in that tournament for the ECW title shot, and hasn't been seen since.


    Stevie Richards is reviewing the iPhone Case:



    He doesn't call himself Stevie though. His voice is identical and his background has a guy with same posture and hair as Stevie lol. But why in the world would he review stuff like this.

  3. Advertisements in my area for a RAW brand house show in November are advertising a main event of HHH vs Orton. I know these things change by the second, but take it for what you will.


    The WO.com report tells us the bookers still haven't made a real decision yet so that advertisement means nothing.


    I think Hawk is basically spot on. HHH/Umaga/Hardy/Orton probably with either HHH or Orton winning the belt. Fans would expect that to happen actually, so it would be seven shades of awesome if Hardy pulled off the upset. He is over enough anyways.

  4. Batista over Khali - if Khali wins I'll cry like a little schoolgirl. Although Batista is an extremely bland World Champion, I'm even MORE bored by Khali's never ending beat-ups at the end of Smackdown!.


    Rey over Finlay - Otherwise Rey has had a pretty darn weak return so far. I think he'll go on to face JBL at Survivor Series or something.


    Triple H over Umanger (hi regal) - Yeah, no brainer here.


    CM Punk over Big Daddy V - I really really really want a normal clean win here. Just for once WWE, don't continue a feud with a DQ win, you've done that recently with Orton/Cena too, it gets BORING AND PREDICTABLE.


    Beth over Candice - Just because Beth is cool.


    save_us.222 - I think something big will happen. Maybe not Jericho live at the arena, but they have to kill time to fill 3 hours. Maybe Val Venis does a lame angle or Hornswaggle.


    Cruiserweight Battle Royal - Have a feeling this will be added, they have done this many times. Whenever there is time to fill, call up the lightweights! Noble wins.


    WWE Championship Match - How the hell are they going to do this anyways? There was no tournament beforehand. They cannot just pick 4 guys "just because they are good" 'cause that is just stupid. So I guess a Battle Royal but for the WWE Title....really now...maybe a battle royal and the last two guys have a normal match. A long shot but I'll go with The Undertaker wins the WWE Title and goes to RAW for awhile.

  5. I don't mind V versus CM Punk at all. I just hope they don't either make V squash Punk and Punk gets away with it via DQ or something or that they give the belt actually to V. Punk needs to just go over V in a convincing way and then....


    We like to wish Big Daddy V luck with his future bla bla bla...


    'Cause V has served his purpose. Made himself a big threat to Punk within a few weeks, then Punk stops the giant, gets even more over. Then V has nothing to do except for bullying Dreamer and maybe Boogeyman, so he can just simply be released or go to SD! or RAW but seriously, do they need more ZOMG BIG GUY UNDEFEATED STREAK!~~!

  6. What I always wonder is why the WWE never lets injured wrestlers be involved in storylines just by talking and not wrestling. Cena is a big draw, he's the reason a lot of kids watch RAW, so why not instead of having him fight cut promos and shit, let him stay involved with RAW.


    Someone mentioned going back to the normal WWE Title. How awesome would that be.....but sadly it will not happen for a long time I think. I also have this feeling Orton won't win the belt Sunday.

  7. How cool would it be if the WWE Title changed hands. It feels like years ago since we had a surprising champion, but in reality it has only been 2 years. I guess I just like seeing the WWE Title change hands every like 6 months instead of a full year. Orton as a champ would be fine for me, they can do so many things with him as champ too. It would just be....fresh.

  8. They think people want to cheer for him because he's from The Real World, and they want the crowd to do the HOORAH with him, like the fans did with The Rock and his million catchphrases. But like many have mentioned before he's a good Heel and I think the HOORAH thing actually adds to the Heel character, it's a character that thinks the fans like him but they don't.


    I like the Miz.